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It’s at Funny Worldin Kappel-Grafenhausen, Germany, a few minutes away fromEuropapark, that we spent a summer day with our family. But what is Funny World? It’s a children’s playground that I’ve been hearing about for a few years now and that I wanted to discover! You see the indoor playgrounds like Okidok or Royal Kids? Funny World is exactly that, with the added bonus of an outdoor area with even more attractions! This amusement park is for families with children from 2 to 12 years old.

Tortuga, the country where it doesn’t rain!

Tortuga is the name of the large indoor space of Funny World Germany. Children can have fun in two different universes offering rides of all kinds: the sea and pirates and the “jungle”. There are inflatables, slides, games of skill or strength, trampolines … There are also two small rides: a small farm train with pigs and a mini Ferris wheel. The kids loved it! And we were set up on a table outside, with no risk of them getting away.

The exterior of Funny World, a “do it yourself” park

Outside, the attractions are relatively numerous but don’t expect a big ride, the space is quite condensed. Among these rides, many are only for children (one would risk sinking the little plastic boats, derailing the little train or unhooking the flying chairs 😉 ). The most “sensational” activities are only available from the age of 7. Most rides are operated manually, either from inside the ride or by another person at the control station. Once the attraction is over, because it has fortunately a limited duration as in other parks, it is “to the following”! There are also several playgrounds and slides available for visitors.

My little girl – 7 years old – and I really enjoyed the zip line, where we “flew” in a seat above the park, or the “Funny sombrero”, a ride where you can do complete turns thanks to a front and back lever. Laughter guaranteed! As for the little brother – 3 and a half years old – the little boats to maneuver, the little train “El Paso” or simply the slides had his preference. As you can see, the themes of the outdoor space are diverse: Mexico, cowboys, circus, countryside … However, expect something rather “vintage” and a bit old-fashioned. The installations are no longer youthful, such as the mannequins or the space dedicated to the circus. In short, the outdoor space could use a major facelift!

And what services are there?

We are in an amusement park, as small as it is! Visitors can find food in a self-service area that offers hot dishes and desserts. In Germany, food is generally cheap so we get by with a very decent rate. As for the two points of sale offering sweets, drinks and of course souvenirs, we dare you to leave empty-handed…

My review of Funny World in Kappel Grafenhausen

Let’s just say that at Funny World, it’s more like a time for kids. We could only participate in a few attractions. Nevertheless, we pay the same entrance fee as the children. As in indoor playgrounds, we should think about introducing a reduced admission fee for larger visitors. But, beyond the price, I was disappointed by the fact that I didn’t “really” enjoy this moment with my family. I think it is worth the trip if you live in Colmar or Strasbourg, but if you come from Mulhouse, there are other parks closer by with an offer that is just as attractive or even more so.

I liked

  • The choice of games for children
  • The many places to sit

I liked less

  • Not having many attractions to do with the family
  • The price for adults, while we are rather “accompanying”
  • The condition of the exterior park which could use a refreshment

My photos from Funny World Germany

Practical information

Prices, opening hours and ticket reservation

Here you can find the prices and opening hours (depending on the season and school vacations). You can book your tickets directly here.


By car only! The address is: Allmendstraße, 77966 Kappel-Grafenhausen, Germany. You have to count:

  • 49 kms from Colmar (about 1 hour)
  • 56 kms from Strasbourg (about 45 minutes)
  • 89 kms from Mulhouse (about 1h25)


If you are hungry, there are picnic areas and self-service in the park.



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