I tested a tandem paragliding flight in Markstein, between Vosges and Alsace!

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A notification appears on my phone: “Hello, your flight for tomorrow is confirmed”. Three attempts were necessary since my reservation on Cap Adrénaline, all aborted because of the weather, but this time it’s here… my paragliding flight in Alsace is confirmed! After a good night’s sleep and an early wake-up call (the flight is at 8:30 am), by car to Oderen. It’s a beautiful day ahead, the air is warm even early this morning and the sun is shining. I am welcomed by Vincent (easy to remember for me) on the terrace of the store, he will be my flight companion!

Where to go paragliding in Alsace?

Direction Oderen in Markstein, not far from Mulhouse, where the Cumulus school center is located, offering paragliding lessons in Alsace.

Ready for the first flight and the paragliding jump?

After about 20 minutes on board the van, we arrive at the bottom of the Trehkopf (just next to the Markstein, in the Alsatian part of the Vosges). Another short walk with our sails and seats on our backs (the opportunity to exchange a few words with our partner) and we arrive at the takeoff spot. Vincent unfolds the sail on the ground and equips me.

He explains to me how the takeoff will happen and what I will have to do (and not do). Pretty easy: just run at the right time and sit down! For me, three or four steps were enough and we took off almost instantly. So all I had to do was sit down and enjoy the moment and the view, which was majestic that morning. The low light on the trees is magnificent, as is the view of the Bernese Alps in the distance.

The freedom of paragliding

The sensation of paragliding is very pleasant. I thought I would be shaken up but in fact the free flight is very smooth. We make small turns while flying over the treetops. We are above the Ferme Auberge du Treh. We take advantage of the view on all the valley of Thann that the Grand Ballon overhangs proudly. I am not cold despite the wind created by our move.

Vincent explains to me that the quality and especially the duration of a paragliding flight depends on the weather conditions, and particularly on the temperature contrasts. The more difference there is between cold and warm areas, the longer the flight can last. He tells me that the French record for a flight is 410 km: I am impressed.

I’m trying to savor this moment, because I already know it’s going to pass (way) too quickly.

A bit of adrenaline during the flight

We continue our descent and see in the distance the school center. Future paragliders take off from a spot below, a ballet of sails very nice to observe from up there.

Vincent asks me if I want to make some turns… I say yes, of course. And here we go for the little acrobatic figures (Wing-over for the connoisseurs)! Pressure, speed: at this moment, it is sure, we feel more sensation! This is also what we came to look for.

We are now close to the valley, we distinguish very well the church of Oderen, the track of the school center and the small camp-site which is beside. I suspect that the moment oflanding is approaching. Vincent gives me the instructions: first lift the legs (important) then run until the sail falls behind us. A last turn to put us in the axis and we go down. The arrival on the ground is also done gently: nothing complicated, nor sporty, nor painful! All we have to do now is to step aside and fold our veil.

As you can see, I really enjoyed this free flight experience! So if, like me, you want to change air, to take height, to test a different activity… and to be invaded by an intense feeling of freedom while enjoying splendid views, I think you know what you have to do… A paragliding experience!

I liked

  • Feeling of flight
  • Easy booking on the Cap Adrénaline website
  • Convenient and responsive sms contact
  • Very nice instructor

I liked less

  • Nothing, or the fact that it seems too short maybe

My pictures of the discovery flight with Cumulus

Practical information


You can book directly on the Cap Adrénaline website.


By car

If you choose a paragliding flight near Mulhouse, the departure will take place in Oderen, at Cumulus next to the Markstein school-center (Chemin du Wegacker, 68830 Oderen).

  • 135 km from Strasbourg (about 1h40)
  • 60 km from Colmar (about 1 hour)
  • 35 km from Mulhouse (about 41 min)
By public transport

You can calculate your route on Fluo Grand Est.



Alsacien jusqu’au bout des ongles, Vincent aime parcourir sa région à la recherche de nouveaux spots photo que ce soit à pied, à vélo ou en voiture s’il le faut ! Amateur de grands espaces, il n’a rien contre une petite pause culturelle de temps en temps. Un peu épicurien sur les bords, il n’oublie jamais de ponctuer ses pérégrinations par des arrêts dégustation car en alsace « il y a à boire, et à manger » (au sens propre bien sûr ! ).


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