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In Alsace, the Tourist Offices have joined forces with Randoland to offer fun walks for the whole family.

Walks in Alsace adapted to children

But was esch?* (What is it?) In fact, the relevant Tourist Office gives you a booklet with routes along the way. Let me explain: the whole family will follow the same route but, depending on the age of your children, the puzzles will be different. There are 3 categories: 4-6 years, 7-9 years and over 10 years. It’s not always that easy to answer them, but that’s what makes us proud to have finished at the end! This last level can also be suitable for adults. After all, it’s kind of fun to learn more about the place you’re in by answering riddles, no matter how old you are, right?

It is necessary to count between 1h and 2h of stroll. The routes also allow you to discover Alsatian villages and towns with your family. I almost forgot the good news: it’s free and, as a bonus, you can even be rewarded with a small gift at the end of the tour by some Tourist Offices 🙂

Obviously, in the paragraphs below, don’t expect us to spoil you by giving you the answers. You’ll have to do all the fun rides, too!

I liked

  • The 3 levels adapted to the age of the children
  • The length of the courses is perfectly adapted
  • The possibility of discovering a city or a village without the children getting bored.

I liked less

  • In general, nothing! Even if sometimes, the puzzles can be a little more difficult or the course a little less easy depending on the configuration of the place (I speak about a course that I had made… in the Drôme!).

Playful walk in Rouffach

In Rouffach, the inspector Cigo made us discover the city with its famous tower of the Witches, its park with storks, its pretty walk of the ramparts, its center and its places with many coloured houses. The course took us about 1h30, taking our time!

In the part dedicated to the 4-6 years old, we evolve in a castle a system of scale of colors to go to find the witch. According to the riddles, you progress on the ladders and, at the end, the right answer is the number of red ladders you have used. For 7-9 year olds, it is in the form of an answer grid where words are transferred. The colored letters put in order form the name of the former name of Rouffach. Oh no no, I won’t give you the answers 🙂

Personally, I had a crush on the door lintel of a beautiful red house rather unusual: we see … an elephant carved in stone. The Witches’ Tower had a great effect on the kids (real witches?). They really liked the part of the walk between the ramparts and the stork park, as did I: there, there are participative cultivation sites but also houses of character that were built directly into the ramparts.

I liked

  • Rediscover the little town of Rouffach: it’s really too cute!
  • Make the walk as interesting for parents as for children.

I liked less

  • Nothing, everything went very well, we had a great time as a family 🙂

My photos of the playful walk in Rouffach


We will add the different fun rides as we test them!



Clémence aime dénicher des bons plans pour sa petite famille mais pas que. Curieuse de tout, elle a toujours aimé vadrouiller en Alsace - et ailleurs - et partager ses expériences avec ses amis et tout ceux qui en avaient besoin. Elle est très fière de pouvoir contribuer aux aventures de Mon Week-End en Alsace !


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