An afternoon at the Ribeauvillé Casino Spa

The Balneo and Spa area of Ribeauvillé Casino is located at the entrance of the village of Ribeauvillé, on the Alsace Wine Route. This complex of the group Barrière includes a casino, a hotel and a balneo-spa area. However, you don’t need to stay at the hotel to enjoy the spa, as it’s open to everyone. This area dedicated to well-being is actually divided into two sections. The balneo area works as thermal baths: you can buy a package for a few hours or for a day, giving you access to all facilities. The spa is called Spa Diane Barrière and offers various treatments independently or as en extra to the balneo area...

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Pass’Alsace – Visit more, spend less!

Pass’Alsace is a special pass made for people visiting the area. With the pass, you can freely access numerous touristic sites in Alsace (wildlife parks, museums, castles…), including some of the must-sees of the area. Considering its low price, it is very quickly paid for. I have tried it and was convinced! Pass’Alsace – List of partner sites The main advantage of the Pass is that it lets you access an impressive amount of sites, including the must-dos of Alsace. Here is the complete list (by clicking on the links, you’ll get to the articles about the sites I have already visited):...

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Les Noëlies – Christmas concerts and nativity scenes in Alsace

Les Noëlies are very famous in Alsace. Every year, during Advent, many free concerts are organized in different churches throughout the region. Les Noëlies continue the tradition of choral singing in Alsace during Christmas times. Concerts are always of very good quality with choirs coming from Alsace, but also from other regions in the world. Depending on the concerts, songs are sacred or profane. I went to the Noëlies for a concert in Marmoutier Abbey, in the North of Alsace. I really enjoyed listening to music and songs in such a beautiful place. This is a good way to slowly get into Christmas mood… Les Noëlies,...

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Easter in Alsace – Lammele (paschal lamb) recipe

Easter in Alsace is synonymous with paschal lamb. As everywhere in France, you might say… Yes, but no! The paschal lamb is a Genoise made in a mold in the shape of a lamb eaten at Easter! It has nothing to do with an old disappearing tradition… Not only lammele (name given to this sponge cake in Bas-Rhin, but lamala in Haut-Rhin) flourish on bakery stalls, but molds are also used by families. It would be out of the question to celebrate Easter without lammele! You can find some and bake somme all throughout Easter and not only on Easter Sunday. The mold traditionally used is...

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