Introduction to airplane piloting in Colmar

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An initiation to airplane piloting in Alsace, I’ve been dreaming about it for a long time! The asphalt is still wet from an autumn rain when I take the road towards Colmar this October morning. As the voice on the phone told me the day before, the clouds have lifted and finally the light atmosphere is rather soft and pleasant.
Arrived at theColmar Houssen airfield, I met Yves again, the voice of yesterday and especially the pilot who will have the heavy task to initiate me to piloting on this flight!

The briefing before the initiation to piloting

Yves is a passionate person, you can feel it right away and there is nothing more pleasant than to talk to someone who is passionate about his passion. He quickly presents me the context: the Colmar airfield, the runways and their functioning. Let’s go to the aircraft: he shows me his plane, the superb Savage Club, explains its flight characteristics (light and easy to handle, ideal for flying over the Alsatian vineyards or the Vosges mountains) and then its controls. I am a bit impressed when Yves tells me that I am the one who will operate them during the coming flight: I take the famous stick for the first time and operate it “in the air”… In a few minutes when I do the same thing, the plane will change direction by splitting the air.

Immediate take-off

Shortly after, Yves puts us in the plane and asks me to start the engine. At this moment I realize that I am really going to fly this plane. After a few adjustments we are “ready to take off” as he says on the radio. We are heading towards the runway. The plane takes off and we leave the ground: the serious things begin even if, I reassure you, it is Yves who makes the plane take off. Quite quickly, he encourages us to take the controls. The advantage of dual controls is that I can let go of them from time to time to take pictures. Despite theadrenaline of flying the plane, I couldn’t help but take a few shots.

Is there a pilot in the plane?

A little impressed, I hardly dare to move the handle for fear of shaking the device. Little by little I manage to gauge the force at which to move the control to turn as I wish. After a few timid movements, Yves encourages me to do a little turnaround. I launch the turn by actuating the stick more seriously: what an incredible feeling ! Yves reminds me that we also have to think about straightening the aircraft because we are losing altitude (there is no trim on these aircraft to see if the plane is heading down or up). I pull the stick and we go up until the altimeter stops its variations. The physical sensations linked to the movements of the plane and the excitement of piloting are mixed with adrenaline: we feel free and happy!

The most beautiful landscapes in Alsace

I couldn’t not tell you about this. How can we remain insensitive to the autumnal beauty of the landscapes we have crossed? Alsace is a beautiful region, especially in this period. We fly over the most beautiful villages of the Wine Route: Katzenthal, Kaysersberg, Riquewihr, Ribeauvillé, the three castles… The climax is reached at the arrival near the Haut Koenigsbourg. Perched on its rock, it stands proudly above the vines which are adorned with gold in this season. A superb experience orchestrated with a master hand by Yves who distils comments, anecdotes and bends over backwards to offer you the best viewpoints!

Images and memories full of head we land already. “Flying an airplane over Alsace with its autumn colors“, it is in a way a dream come true. I am still a bit dizzy from this experience and the beauty of the landscapes but Yves has to leave me, his next “pupil” is already here.

I liked

  • The easy reservation experience on the Cap Adrénaline website
  • Yves the pilot, pedagogue, passionate, available and nice
  • The incredible feeling of steering a plane using the control stick

I liked a little less

  • Nothing, or the fact that it seems too short maybe even if 40 minutes of flight is still quite long

My pictures of my initiation to airplane piloting

Practical information


You can book directly on the Cap Adrénaline website.


By car

The address is as follows: Colmar-Houssen airfield 43 Route de Strasbourg, 68000 Colmar

Access : at the roundabout of the Statue of Liberty, take the avenue de la Foire aux vins and then directly on the right. You have to count:

  • 69 km from Strasbourg (about 43 min)
  • 4 km from Colmar (about 8 min)
  • 48 km from Mulhouse (about 35 min)
By public transport

You can calculate your route on Fluo Grand Est.



Alsacien jusqu’au bout des ongles, Vincent aime parcourir sa région à la recherche de nouveaux spots photo que ce soit à pied, à vélo ou en voiture s’il le faut ! Amateur de grands espaces, il n’a rien contre une petite pause culturelle de temps en temps. Un peu épicurien sur les bords, il n’oublie jamais de ponctuer ses pérégrinations par des arrêts dégustation car en alsace « il y a à boire, et à manger » (au sens propre bien sûr ! ).


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