Escape game Les Secrets du Sablier in Strasbourg

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One Friday evening, I received a very strange message: “Dear archaeologists, by entering the famous Pyramid of Cheops, you will enter a mystical lair built more than 4500 years ago… It may be that the Egyptian pharaohs and gods had not thought about the cleanliness of the place: bring adequate equipment!” I’m already in the mood! The next day, we were four adventurers to try the “Pyramid of Cheops” room of this escape game in Strasbourg, Les Secrets du Sablier. I think you know the principle: locked in a room, you have to solve several puzzles to get out, in a given time (1 hour in this case).

The room The Pyramid of Cheops proposes, as you guessed, a scenario around the ancient Egypt and the gods… I can’t tell you more, not to spoil the experience! However, I can tell you why I loved the “Pyramid of Cheops” room.

To begin with, there is no key and no lock to solve the riddles… The Secrets of the Hourglasss managed to get out of the somewhat worn-out pattern of “we find a key that leads to a locked safe in which there is a key, which leads to another locked safe etc”.

Then, thanks to a rather audacious system, the interventions of the “game master” who helps you in case of problem (and he really helped us a lot!) do not take you out of the atmosphere at all. And as far as atmosphere is concerned, the settings are particularly well done.

Finally, whether or not you succeed in the escape game, you will go to the end of the scenario. If you lose, there will be no puzzle or room that you haven’t done. This avoids big frustrations… And our team is well placed to speak about it: we lost the game but we keep a great memory of it.

Two little tips for the end: listen carefully to the clues and don’t rush…

Theescape game Les Secrets du Sabliers has a second room, “Le Bar Clandestin”, on the theme of alcohol smuggling. I can’t wait to try it!

I liked

  • The bluffing decor
  • The setting and the original puzzles
  • The lack of frustration when you lose 🙂
  • The constant presence of the “game master” to help you

I liked less

  • It was hard :D)

My photos of the escape game Les Secrets du Sablier in Strasbourg

Impossible to take pictures of the game pieces to not spoil the suspense…

Practical information


The game costs between 20 and 26 euros per person, depending on the number of participants (from 3 to 6 players). You can book directly online on the website.


Tuesday to Friday from 12:30 to midnight, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 to 0:30


The address is: 17 rue Vauban, 67000 Strasbourg. Observatory stop (tramway line C, F or E or bus line 2)
Obviously accessible by bike or on foot



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