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A visit to the Historic Wine Cellar of Strasbourg Hospital

Dear wine lovers, here is a place that you shouldn’t miss in Strasbourg! The Historic Wine Cellar of the Civil Hospital of Strasbourg is located in the present University Hospital of Strasbourg, and holds the oldest wine in the world kept in a barrel… It dates back from 1472! It’s of course impossible to taste it, as it has only been served 3 times in 5 centuries for important occasions, the last time being for the liberation of Strasbourg in 1944. A short history of the Historic Wine Cellar of Strasbourg Hospital The Historic Wine Cellar of Strasbourg Hospital was established in 1395 and was...

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Bike ride itinerary – Discovering Strasbourg and its surroundings (3h)

I’ve been wanting for a while to write about a bike ride itinerary starting in Strasbourg. Here is an easy one, that I tried on a beautiful sunny Sunday, and that is perfect for having a picnic on the way and even for a swim if the weather is nice! This ride starts with a discovery of Strasbourg by going through a few nice spots in the city centre, such as the Covered Bridges, the Petite France, the docks and the European Institutions. It will then bring you in nature by following the Marne-Rhine canal, and then by following part of the Forts Trails,...

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Bike ride itinerary – Strasbourg, on each side of the Rhine (2h30)

I have already written here about a bike ride starting from Strasbourg and I know that you enjoyed that article. So here is a second itinerary, that will lead you to the other side of the Rhine, all the way to Germany. The itinerary only follows bicycle paths: it is quite pleasant not to have any car disturbances! The itinerary starts in the district of Neudorf in Strasbourg, quickly meeting the Deux-Rives Garden (a Franco-German garden located on both sides of the Rhine) and then crosses the Deux-Rives Footbridge that goes to Germany. It then goes along the Rhine, sometimes along...

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Tasty Trip, a foodie walk in Strasbourg

Are there any gourmets and food lovers here? How about people who would like to discover Alsatian gastronomy? I bet that you do and I have a good idea for an activity for you guys! How about trying Tasty Trip, a foodie walk in Strasbourg? The concept is simple. After buying a Tasty Trip booklet each, you’ll follow the booklet itinerary at your own rhythm, leading you to interesting sites in Strasbourg, but also of course to different shops and restaurants, where you will of course enjoy each time… a tasting! On the menu, you will discover many Alsatian specialties. You’ll start with a mini-kugelhopf, and then taste craft beer,...

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Swimming spots near Strasbourg

Summer in Alsace generally means heat waves… And as there is no sea or ocean (it’s probably the only flaw of the area… What do you mean I’m not objective? 😉 ), we need to find another way to cool down. Of course, there are swimming pools, but it’s not the same pleasure as swimming in a natural setting. Thankfully, in Alsace we have lakes and gravel pits! Here are the swimming spots near Strasbourg. Yes I know, you won’t be alone on a beautiful day (these places are usually overrun by locals), but it’s still very pleasant to swim there....

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