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Getting around in Alsace

Already in Alsace ? Welcome ! Alsace is a small region where it is is easy to move around. By car The A 35 motorway crosses Alsace from the North to the South going through Lauterbourg, Strasbourg, Obernai, Sélestat, Colmar, Mulhouse et Saint-Louis (next to Basel city in Switzerland). Good news: motorways are free in Alsace! It takes about two hours to go from Lauterbourg  to Saint Louis, which is to cross Alsace. For your information here are a few examples of the time needed to get around Alsace. Lauterbourg Strasbourg Colmar Mulhouse Saint-Louis Lauterbourg  –  45 min  1h30  2h 2h  Strasbourg 45 min  – 1h  1h25  1h30  Colmar 1h30  1h  – 45 min  45 min Mulhouse 2h  1h25  45 min  –  40 min Saint-Louis 2h 1h30 45 min 40 min  – Apart from  the motorways, there are some very enjoyable roads such as the Wine Route and the Crest Road if you have time to admire the landscapes and the traditional Alsatian villages. Public transportation There is a very convenient railway network in Alsace.Here is a map of the alsatian TER network (regional express trains). For your information here are a few examples of the time needed to get around Alsace by train Haguenau Strasbourg Colmar Mulhouse Saint-Louis Haguenau  – 35 min(direct) 1h30(1 changement) 1h55(1 changement) 2h10(1 changement)  Strasbourg 35 min(direct)  – 30 min(direct) 50 min(direct)  1h10(direct)  Colmar 1h30(1 changement) 30 min(direct)...

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How to come to Alsace

Do you consider coming to Alsace? That’s a great idea ! There are three main cities in alsace: Strasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse. Here are the best ways to get there By car or motorbike Here is an information board about the time needed to come to Alsace by car or motorbike from the main French cities. Strasbourg Colmar Mulhouse Bordeaux 9h15  8h30  8h15 Clermont-Ferrand  6h  5h30  5h Lille  5h15  6h  6h30 Lyon 4h45  4h 3h45 Marseille  7h30  6h45  6h30 Nancy  2h 2h  2h45 Nantes  8h  8h30  8h15  Paris  4h45  5h30 5h15 Reims  3h15  4h  4h45 Rennes  7h45  8h15  7h45 Here is an idea of the time it will take you from the big cities of neighbouring countries. Strasbourg Colmar Mulhouse  Bruxelles 4h30 5h  5h45 Fribourg en Brisgau  1h15  1h  1h  Genève 4h  3h30  3h45 Innsbruck  5h  5h 4h45  Luxembourg  2h15  3h 3h30  Stuttgart  1h45  2h30 2h45 Zürich  2h30  1h45 1h30 By plane Alsace has two international airports. Euroairport (Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg airport) Euroairport is the airport of basel, Mulhouse and Freiburg. It is located in the South of Alsace at the border between Switzerland and Germany. In addition to the regular airlines companies you can find some low cost companies such as Easy Jet, Vueling and Ryanair. A good way to come to Alsace with a tight budget! Here is the list of the cities linked to Euroairport by direct flights. How to get to Euroairport...

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When to come to Alsace?

When to come to Alsace? I would say all year long! Here are the specific advantages for each month to help you choose. From January to March: It is an ideal time to ski either cross country or alpine or hike with snow shoes or to go dog sledding. The landscapes of the Vosges are wonderful with its small family friendly resorts. They are much more affordable than in the Alps and the winter food is delicious. From April to June: Spring is splendid in Alsace. Villages are full of flowers. Wineyards are green again and the weather is not too hot. An...

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I am Laurène, a 32 year old girl originally from Brittany. After many years in Paris, I lived in Switzerland and then moved to Alsace in September 2014. Alsace was never a random choice: with varied and splendid landscapes, beautiful towns, economic dynamism, a geographic location in the heart of Europe, food and so on… the numerous assets of Alsace definitely appealed to me and my husband. I have actually fallen in love with my adopted region since I have settled there and  I never get tired of visiting and admiring the region. After living in Colmar an Strasbourg, I have settled in a small village called Quatzenheim, 15km away from Strasbourg. I started blogging in 2011 with my French travel blog Carnet d’escapades. Having caught the blogging bug, I never stopped and decided to create in 2015, a second blog, entirely dedicated to Alsace: My weekend in Alsace. Former tax specialist, I have decided to change direction in 2015 and to devote myself entirely to my two blogs, as well as to activities of freelance web writing and community management in the field of tourism. I like Discovering new places and finding good addresses Being in the nature, on foot or on the back of my horse I don’t like Remaining idle. A full day at the beach is almost unthinkable! People lacking enthusiasm. There are too many beautiful things to...

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