In addition of the visit of the former concentration camp, it is also possible to visit a museum that was built in one of the camp barracks, the former gas chamber, a national cemetery, as well as the Europen Center of Deported Resistance (hosting one exhibition). The whole is called Struthof.

Needless to say that visiting such a place is extremely sad and touching. You will walk here in the footsteps of people who lived terrible sufferings. The place is very memorable. Atrocities committed at Struthof are in contrast with the beauty of the place, Mont Louise, offering splendid views over the neighboring Vosges. Here is a quote from Léon Boutbien, a French deportee: “Ceux qui admireront la beauté naturelle de ce sommet ne pourront croire que cette montagne est maudite parce qu’elle a abrité l’enfer des hommes libres” (“Those who will admire the natural beauty of this summit will not believe that this mountain is cursed, because it was hell for free men.”)

I found that Struthof museum was really well made: it shows many testimonies and objects to understand life at the camp, as well as more generally the mad projects of the Nazis. It is the kind of place that horrifies you, but makes you think. It helps us to never forget what happened and participates in an essential duty of remembrance, so it never happens again.

My pictures of Struthof

Practical information


You will find here the prices of entrance tickets for Struthof. You can buy a combined ticket for Stuthof and Alsace-Moselle Memorial.

Opening times

You will find here the opening times of Struthof. The place is closed during part of the winter: because of the location of Mont Louise and the weather, leading to piles of snow and ice, the visit becomes dangerous.

Guided tours

There are guided tours every day. You can find here the schedule for guided tours of Struthof.

Getting here

By car

The address is as follows: Route Départementale 130, 67130 Natzwiller. Struthof is located:

  • 60 km from Strasbourg (about 55 minutes drive)
  • 66 km from Colmar (about 1h10 drive)
  • 108 km from Mulhouse (about 1h30 drive)

Parking is free.

By public transport

It is not possible.