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Today, I decided to invite my blogger friend Philippe Trzebiatowski, from the excellent travel blog Vatebalader, to talk about a subject he knows well: bars in Mulhouse! Philippe is actually from Mulhouse and enjoys (a lot) going out: that’s why he is the ideal person to write this article! I give him the floor now…

As I often say, Mulhouse is not New York. And yet, it is possible to spend a crazy night without closing your eyes until the morning. How? By reading this article describing my favorite bars, a great way to start of the evening in Mulhouse. What are my criteria ? The number of nights spent in each of these bars (I know it’s pretty subjective). Since I moved to Mulhouse (I got here when I was 3 years old), I definitely have some experience in the field.

How many times did I tell myself “Tonight, I’m not going out”, only to end up on a dance-floor somewhere in Mulhouse, very late at night. So let’s go out tonight? Here is the list of the 5 best bars of Mulhouse.

Le Gambrinus: an institution in Mulhouse


Don’t look further, you are in the right place. Le Gambrinus is the best bar in Mulhouse. Here, you are sure to spend a good evening, even during the week. That’s where all the locals meet up, no matter their age or where they come from. There is a large selection of beers on offer, with actually a lot of beer from Belgium! Don’t miss the Bollwerk beer, the local brew. Because, yes, Mulhouse is also called the cité of Bollwerk (good fact to know for a dinner party). On Fridays and Saturdays, the bar is full. A great opportunity to meet people or get together with old friends. There is a huge games room at the back with pool, table football and darts. And for more quiet evenings, there are even board games. It’s impossible to get bored at the Gambrinus !

I liked

  • All the nice evenings spent at the Gambrinus
  • Frenzied dart games
  • Belgium beers

I liked a little less

  • I prefer drinking there, than eating there…

Practical information

You’ll find here the opening times of the Gambrinus.


L’Atelier: the electronic bar of Mulhouse

Other place, other atmosphere. You’ll usually go to the Atelier to drink cocktails and listen to the DJ on the decks on Fridays and Saturdays. Just the perfect atmosphere to start of the night! The light is dim and as it’s quite small, it makes it easy to meet people. For those who want to savor their drinks at peace, there is a boudoir at the back of the bar. However, the couches are usually taken over and the best is to stay close to the bar and just go with the music. Usually the clients of the Atelier are mostly 30 years old. For those who can’t handle electro music, Thursday is “80’s night”.

I liked

  • The mojitos
  • Electro music

I liked a little less

  • The crowd (it’s impossible to move around on big nights)

Practical information

You’ll find here the opening times of the Atelier.


L’Hardivin : the best terrace in Mulhouse!


L’Hardivin is a hidden treasure! From outside, it’s quite difficult to imagine that, at the back of this wine bar, there is a splendid courtyard.  THE PLACE TO BE in summer. Amid the old stones, there are a few tables, lit with soft colorful lights, giving it a “guinguette” feel. It’s quite an exotic place in the heart of Mulhouse. Inside, the atmosphere is also very cosy, with barrels and cork garlands to remind us that we are here to drink good wine! Give in and let the plates of cold cuts and cheeses tempt you! They are delicious!

I liked

  • The terrace
  • The mixed plates cold cuts/cheeses

I liked a little less

  • The place gets full quickly!

Practical information

You’ll find here the opening times of the Hardivin.


La Quille: a must-visit wine bar in Mulhouse


La Quille is a paradise for wine lovers. You can drink 15 different references by the glass. Follow the wise advice of the waiters. They love wine and they love to share their passion. Don’t hesitate to ask them to visit the wine cellar. There are more than 500 references. There are famous wines and more rare ones. Here, we highlight products with a story, coming from small vineyards. Once a month, a wine maker comes to present their wine and organizes a tasting. All in a muffled atmosphere. It’s the ideal place for a first date or to discover unknown, but delicious wines.

I liked

  • The wine !
  • Visiting the cellar

I liked a little less

  • The place (also) gets full quickly

Practical information

You’ll find here the opening times of la Quille.


Le Spart: a late-night bar in Mulhouse


Beers, wines, mojitos, the party is in full swing. Unfortunately, bars are closing one after the other. After 1 am, they tell you to finish your drink quickly. But, but, the evening was only just starting… Thankfully, there is the Spart open till 3 am. If this bar didn’t always have a great reputation, this period is over. You can spend there some great (ends of) evenings. It’s where everyone who still want to have fun come, without having to go to a club in Mulhouse. Here, you can dance, chat and make new friends. The owners are very friendly and present their bar with humor as “hetero friendly”. You get it, we come here with no prejudice and in a good mood.

I liked

  • The atmosphere
  • The possibility to drink after 1 am.

I liked a little less

  • Don’t go before 1 am or there will be no one.

Practical information

You’ll find here the opening times of the Spart.



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