The village of La Petite Pierre is located in the Regional Nature Park of the Northern Vosges, in the North of Strasbourg. Needless to say that you will find yourself there at the heart of nature! The road leading to it is splendid, passing through the forest and regularly passing along pretty lakes with tree reflections.

La Petite Pierre is a small village, but it is still interesting to visit. The main attraction is the old town (staedel), where you can find for example the castle of La Petite Pierre, headquarters of the Regional nature park of the Northern Vosges. It is only possible to visit a few rooms, but the fortifications are accessible and the view from the top is definitely worth it! To get to the castle, you’ll go through the pretty rue du Château. If you like religious frescoes, don’t hesitate to go in the simultaneous church of Notre Dame de l’Assomption, whose choir hosts beautiful frescoes from the 15th century. The name “simultaneous” is explained by the fact that the church is shared between Catholics and Protestants: a beautiful example of cohabitation!

Still in the old town, you will find the Museum of the Alsatian Seal and of Popular Arts and Traditions Populaires (Springerle), dedicated to the history of the molds of these small Alsatian Christmas cakes. It’s tiny, but quite nice, especially during Christmas times for springerle making workshops!

Besides the old town, you can have a look at the Pagan’s House, a house from the Renaissance, where were found a few Gallo-Roman traces, which gave it its name. It has a superb view on the surrounding forest. Some say the place is magical… I’ll leave you the judge of that!

For those tempted by staying in La Petite Pierre, it’s a perfect place to enjoy the peacefulness and the nature. You’ll be able to rest, to access many hiking and biking tracks or even to go horseback riding. You’ll feel a bit out of present time and it’s quite nice!

I liked

  • Old town and castle of La Petite Pierre
  • A peaceful village at the heart of a wonderful nature

I liked a little less

  • If you enjoy lively places, La Petite Pierre might not be for you!

My favorite addresses in La Petite Pierre

  • For a tea break: Les jardins d’Utopie (14 rue Principale), a charming tea room and clothes shop. The place is warm (there is even a chimney, perfect for winter). I’d advise you to take a drink, but not to eat there, as I was disappointed with my meal. Pastry-wise, it’s not great either. The ideal would be to enjoy the setting with a good cup of tea!
  • To buy arts and crafts: the Galerie des Païens, with pretty artisanal objects with splendid maroquinerie pieces from the Atelier de la Forêt.

My pictures of La Petite Pierre

Practical information

Getting here

By car

La Petite Pierre is located:

  • 67 km from Strasbourg (about 55 minutes drive)
  • 110 km from Colmar (about 1h40 drive)
  • 150 km from Mulhouse (about 2h drive)
By public transport

You can have a look on the website Vialsace.