atelier-bonbons-chocolat-daniel-stoffel-alsace Take note all gourmets! The Chocolaterie du Vignoble Daniel Stoffel, located in Ribeauvillé (not far from Colmar in Alsace), regularly offers chocolate workshops. The aim is to learn how to make delicious chocolate sweets by yourself. There are different themes, but I chose to attend the workshop « Chocolate Bonbons ». The idea was to learn how to make praline filled chocolates. The workshop starts with a few explanations about chocolate and praline making. They were already prepared and our mission of the day was to learn how to assemble them, to make pretty chocolate bonbons. It wasn’t to make the chocolates and pralines themselves. Two chocolate makers will show you every movement and then let you make your own bonbons. You will choose the chocolate (black, white or milk), you will line the mold with chocolate to make the outside layer of the bonbon, let it cool down, fill it with praline… At every stage, you will get a few tips to be able to do it again at home. It’s really nice! At the end, it’s time for tasting… wow, they are delicious! You will go home with your own production and the satisfaction to be able to say “I made them myself!” While your chocolate is cooling down, you are invited to watch a very interesting movie about chocolate and to go for a little visit of the small museum in the Chocolaterie Daniel Stoffel. I really enjoyed this workshop: it was interesting to see how to make bonbons and to be able to ask every question I wanted to the two experienced chocolate makers. The price was also very reasonable: it’s only 10€ for a 1 hour class, with a bag of 24 chocolate bonbons. It’s also the perfect activity with children, as shown by the two little girls that were also doing the class and were really enjoying themselves! Even if you do not want to take part in a chocolate workshop, you can come to watch the movie, visit the small museum and watch chocolate makers at work in their studio. You can also of course buy chocolate in the impressive shop, where you can find tablets of chocolate, chocolate bonbons, but also more sophisticated chocolates (there was a chocolate stork for example). The only risk is to buy many things, as everything is so tempting !

I liked

  • Learning the basics to make delicious chocolates
  • Good value for money
  • Even the shop is worth a visit

I liked a little less

  • Nothing!

My pictures of the chocolate workshop at Daniel Stoffel

Practical information


The chocolate workshop cost 10€.

Prices and opening times

The prices and times vary depending on the workshops. Please have a look at the specific workshop page on the website Daniel Stoffel. You will find here the opening times of the Ribeauvillé shop. There is also another shop in Haguenau.

Getting here

By car

The address is as follows: Route de Guémar 68150 Ribeauvillé. The Chocolaterie Daniel Stoffel is located:

  • 17 km from Colmar (about 20 minutes drive)
  • 64 km from Mulhouse (about 50 minutes drive)
  • 65 km from Strabourg (about 45 minutes drive)
By public transport

Have a look at the website vialsace to make your own itinerary to get here by public transport.



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