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Alsace-Moselle Memorial in Schirmeck

The Alsace-Moselle memorial is a museum recounting the history of Alsace and Moselle from 1870 to the period after the war, with a specific focus on the time after Second World war  (1939-1945). With this description, it might seem tedious, but the Museum is really well-done and the history of Alsace-Moselle is quite singular: did you know that the inhabitants of Alsace and Moselle changed nationality four times between 1870 and 1945? If you want to better understand the history and culture of this region, the visit of the Alsace-Moselle memorial is a must-do, even if you are not usually a big fan of...

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Snowshoeing at Champ du Feu with Randonnée Verte

Listening to the sound of snow under your snowshoes and admiring beautiful snow-covered landscapes is tempting, isn’t it? Then, let’s go for a snowshoe walk! I really enjoy walking with snowshoes in the snow: you don’t have to learn any skills (you just have to walk!) and it lets you go in places usually not reachable with simple hiking shoes. And, isn’t it fun to run in powder snow? I have tried a snowshoe hike at Champ du Feu (the closest ski resort to Strasbourg) with a group of friends. Having a guide has two advantages: you’ll learn many things about the nature and...

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Visit of the former Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp

In addition of the visit of the former concentration camp, it is also possible to visit a museum that was built in one of the camp barracks, the former gas chamber, a national cemetery, as well as the Europen Center of Deported Resistance (hosting one exhibition). The whole is called Struthof. Needless to say that visiting such a place is extremely sad and touching. You will walk here in the footsteps of people who lived terrible sufferings. The place is very memorable. Atrocities committed at Struthof are in contrast with the beauty of the place, Mont Louise, offering splendid views over the neighboring Vosges....

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Pass’Alsace – Visit more, spend less!

Pass’Alsace is a special pass made for people visiting the area. With the pass, you can freely access numerous touristic sites in Alsace (wildlife parks, museums, castles…), including some of the must-sees of the area. Considering its low price, it is very quickly paid for. I have tried it and was convinced! Pass’Alsace – List of partner sites The main advantage of the Pass is that it lets you access an impressive amount of sites, including the must-dos of Alsace. Here is the complete list (by clicking on the links, you’ll get to the articles about the sites I have already visited):...

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