Salon de thé des Jardins de Gaïa, Alsatian brand of organic tea

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Les Jardins de Gaïa is an Alsatian company specialized in organic and fair trade teas. It is located in Wittisheim, in the ried of Alsace, 10km from Sélestat. The brand was created in 1994 by the Alsatian Arlette Rohmer, a traveler and great tea lover whose objective from the start was to help her customers discover quality organic teas. It is possible to go to Wittisheim, where, in addition to the company’s headquarters, there is a tea room and a store. Notice to tea lovers, this place is for you!

Tea house and store of Les Jardins de Gaïa in Wittisheim

I have already been to Les Jardins de Gaïa Tea House several times. The tea room is a nice place, very soothing. The interior room lacks a bit of charm for my taste, but one forgets it quickly when the sun comes out and you discover the long shaded terrace surrounded by zen gardens.

On the menu, a huge choice of teas and herbal teas from Les Jardins de Gaïa, all of very good quality, and some cold drinks. Black tea, green tea, roiboos, herbal teas… You may spend some time choosing, I warn you!

The Tea House doesn’t serve pastries at all (a bit of a shame at snack time!), but it does offer a few good dry cookies. A great time away from the hustle and bustle!

Then, don’t forget to visit the store, which offers an incredible number of teas as well as beautiful accessories and quality products on the theme of tea.

Attend a Japanese or Chinese tea ceremony in Alsace

Have you ever attended a tea ceremony? This is the experience that LesJardins de Gaïa offers several Saturdays a month, upon reservation. Depending on the dates, it is possible to choose between a Chinese or Japanese tea ceremony. I attended a Japanese tea ceremony, conducted by a Tea Master from Hiroshima.

The ceremony takes place in a very small room with subdued lighting. We squat down, with our butts on a small wooden seat. Our Tea Master, dressed in traditional clothes, then tries to explain some points to us. It is not evident to understand because she speaks only Japanese and German, but we manage. Then the ceremony begins: the movements are slow and precise, we quickly understand that each gesture, each object has its importance. Aesthetics are more important than efficiency. A feeling of appeasement gradually invades me… Our Tea Master will explain to us at the end that the tea ceremony is practiced when a need forharmony is felt. The only negative point is that the room is not very well soundproofed and lets the noise of the neighboring tea room pass through. Too bad for such a place!

We taste 3 different green teas, each with its own tasting ritual. We start with a Gyokuro, then a Sencha and finally a Matcha. Each tea is accompanied by a small Japanese pastry. The total duration of the ceremony is about 1 hour and 15 minutes, which may seem long but it goes by very quickly, except for the legs that are not used to staying in this position for long. In any case, it was a very nice experience, original and very exotic, that I recommend!

I liked

  • Large, soothing outdoor terrace
  • Huge selection of excellent teas
  • Les Jardins de Gaïa store, with an incredible number of teas
  • True Japanese Tea Master who animates the ceremony

I liked less

  • The interior room lacks charm
  • No pastries, only small cookies
  • I wish I had a bigger teapot!

My photos of the Tea House and the ceremony at the Gardens of Gaia

Practical information


You will find here the opening hours of Les Jardins de Gaïa Tea House.


By car

The address is: 6 Rue de l’Écluse, 67820 Wittisheim. You have to count:

  • 40 km from Colmar (about 45 minutes)
  • 47 km from Strasbourg (about 50 minutes)
  • 81 km from Mulhouse (about 1 hour)
By public transport

Not necessarily simple but you can look on Fluo.



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