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Carnival of Mulhouse

There are many carnivals in Alsace around Mardi-Gras, i.e. during the months of February / March. Carnival is quite an important tradition in Alsace, much more so than in other French regions. This probably can be explained by the proximity of Germany and Switzerland, where carnival is also very important. The carnival of Mulhouse is one of the biggest carnivals in Alsace. It lasts 3 days: handing over of the keys of the town (a symbol marking the opening of the carnival) et dance on the 1st day, then the children’s carnival on the second day and finally the grand international carnival cavalcade and charivari...

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Ultralight airplane flight with Aéros Air in Mulhouse

After trying out paramotor and helicopter, I had to try ultralight airplane! An ultralight airplane is a multi-axis microlight. For a non-connoisseur, it looks like an airplane on every angle, but slightly smaller. I took part in a flight with Aéros Air, which is based at Mulhouse-Habsheim airport and directed by Hugues, a very friendly man. Hugues has been passionate about aviation since a young age, is a qualified airline pilot and of course a microlight pilot. As soon as you will get there, he will take you along in his passion: explanations about the flight you will take, characteristics and functioning of the plane, maintenance,...

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Mulhouse Christmas Market

Mulhouse Christmas Market, called “Etofféeries”, is not the most known Christmas market of Alsace, but it still deserves an article, because it’s a market that I really like. It is smaller than Colmar or Strasbourg Christmas Markets, but it is also part of the reason why I like it. The atmosphere is quite intimate: you will find here as many locals as tourists, and it’s traditional for the people of Mulhouse to meander between chalets, before drinking some mulled wine among friends. Mulhouse may not have the charm and reputation of neighboring markets, but it has other assets! One of them is...

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I tested… Visiting Mulhouse with a Greeter

Would you like to visit Mulhouse, but not conventionally? Would you like to discover the town through the eyes of its inhabitants? In that case, I think I have what you need: a tour of Mulhouse with a greeter. What is a greeter? A greeter is a volunteer living in Mulhouse, who loves their town, enjoys cultural exchange and wishes to show you their Mulhouse. They will not have the same knowledge than a normal guide would have, but they enjoy showing their town to French of foreigner visitors. Themes for tours are varied: contemporary art, painted walls, food, architecture… There is something for everyone...

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