The exploitation of the silver mines of Saint-Marie aux Mines began in the 16th century and lasted up until the beginning of the 20th century. In the Park of Tellure, you will be able to discover this side of history and get access to the old mine of St-Jean Engelsbourg. It includes at the beginning a very well-done museum. You will learn there a lot of things about the organization of a mine and the life of miners in a very fun way. It will take about 1h to visit this space.

You will then be able to visit the old silver mine in the mining park of Tellure. Let me tell you straight away that there is no more silver in the mine and it has been entirely extracted during its exploitation. The visit is still very spectacular: just imagine walking underground, in a huge cave with galleries dug by men.

To visit the mine, you have different options: you can take a standard tour with no specific difficulties, a fantasy tour during which you will be told legends or a speleology tour, which is a more sporty option to get a first introduction to speleology in the mine. I chose the latter and to do the tour “Grande colonne”, where you can try different activities that are all adapted for beginners. There is actually a lot of different speleology tours that are suitable for different people: children, beginners, advanced… You will be able to spend between 1 hour and a half and six hours in the mine!

I really enjoyed the tour “Grande Colonne” that lasts 2 hours. Alongside a certified guide, I was able to discover the mine, to go into very narrow spaces, to climb on top of a high ladder, to zip-line between two walls, to abseil down 20 meters… It was really fun and so interesting!

I liked

  • Learning more about the structure of a mine, the minerals and the life of miners
  • Getting a first taste of speleology in an unique place

I liked a little less

  • Nothing!

My pictures of the Park of Tellure

Which mine tour should you choose?

It all depends on what you are looking for! Here are my recommandations:

  • If you want to discover a mine and its history : you should opt for a tour by the ASEPAM (it’s nicer than the classic tour offered in Tellure)
  • Do you want to experience some adventure? Opt for a speleo tour of the Park of Tellure

Practical information

Prices and languages

You will find here the prices and opening times for the mining park of Tellure. The classic tour is available for free for Pass Alsace holders.

Standard tours are available in English and German. The guides doing the speleo tours can only speak a few words of these 2 languages but you can still go for it, as you’ll already have explanations when visiting the museum (audioguides are available in English and German).

Don’t forget to book in advance if you want to do a fantasy or speleo tour!

Getting here

By car

The address is as follows: Lieu-dit Tellure 68160 Sainte Marie aux Mines. The park of Tellure is located:

  • 37 km from Colmar (about 45 minutes drive)
  • 77 km from Mulhouse (about 1h15 drive)
  • 78 km from Strasbourg (about 1h15 drive)
By public transport

It is not possible :(

Feeling peckish?

If you are feeling peckish, the Park of Tellure has a food court. I haven’t tried it.