The Zoo of Mulhouse is a huge park spreading across 25 hectares. It is actually not only a zoo, but a zoological and botanical garden, as there is large areas for trees and flowers.

It is one of the must-dos of Alsace for children. You can see several rare and often endangered animal species. The park is very pleasant: you can walk around, all the while discovering new animals. There is also an area called “The Children’s zoo”, where it is possible to get up close and pet farm animals.

I particularly enjoyed observing one of the polar bears playing in the water with a tire and an old bucket… putting its head inside, taking it between its paws, looking for it at the bottom of the water… The polar bear looked like it was having fun and it was really incredible to watch, especially as you can watch it glued to the window… so impressive!

I would advise to arrive at the opening of the zoo, to be able to observe animals in peace and quiet. It is also easier to take picture when there is not much people. Allow at least two hours for the visit: it’s quite a big park and you’ll probably do like I did and stay in marvel in front of some animals!

I liked

  • Observing animals that I’ve never had the opportunity of seeing before
  • See from up close a polar bear playing in the water
  • Wandering around the park

I liked a little less

  • I am always a bit sad when I see animals in cages. At the same time, it is how  some species survive…

My pictures of the Zoo of Mulhouse

Practical information

Prices and opening times

You will find here the prices and opening times for the zoo of Mulhouse.


There are a lot of activities offered throughout the year. The Zoo of Mulhouse is really dynamic! You will find here the program for the year.

Getting here

By car

The address is as follows: 111 avenue de la 1ère Division Blindée 68100 Mulhouse. The Zoo of Mulhouse is located:

  • 46 km from Colmar (about 45 minutes drive)
  • 117 km from Strasbourg (about 1h30 drive)
By public transport

The bus line 30 stops at the Zoo of Mulhouse. You can for example take this bus from Mulhouse train station.To make your own itinerary, have a look at the website Vialsace.

Feeling peckish?

If you are hungry, there is the Alsatian inn at the zoological park. I have not tried it.