Already in Alsace ? Welcome ! Alsace is a small region where it is is easy to move around.

By car

The A 35 motorway crosses Alsace from the North to the South going through Lauterbourg, Strasbourg, Obernai, Sélestat, Colmar, Mulhouse et Saint-Louis (next to Basel city in Switzerland).

Good news: motorways are free in Alsace!

It takes about two hours to go from Lauterbourg  to Saint Louis, which is to cross Alsace. For your information here are a few examples of the time needed to get around Alsace.

Lauterbourg Strasbourg Colmar Mulhouse Saint-Louis
Lauterbourg  –  45 min  1h30  2h 2h
 Strasbourg 45 min  – 1h  1h25  1h30
 Colmar 1h30  1h  – 45 min  45 min
Mulhouse 2h  1h25  45 min  –  40 min
Saint-Louis 2h 1h30 45 min 40 min  –

Apart from  the motorways, there are some very enjoyable roads such as the Wine Route and the Crest Road if you have time to admire the landscapes and the traditional Alsatian villages.

Public transportation

There is a very convenient railway network in Alsace.Here is a map of the alsatian TER network (regional express trains). For your information here are a few examples of the time needed to get around Alsace by train
Haguenau Strasbourg Colmar Mulhouse Saint-Louis
Haguenau  – 35 min(direct) 1h30(1 changement) 1h55(1 changement) 2h10(1 changement)
 Strasbourg 35 min(direct)  – 30 min(direct) 50 min(direct)  1h10(direct)
 Colmar 1h30(1 changement) 30 min(direct)  –  20 min(direct)  35 min(direct)
Mulhouse 1h55(1 changement) 50 min(direct  20 min(direct)  –  15 min(direct)
Saint-Louis 2h10(1 changement)  1h10(direct)  35 min(direct) 15 min(direct)  –

There is also a network of buses and coaches. The most simple way to organize your trip is to surf on Vialsace a site that enables you to plan your trip with public transportation.

In spite of all this, not everything is reachable through public transport.You will find some activities without a car on the site of the Alsatian tourist office.

Good news: You can buy a Alsa+ ticket in train stations. This ticket enables you to move around in Alsace in the Haut-Rhin, Bas-Rhin or in all Alsace.

By bike

With 2500 kms of bike paths and green paths Alsace is very attractive to cyclists. For more information I invite you to go to the site Cycling in Alsace.

Good news: You can take your bike for free on the trains in Alsace. (except in high speed trains and in some trains at peak hours). Here is the list of the trains forbidden to bikes.