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Have you already tested car-sharing services in Strasbourg? It was the first time for me. Indeed, I live outside Strasbourg and have my own car, which I could hardly do without for the moment… But for city dwellers living in Strasbourg, the question of whether or not to own a car can quickly arise, especially when there are car-sharing services like Citiz or Shaary available in the city.

For visitors who come by train but want to go on a short trip outside the city, the car-sharing solution can also be particularly interesting. So I had to tell you about it! For my part, I tested Shaary for an afternoon by taking a car in Strasbourg and going to the factory stores in Roppenheim, located 50km away, and I was very satisfied!

Which car with Shaary?

The cars rented by Shaary are Dacia Spring, i.e. the electric cars of Dacia. It is a small 5-door city car, pleasant to drive and small enough to go everywhere in town. It’s great! I thought the car was limited to 100km/h but I just didn’t deactivate the eco mode 😛 It is in fact limited to 125km/h.

How does it work?

Find a car

The principle of Shaary is simple: there are no dedicated stations where the cars can be found, they are located in classic parking spaces throughout the city, or rather in the “service area” as they call it. Globally, this zone covers the center of Strasbourg (center in the broad sense) while excluding the Grande Île and a few streets here and there.

You download the app, register for free and access the map geolocating the cars in real time.


By clicking on a car, you can see its exact address and the remaining battery life. An important criterion to take into account according to the place where you wish to go, knowing that it is always necessary to take a good margin between the number of announced kilometers and that which one wishes to traverse to be quiet. Once the battery reaches 30% of autonomy, Shaary’s teams will take the car to recharge it, so you won’t have a car with less than 30% of battery.

You then click on the car you want and this triggers a reservation of the car for 15 minutes, the time to reach it. So it’s best not to be far away, it’s not huge, but there are enough cars in the city that it’s enough in my opinion.


Use and breaks

When we arrive in front of the car, we unlock it easily thanks to the app on the phone, we go around the car and take pictures with the app if there are things to report, then it’s off!

The rental is charged by the time, knowing that a distinction is made between the time during which you drive and the time during which you take a break (which is cheaper, of course). The mileage is not limited, you can go wherever you want… within the limit of the battery to make the round trip!

Return of the car

The return of the car is simple. Just go back to the service area and park the car wherever you want (in an authorized space, of course), whether the parking space is free or paid. I have to admit that it is quite comfortable, I appreciated not having to worry about finding a free place or in a certain area!


Shaary’s rates

There is no subscription or registration fee. The rental is then charged by the minute, by the hour or by the day plus 1.50€ for unlocking the car according to the following schedule:

  • 0,35€ in journey and 0,15€ in break for the rate per minute
  • 17€ in travel and 7€ in break for the hourly rate
  • 30€ in travel and 20€ in break for the day rate

The rate includes car rental and electricity used as well as insurance and parking in the service area.

Upon presentation of proof, a solidarity rate is also offered.

Download the app

You can download Shaary here on the App Store and here on Google Play.

This article was written in collaboration with Shaary. I was free to write and express my opinion, of course!



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