You plan to visit Alsace but don’t know when to come? Here are some keys to guide you in your choice.

What is the best season to go to Alsace?

I would say…all year round, or almost! Schematically, here are the characteristics of each period of the year

What to do in Alsace in winter (January, February and March)?

From January to March, it is the slowest period for tourists in Alsace. Alsace is a bit sad, except in the Vosges mountains. On the plus side, it’s much less crowded and the prices are lower. The period is favourable for skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, etc… The Vosges resorts are small family resorts but there is already enough to keep you busy, especially since the landscapes are superb! As a bonus, prices are much more affordable than in the Alps. Even if you’re not a mountain person, you’ll find plenty to keep you busy. Click here for our ideas for winter activities in Alsace.


What to do in Alsace in spring?

From April to June, spring in Alsace is beautiful. Nature is reborn, the villages are blooming, the vines are green again and it is not too hot. An ideal time to come to Alsace because you can enjoy all the activities that the region offers. The Wine Route can still be a bit sad in early April, but once the vegetation comes back, it is superb.


What to do in Alsace in summer, in July and August?

July and August are the high tourist season. So there are more people, but it is worth it. The weather is generally nice and (very) warm, the vines are full of beautiful bunches of grapes, the whole Alsace is in bloom. And if it’s too hot, there’s nothing like a little trip to the Vosges to cool off.


What to do in Alsace in autumn, in September and October?

Autumn is the season of the grape harvest, which usually takes place in September. Gradually, the vines turn from green to orange-yellow. The colors are superb, the temperature still pleasant in September and until about mid-October. A very nice period to visit Alsace because you can still enjoy all the activities, have beautiful colors and be less hot than in summer. Please note that the winegrowers may not be available for wine tasting at harvest time and the wine trails are closed. I love the month of September! October is more random, it depends on the year: it can still be very pleasant or quite rainy…


What to do in Alsace in November and December?

Visiting Alsace in November is not recommended: it is the only month of the year when I advise you not to come, because the climate is not pleasant, the vegetation is absent and many shops are closed.

The region comes alive again from the opening of the Christmas markets, usually on the last weekend of November, as well as in December: this is the period of the Christmas markets, which is also a high tourist season. Alsace is a magical region at Christmas time: numerous Christmas markets in the towns and villages, careful decoration of the houses, everything contributes to a magical atmosphere! Beware, most of the Christmas markets close on Christmas Day: if you come to Alsace between Christmas and New Year’s Day, you will only be able to visit a few markets (not Strasbourg or Colmar for example), you should know that! Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the decorations and illuminations of the cities.


What is the climate in Alsace?

As for the climate, Alsace has a semi-continental climate. Winters are cold and dry, summers very hot (even stifling) and stormy. It doesn’t rain much in Alsace because of the protection offered by the Vosges mountains. Colmar is even one of the driest cities in France!