Les Noëlies are very famous in Alsace. Every year, during Advent, many free concerts are organized in different churches throughout the region. Les Noëlies continue the tradition of choral singing in Alsace during Christmas times. Concerts are always of very good quality with choirs coming from Alsace, but also from other regions in the world. Depending on the concerts, songs are sacred or profane.

I went to the Noëlies for a concert in Marmoutier Abbey, in the North of Alsace. I really enjoyed listening to music and songs in such a beautiful place. This is a good way to slowly get into Christmas mood…

Les Noëlies, beyond the concerts, also offers a path of nativity scenes in Alsace. With more than 35 nativity scenes, you will definitely have something nice to see! I went to see the nativity scene of Hengwiller and it’s very impressive. Imagine a nativity scene taking up half the church and with a lot of details… it’s really great!

I liked

  • Free and very good concerts
  • Unique nativity scenes to discover

I liked a little less

  • Nothing!

My pictures of the Noëlies

Practical information


It is free to go to concerts. A tray is passed around during and after the concert, to give donations.

It is also free to go see nativity scenes. You will just have sometimes to put some coins to bring them to life.


You will find here the schedule of Noelies.