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Carnival of Basel (Switzerland)

Let’s go to the other side of the border for a little bit, to go to Basel in Switzerland. The carnival of Basel (Basel Fasnacht) is very famous: it is the biggest in Switzerland. Listening to the Gugge-musiken (fanfares), the city comes to life during 3 days starting from the Monday after Ash Wednesday (in February or March depending on the years). In Basel, these 3 days are actually bank holidays so that everyone can enjoy. Not to be missed at the carnival of Basel, Morgenstreich, a parade happening at the beginning of the festivities, i.e. at 4 am on the Monday! The...

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Basel Christmas Market (Switzerland)

Basel is located in Switzerland, at the border with Alsace. Spending a weekend in Alsace can thus be an opportunity to visit our Switz neighbors. Over Christmas, it is very nice to go to Basel, as it has a very pretty Christmas market (weinachtsmarkt), known to be as the most beautiful in Switzerland. I have been there several times and I always leave feeling as it is one of my favorite ones. The chalets of Basel Christmas markets are all extremely well-decorated: it is very pleasant to look up and admire various decorations. There are some really pretty things for sale, representing the Christmas theme (even though...

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Ribeauvillé, a village on the Alsace Wine Route

With Eguisheim, Kaysersberg and Riquewihr, Ribeauvillé is probably one of the most famous villages on the Alsace Wine Route. And it’s easy to understand why, once you get there: it’s a beautiful place! I have already talked a little bit about this village, in an article about the medieval Christmas market held every year in Ribeauvillé, but it is also definitely worth a visit during spring or summer. A short history of Ribeauvillé The origins of Ribeauvillé are unknown, but the village belonged to German Emperors around the 11th century, after having been conceded by Henri IV to the Bishop of Basel in 1084. The...

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Europa-Park, the best leisure park in Europe!

Europa-Park is THE amusement park not to miss when in Alsace. It is located in Germany, very close to Alsace and has been chosen as the best leisure park in Europe by Tripadvisor. It seems worth crossing the border for the day during your holidays in Alsace, right? After hearing about it for so long, I finally went to try out this very famous amusement park. I must admit that its reputation is not overrated and Europa-Park is a great place! This amusement park has a European theme. It is built as a reconstruction of Europe, with different zones per country. You will walk between small Swiss chalets, white and...

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Christmas markets in Alsace – The most beautiful ones (or at least our favourites!)

There is a reason why Alsace is famous for its Christmas markets. During the holiday season, the whole region plays along and uses its imagination to best decorate houses and towns. It’s a real moment of joy in contrast with the sadness of winter! So then, what are the most beautiful Christmas markets in Alsace? Which one should you visit? To help you in your (difficult) choice, here is the list of a few that I consider as the most beautiful Christmas markets in Alsace. They are the ones that I visited and particularly enjoyed. For each of them,...

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