Christmas Markets in Alsace – The 20 most beautiful (+ dates 2023)

Updated on 2024-04-23
Christmas market-obernai

The Alsatian Christmas markets are not known for nothing: it is a true Alsatian tradition. During the holiday season, the entire region gets into the game and redoubles its imagination to decorate homes and cities. This fairy tale of illuminations is a real moment of joy that contrasts with the sadness of winter! But then, which are the most beautiful Christmas markets in Alsace? Which ones should you choose to visit?

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My advice: go to the Christmas markets in the late afternoon, when the daylight starts to fall. This is where I find the most beautiful atmosphere! Have a glass of mulled wine, smell the gingerbread, taste some Alsatian specialties and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Christmas in Alsace while strolling among the wooden houses! For more practical tips, be sure to read our article on things to know about visiting Christmas markets.

Stay in Alsace for the Christmas markets and festivities – Infos

When do the 2023 Christmas markets start and what are the dates?

For the most part, Alsace’s major Christmas markets start on Thursday, November 23, 2023 or Friday, November 24, 2023 and close on December 24, 2023, but refer below to each market’s details for specific dates as the festivities really do depend on each city. Many markets are only open on weekends, from Friday to Sunday.


Most Christmas markets close after Christmas: visiting markets between Christmas and New Year’s Day is therefore not ideal, even if some remain open (see list below). At this time of year, you can still admire the illuminations in the streets, including in Strasbourg, which also has an “AprĂšs Village” with a few chalets and entertainment.


Which Christmas markets are open after Christmas?

Here are the Christmas markets open between Christmas and New Year’s Day in Alsace:

  • Obernai (until 12/31)
  • Haguenau (until 12/30)
  • Eguisheim (until 12/30)
  • Turckheim (until 12/30)
  • Colmar (until 12/29)
  • SĂ©lestat (until 29/12)
  • Mulhouse (until 12/27)

What is the most beautiful Christmas market in Alsace?

It’s hard to answer this question because there are so many beautiful ones that I love, but I would recommend the Christmas market in Colmar if you had to choose only one market to do in Alsace. Try to go during the week if possible, it’s very crowded from Friday to Sunday…


Best Christmas market: Colmar or Strasbourg?

This is a question that comes up all the time! I would tend to say: both, knowing that there is only one hour drive (by car or by train) between the two, but if I had to choose only one I would recommend the Christmas market of Colmar, which is my preference.


Getting around: car, train and bus

Depending on the markets you wish to visit, you can travel by car, train or bus. If you can, take the train or the bus because it is often difficult to park near the markets, you will be much more quiet in public transport! If you come by car, use the park-and-ride lots. You will find all the practical information on travel here.

You can also easily book excursions to visit the Christmas markets from Strasbourg or Colmar.

Accommodation: where to stay during a trip to Alsace?

There is no real good or bad location to visit the Christmas markets, it depends on which ones you want to see but the region is not very big anyway so you can easily move from one to another. Remember to book well in advance, as accommodation fills up several months in advance at this time of year…

If you’re looking for accommodation in Alsace during this period, take a look at my Accommodation section or come and stay with me 🙂 I’ve also written articles with hotels I like in the main towns:

Christmas market-quatzenheim

Where to go in Alsace for the Christmas markets? My list

To help you make this (difficult) choice, here’s a list of the markets I consider to be the most beautiful Christmas markets in Alsace , with their 2023 dates. These are the ones I’ve been to before and particularly enjoyed. For each one, go further down in the article: I noted their small specificities.

  • Colmar
  • Strasbourg
  • Kaysersberg
  • Obernai
  • Mulhouse
  • RibeauvillĂ©
  • Riquewihr
  • Bouxwiller
  • Neuf-Brisach
  • Quatzenheim
  • Ottmarsheim
  • Thann
  • Rosheim
  • SĂ©lestat
  • Haguenau
  • Guebwiller
  • Eguisheim
  • Turckheim
  • Hunspach
  • Kingersheim
  • Soultzmatt

If you are also tempted by the neighboring regions, do not forget the Basel Christmas market in Switzerland which is located just over the border and is worth a visit, or the Christmas market in Montbéliard in Franche-Comté.

If you decide to visit the Christmas markets with children, here is another article with our selection of the best Christmas markets in Alsace with your family.

I also wrote on my second blog (in French) an article presenting my ideal program of a Christmas weekend in Alsace. Don’t hesitate to take a look at it to prepare your stay!

Map of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Alsace

Christmas market in Colmar


The Christmas market in Colmar is, I think, my favorite Christmas market. The old town and its canals of Little Venice are charming in their natural state, but the Christmas decorations give it an extra charm… Its six Christmas markets are charming: among them, the gourmet market at the cathedral square, the children’s market at the Six Black Mountains square or the craft market at the Ancienne Douane,

  • The decorations downtown are fabulous: not a single building escapes the rule!
  • The Christmas market of Colmar is large (there are several, spread out in the city) and one can spend a good moment to stroll there
  • Pretty little things to bring back to decorate your Christmas!
  • A lot of people on weekends, that’s the price of fame!

