Tracking game “Qui veut pister” Strasbourg

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After having played the escape game in different movie theaters in Strasbourg all winter long, the return of the good weather opened the way to a new activity just as exciting: the treasure hunt with “Qui veut Pister” Strasbourg!

I discovered the company ” Qui veut pister ” which organizes every weekend 2 treasure hunts. I was told that there were others. You’d be mad at me if I revealed all the details of my experience, but here’s something for you to enjoy, without spoilers!

A few weeks ago, armed with 3 friends (one of them in a stroller!), I got caught up in a detective story worthy of Sherlock Holmes, a dark story of kidnapping in Petite France (I could also have opted for a crime story in Strasbourg). Appointment is given a little before 2 pm in the square Louise Weiss: the atmosphere is strange, we try to locate the other participants among the numerous persons who simply bask. All of a sudden, nearly 40 people gathered around a friendly hostess, clearly identifiable in orange with the logo of the company “ Who Wants to Track “.

It is in a good-natured atmosphere that the different teams get acquainted with the plot with road book, bag and instructions. Let’s go for a quest of clues and answers by exploring the more or less known streets of Strasbourg downtown, always with a little touristy insert (and yet I’m a well informed local!). I am a little afraid that we all follow each other but surprisingly, very quickly, we do not see anyone else which gives even more a side investigator in the middle of strangers who know nothing about the case … In the end, it is because we were good last!

The other teams, between EVJ and birthdays, had more the spirit of competition than us, curious strollers; but for all that we did not finish last of the classification! Yes, the outcome was a general gathering around the hostess with all the explanations, the counting of points and even a little refreshment and gifts for the winners. All in all, more than 2h30 of original entertainment, to be recommended with family or friends!

I liked

  • The trio of treasure hunt, police investigation and tourist (re)discoveries
  • The enthusiasm of the facilitator

I liked less

  • The race against the clock aspect with the other teams

My photos of the track game “Who wants to track” Strasbourg

Practical information


14€ (12€ for children under 25)


Scavenger hunts are held at 2pm on Saturdays and some Sundays from April to December. Reservations are required here.


See you in the center of Strasbourg!



Vivine est une copine de Laurène, 200% alsacienne ! Bien qu’elle adore voyager à travers le monde, c’est autour d’une bonne tarte flambée qu’elle se sent le mieux. Enthousiaste (très !), gourmande (trop ?) et audacieuse (mystère…), elle est toujours en quête de découvertes qu’elle aura grand plaisir à partager avec ses proches ; et maintenant vous serez aussi dans la confidence!


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