SlowUp Alsace is an event organized in June on the Alsace Wine Route. What is a slowUp? It is a concept created in Switzerland and it is defined as follows: “The recipe for slowUp is simple and convincing: choose about 30 km of roads in an attractive region, close them for the day to all motorized traffic and plan various activities along the route.”

The first slowUp in Alsace was organized in 2013 and every year since then. 30 km of roads are closed to cars and open to people by bike and on foot. The route is very beautiful, passing through the famous Alsace Wine Route. It winds through vineyards and the cutest villages, in which activities are organized.

When I decided to participate, I was afraid to stumble upon a huge crowd spoiling all the fun. But it wasn’t the case! There were many people in the villages, but on the roads, it was well distributed: I really could enjoy this beautiful bike ride.

However, I would not recommend walking the route. First of all, it is not very pleasant to walk on an asphalt road. So isn’t being constantly overtaken by numerous bikes getting too close. This is not really a relaxing walk. Take a bike, it will be much nicer!

The atmosphere was full of good humor, making this day really pleasant. A really good time!

I liked

  • Cycling the Wine Route
  • Different distance loops for everybody
  • Fun activities
  • Friendly atmosphere

I liked a little less

  • In all these types of events, there is always someone overtaking from the right, getting to close… Fortunately, it is not a majority!
  • I wouldn’t have enjoyed walking the route

My pictures of the Slowup Alsace

Practical information


SlowUp is a free event!

When is it?

Please go on the slowUp Alsace website to know the date of the next event.

You don’t have a bike? No problem, it is possible to rent one. Please go on the SlowUp Alsace website for a list of bike hire.