Which wineries and vineyards should you visit in Alsace? This is one of the questions I get asked all the time by you, my dear readers… It took me a while to answer, simply because I don’t know much about wine. Of course, I drink wine and I enjoy it (well only white wine actually, so I’m in the perfect place in Alsace), but I’m no connoisseur. 

However, over time, various encounters have allowed me to get to know a few wineries in Alsace. This is why I have decided to share with you these addresses, and to complete the article bit by bit with my new discoveries. Considering the amount of wineries and vineyards on the Alsace Wine Route, I know that it is sometimes hard to know where to go. I hope that this short list will be of help.

You won’t find here analyses of the wines you can find a the different wine-growers (I would be completely unable to do that). These are simply the addresses I would recommend to friends coming to visit the region and who would want to visit a few wineries and buy some good wine. This list is 100% subjective and non-exhaustive (nope, sorry, I haven’t tried all the wineries in Alsace!). There is no order in this list. 

Even if some wine-growers welcome visitors without appointment, it’s always better to book your visit. This way, you’ll be certain that someone is available to make you taste the wines, to explain everything about the estate and to lead you into the wine cellar, if you wishes to! 

For more recommendations, you can also find a selection of estates to visit on the website Rue des Vignerons, a site that also lets you book your tour online. After talking with friends with a better knowledge of wine than mine, they suggested this site, that recommends very interesting wine-growers. It seems worth a try as well! :-) 

Domaine Emile Beyer in Eguisheim


I had the opportunity to discover this domain during a wine tasting, when we could try various wines from Alsace. I enjoyed it and the domain is actually located in the heart of the famous village of Eguisheim!

Address: Domaine Emile Beyer - Grands Vins d'Alsace, Place du Château Saint-Léon, Eguisheim, France

Valentin Zusslin Estate in Orschwihr


I found out about Valentin Zusslin Estate by my friend Emilie, who works at Mouvement de l'Agriculture Biodynamique. Emilie has brought me several times bottles from this estate and I really enjoyed them each time!

The Valentin Zusslin Estate is certifed in organic and biodynamic agriculture.


Book a tasting or a tour and a tasting at Valentin Zusslin on the website Rue des Vignerons. 

Address: Domaine Valentin Zusslin, Grand Rue, Orschwihr, France

Domaine Marcel Deiss in Bergheim


I was lucky enough to spend a few hours at the Domaine Marcel Deiss in the company of my friend Jean-Paul (and on his advice). I really loved the approach of this domain. As for the wines, they are simply fabulous! It's not really surprising that this domain is really famous, in France, but also internationally.

Address: Domaine Marcel Deiss, Route du Vin, Bergheim, France

Domaine Vincent Stoeffler in Barr


I tasted the Crémant of Vincent Stoeffler thanks to my friend Benoît from the agency Magnific escapades. Since then, I always have some in my cellar! He doesn't only produce Cremant and you will also find other Alsace wines.

The Domaine Vincent Stoeffler is certified in organic agriculture.


You will find here the contact details to book your tour.

Address: Vins Vincent STOEFFLER, 1 Rue des Lièvres, Barr, France

Domaine Alfred Wantz (Stéphane Wantz) in Mittelbergheim


I had the opportunity to meet Stéphane Wantz several times, including during a wine tasting evening. Each time, I really enjoyed his wines, but also his explanations about how he works. 

Address: Domaine Alfred Wantz, Rue de la Montagne, Mittelbergheim, France

Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss in Andlau


I discovered the Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss during an excursion with Magnific Escapades, and then again during an open house day organised by Antoine Kreydenweiss. On the programme that day, we were first welcomed warmly, were shown around a wine cellar and then enjoyed several tastings. We could try several wines and we actually left with several cases of wine, including some of natural wine (no added sulphite).

The Domaine applies the principles of biodynamic.


You will find here the contact details to book your tour.

Address: Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss, Rue Deharbe, Andlau, France

Domaine Sylvie Spielmann in Bergheim


I discovered the Domaine Sylvie Spielmann during an "Apéro chez le vigneron" organised every year by the Vignerons Indépendants d'Alsace. I really enjoyed the wines, but also the explanations from Sylvie Spielmann about her way of working. She's really passionate and you could listen to her for hours!

Address: Domaine Sylvie Spielmann, Route de Thannenkirch, Bergheim, France

Domaine Martin Schaetzel in Kientzheim

Here is another winery discovered thanks to my friend Benoît, with good wines to taste and interesting explanations about wines!

Address: Domaine Martin Schaetzel, Route du Vin, Kientzheim, France

Pierre-Henri Ginglinger Estate in Eguisheim


Same story as Emile Beyer for this wine-grower, who is also located in Eguisheim. I tasted and enjoyed several wines there!

The Pierre-Henri Ginglinger Estate is certified in organic agriculture.

Address: Domaine Pierre-Henri Ginglinger, Gr Grand Rue, Eguisheim, France

Vins Thomas - André et Fils in Ammerschwihr


My love story with Alsace wines stared with this wine-grower. My father-in-law has been buying wine there for years and I had the opportunity to taste it several times and to go and visit one day this small family estate. And to be totally honest with you, that's where we bought the wine for our wedding!

The Domaine respects the principles of organic agriculture.


You will find here the contact details to arrange your visit.

Address: Thomas André et Fils, Rue des Seigneurs, Ammerschwihr, France

Historic Wine Cellar of Strasbourg Hospital


Completely different from the other adresses presented here, this is a wine cellar and not a wine-grower. Please have a read of my complete article about the Historic Wine Cellar of Strasbourg Hospital to know more. It's definitely worth the visit, even though tastings are only offered for groups. 

Address: Cave des Hospices, Place de L Hôpital, Strasbourg, France