Where to buy the best Kouglof in Colmar?

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Where to buy the best Kouglof in Colmar? I give you here my 3 favorite addresses offering kougelhopfs in Colmar: all three are excellent. You can choose to have it sprinkled with icing sugar or not. Stop at the patisserie early in the morning, when they just came out of the oven… it’s even tastier!

If you believe that kougelhopf is dry, go taste one of these and I guarantee that you will change your mind. It has nothing to do with what is often sold in very touristy shops…

Kouglof can be savored straight away or brought back as a souvenir from your weekend in Alsace. Don’t wait for too long so it doesn’t dry out!

If you want to do it at home, here is a good recipe of kouglof.

A short spelling lesson: you can write kouglof or kougelhopf and you will find both spellings.

Pâtisserie Richon


The kouglof from Pâtisserie Richon is according to me the best kouglof in Colmar. It is very tasty, with good raisins soaked in rum. Be careful, because you can really taste the rum. If you don’t like this alcohol too much, choose one of the other addresses below. The Pâtisserie Richon has 2 addresses, one in the Little Venice (rue Turenne) and one rue Stanislas.

Practical information


There are different sizes of kougelhopfs, but the price per kilo is 20€.

Opening times

You will find here the opening times for Pâtisserie Richon.

Infos pratiques


Il existe des kougelhopfs de différentes tailles, mais le prix au kilo est de 20€.


Vous trouverez ici les horaires de la pâtisserie Richon.


Pâtisserie Gilg


Pâtisserie Gilg is very renowned in Colmar. You can find there an excellent and moist kougelhopf and I really recommend it. Raisins are macerated in Kirsh, but its taste is not too strong. It’s a very good address dowtown Colmar, only a few steps away from Little Venice.

Practical information


There are different sizes of kouglof, but the price per kilo is 19.6€.

Opening times

You will find here the opening times for Pâtisserie Gilg.


Pâtisserie Lorber


To eat a good kouglof right in the heart of Colmar, head to Pâtisserie Lorber, located in the Tanner’s district. Kouglof is their specialty and there is a good reason for it! 

Practical information


There are different sizes of kougelhopfs, but the price per kilo is 20€.

Opening times

You will find here the opening times for Pâtisserie Lorber.



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