The Crest Road is a road on the Vosges crest, between Sainte-Marie aux Mines and Cernay. It is a stunning road to walk, but if you don’t enjoy walking, it’s also very nice to do it by car!

I tried this option on a beautiful summer day. There was a little bit of mist on that day, but the viewpoints were still stunning. The expression “the blue line of the Vosges” definitely makes sense… You will have, on one side (on the right coming from Sainte-Marie aux Mines to Cernay), the landscapes of the Vosges (in Lorraine) and on the other (on the left), the Alsace plain and the German Black Forest.

It is possible to travel along the Crest Road by car and to stop regularly to take pictures and to also enjoy some gourmet breaks by stopping at a farmhouse inn. This is a typical Alsatian experience!

Farmhouse inns are working farms that also have a restaurant on site, offering products from their own production. It’s the ideal place to taste very good and fresh products! The traditional menu is something called a “repas marcaire”, made up of a pie from the valley, of roïgabrageldi (potatoes served with pig meat), of Munster cheese and of a siaskas (fresh farm fromage blanc served with sugar and Kirsch). More simply, you can also stop at a farmhouse inn to eat a slice of fromage blanc or blueberry tart.

The Crest Road goes through the Grand Ballon, which is the summit of the Massif des Vosges. Do not hesitate to make a stop there and to climb to the summit. For food lovers, there is also a very good shop selling honey and gingerbread: the honey from the Riche family is 100% Alsatian and their gingerbread is really moist.

Please note that the Crest Road is closed in winter, usually from December to March.

My pictures of the Crest Road

I liked

  • Splendid viewpoints
  • It’s possible to make a stop at a farmhouse inn

I liked a little less

  • If you have the energy, it’s even better on foot!

Practical information

Getting here

The first option is to go from North to South, starting in Sainte-Marie aux Mines located:

  • 43 km from Colmar (about 50 minutes drive)
  • 73 km from  Strasbourg (about 1h05 drive)
  • 84 km from Mulhouse (about 1h10 drive)

The second option would be from South to North starting in Uffholtz (right next to Cernay) located:

  • 23 km from  Mulhouse (about 25 minutes drive)
  • 38 km from Colmar (about 40 minutes drive)
  • 115 km from Strasbourg (about 1h20 drive)

Map of the Crest Road

Feeling peckish?

The list of farmhouse inns is her.