L’échappée bière, a treasure hunt in Strasbourg

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Are you playful? Do you like beer? Yes?! Then, I have the perfect activity for you: L’Echappée Bière is a treasure hunt in Strasbourg on the theme… of beer! Yep! L’échappée bière is a cool and original treasure hunt allowing for a lot of fun, for the discovery of Strasbourg, but also of the world of beer, for learning about beer tasting… and finally beer tastings of course! Not bad, uh?!

I tried the paper chase L’échappée bière with friends during a beautiful autumn afternoon. The treasure hunt is held in the city centre of Strasbourg and lasts about 3h or 3h30. It might seem long, but it goes by quickly when you are busy and it’s definitely the case here. The general idea is to follow the tracks of a former (imaginary!) brewer, in order to find the place where he might have hidden his recipe… To do so, you will have to solve several enigma, found in the booklet given at the beginning of the game. I found this hunt very well done: the enigma are not too difficult, but not too easy either and they are just perfect so that you can rack your brains a little bit, but also have a relaxing time. You will get a chance to take a nice walk around the city and to discover some pretty and hidden details (and if you are local, you’ll probably learn something as well!).

Tasting stops have been organised during this hunt (provided that you have solved the enigma, or you won’t get the addresses! And of course, I won’t tell you more, but just know that these are good spots). Another part of the game is also to learn how to do a beer tasting. Some information about the different types of beer is given in the booklet and you’ll fill in a questionnaire at each tasting, to try and find which beer it is (it’s not that easy actually!). Thankfully, it doesn’t have an influence on solving the enigma… But it could help you win against other teams doing the game at the same time as you !

I liked

  • Well done and fun treasure hunt
  • Discovery of the “little secrets” of Strasbourg
  • Very cool beer tasting stops

I liked a little less

  • Tastings are done with small glasses, but it still ends up being quite a lot! 😛

My picture of the treasure hunt L’échappée bière

Practical information

Prices, opening times and booking

This game costs 25€ per person (4 small glasses of beer are included). Book your treasure hunt by clicking here.

This treasure hunt is available in French and German, and should be soon available in English.

Getting here

The treasure hunt is held right in the city centre of Strasbourg.



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