When to come to Alsace? I would say all year long! Here are the specific advantages for each month to help you choose.

  • From January to March: It is an ideal time to ski either cross country or alpine or hike with snow shoes or to go dog sledding. The landscapes of the Vosges are wonderful with its small family friendly resorts. They are much more affordable than in the Alps and the winter food is delicious.


  • From April to June: Spring is splendid in Alsace. Villages are full of flowers. Wineyards are green again and the weather is not too hot. An ideal time to come to Alsace!


  • July and August: It is the high tourist season. There are more people but it is never overcrowded .The weather is nice and warm. A very good time to visit Alsace!


  • September and October: It is harvest time ! The wineyard turn golden. The colors are fabulous. The colors are fabulous. The temperature is still warm. A very good time to visit Alsace


  • End of November and December: It is the time of the famous Christmas Markets. It is high season again. Alsace is magic around Christmas time . There are markets everywhere in cities and villages There are beautiful decoration in every house. The atmosphere is fabulous the houses and the villages are lit up.


What is the weather like in Alsace ?

It is a semi-continental climate in Alsace. Winters are cold and dry. Summers are hot and very sunny. It does not rain a lot in Alsace because the Vosges keep the clouds away. Colmar is one of the driest city in France.

To know more about the weather in Alsace and the temperatures you can go on The page Alsace of Meteo France.