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Would you like to visit Mulhouse, but not conventionally? Would you like to discover the town through the eyes of its inhabitants? In that case, I think I have what you need: a tour of Mulhouse with a greeter.

What is a greeter? A greeter is a volunteer living in Mulhouse, who loves their town, enjoys cultural exchange and wishes to show you their Mulhouse. They will not have the same knowledge than a normal guide would have, but they enjoy showing their town to French of foreigner visitors. Themes for tours are varied: contemporary art, painted walls, food, architecture… There is something for everyone and every taste, since greeters all have their own personalities and their own favorite subjects.

I tested a visit of Mulhouse with Simon Bas, a greeter born in Mulhouse and living and working there. He is really from there! I didn’t quite help him with the subject of the tour, as I just wanted to discover the town through his eyes and sample each theme. It was a good choice, as Simon perfectly managed to make a mix of history, quirky things, beautiful buildings and nice places!

We walked around town for 2 hours. I discovered places in Mulhouse I never knew existed and I listened with interest to the stories and anecdotes Simon told me. He explained to me that he chose to be a greeter to get Mulhouse on the map, as it always suffers from bad press, even though it really improved in the last few years, becoming a very pleasant town. I remember being pleasantly surprised when I went there for the first time. The town is much nicer than what you would expect from its reputation and this tour with Simon convinced me even more. Mulhouse is definitely worth a stop!

I don’t want to explain in details the whole tour, but here are a few of my favorite things during the tour:

  • the painted walls. Mulhouse is the 2nd town in France, after Lyon, with the biggest number of painted walls. There are different styles of painted walls and it’s really nice!
  • the architectural diversity of the town: there are buildings from various times and styles. We could criticize its lack of consistency, but it’s actually very interesting to see!
  • the town structure tells a story: a small fortified town became very important following the development of textile industry, bombings during WWII, rebuilding… The history of the town is fascinating and is the key to understand its appearance nowadays.
  •  Place de la Réunion: the central square of Mulhouse. I already knew it, but it delights me every time. Simon told me some interesting historical facts about it. For example, its name comes from the reunion of Mulhouse with France in 1798. Up until then, Mulhouse was an independent republic!

I’ve had and excellent time and I thank Simon for his time and kindness. I really recommend you to come and visit Mulhouse with a greeter!

I liked

  • Discovering the town through the eyes of one of its inhabitants
  • You can build entirely your tour: there are many different themes and you can even do a mix!
  • Beyond the tour, exchanging with a greeter is really nice

I liked a little less

  • Nothing!

My pictures of the tour of Mulhouse with a greeter

Practical information


A tour with a greeter is free.


To do a tour with a greeter, you will have to fill in a form online with Mulhouse Tourist Office. They will ask you about the themes you are interested in and the dates when you would like to come. You will then receive an offer to meet a greeter several days later.
These tours are offered in many different languages. Please enquire.



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