Great Christmas market of Strasbourg


The Christmas market in Strasbourg (also called ChristkindelsmĂ€rik) is one of the biggest and oldest in Europe: it has existed since the 16th century! Strasbourg has the title of Christmas Capital, no less! There are actually several Christmas markets in different parts of the historic city center. While I told you a few years ago that I was disappointed by this market that had become too industrial, I can again recommend it: it has found its soul! Overall, the chalets now offer mostly quality products, with an important place for local products and crafts. Phew! 🙂

Moreover, the city is remarkably well decorated and one really enjoys walking around to admire the incredible decorations of the facades and the illuminations. Strasbourg is just beautiful at Christmas, and it amazes me every year!

Click here to read my guide to the Strasbourg Christmas Marketwhere I give you all my best addresses! 😉 And if you want to discover an alternative Christmas market very popular with locals, go to the MarchĂ© OFF in Strasbourg, a social and solidarity Christmas market.

  • The atmosphere of the city, adorned with its Christmas decorations. Magical!
  • Size of the market: we have enough to do easily for a day
  • The crowd on the weekend. It is difficult to put one foot in front of the other (but come during the week, it’s not the same!)

Christmas market of Kaysersberg


Kaysersberg is a lovely picturesque village, perfect for a Christmas market. The Christmas market in Kaysersberg is one of my favorites! The authentic Christmas market of Kaysersberg takes place in the Cour de l’Arsenal and behind the Sainte-Croix church. After that, there are other places with unofficial and often less qualitative markets.

  • The village itself is already a wonder. With the Christmas decorations, it shines even more!
  • Christmas atmosphere in the whole village, with beautiful decorated facades. The festive atmosphere is not limited to a few cottages.
  • Beautiful authentic Christmas market
  • Many people, Kaysersberg and its Christmas market are well known!
  • Less qualitative private Christmas markets

Christmas market in Obernai

Christmas market-obernai

The Obernai Christmas market is dedicated to gastronomy and crafts. Indeed, what a lot of nice things to taste or to bring back! It is a small market that has kept a very traditional soul. I love it!

  • Nice authentic market
  • Nice market size
  • Very nice decoration of the city
  • A lot of people on weekends

Mulhouse Christmas Market


Not the most famous, but still full of charm, the Christmas market in Mulhouse is worth a stop! It’s a market I love…

  • Less touristic than other more famous markets: there are less people, it’s nice!
  • The place given to the Alsatian textile industry, with a different Christmas fabric every year that decorates the whole market of Mulhouse and that it is possible to buy
  • The illuminations of the place de la RĂ©union, just superb!
  • Mulhouse has less charm than other cities and villages like Colmar or Kaysersberg

Medieval Christmas market in Ribeauvillé


The Christmas market of Ribeauvillé is very original since it is completely built on the theme of the Middle Ages. We are totally immersed in the atmosphere as soon as we arrive at the market, which has many stands and animations. Something to delight young and old alike!

In addition to the originality of the theme and the numerous activities proposed, the town of Ribeauvillé is superbly decorated. A real little gem!

  • Original and very well implemented medieval theme
  • Many animations on the Christmas market of RibeauvillĂ©
  • Beautiful decorations
  • A lot of people because it takes place only 2 weekends in December

Christmas market in the village of Riquewihr


Riquewihr, like Kaysersberg or RibeauvillĂ©, is a pretty little village located on the Alsace Wine Route. The Christmas market itself is not huge, but a stroll through the alleys to discover its beautiful decorated facades is worth its weight in gold! Christmas in Riquewihr is a beautiful period…

  • Wander through the village of Riquewihr itself, with its narrow streets, medieval buildings and ramparts
  • The Christmas decorations on the facades (superb, as often in Alsace!)
  • Not many cottages, but is that so bad?

Christmas market in Bouxwiller


The Christmas market of Bouxwiller is the most important Christmas market in northern Alsace. It is not necessarily very well known but it is a superb market that is really worth it! The town itself is very cute and nicely decorated, the stalls are local and of good quality. A great discovery!

For other small Christmas markets in northern Alsace, see the article Christmas in the Land of Lights.

  • Large and pleasant Christmas market
  • Beautifully decorated city
  • Stands with quality products
  • A lot of people because it is only open one weekend in December

Christmas market of Neuf-Brisach


The Neuf-Brisach Christmas Market is an original market: it plunges visitors into the atmosphere of a 1700s village! To learn more, read the whole article written by Vincent about his visit to the Neuf-Brisach Christmas market.

  • the many exciting demonstrations
  • the care given to the decoration of the village 1700
  • the lighting of the city around the Christmas market of Antan
  • childcare under the city hall (3€ per hour)
  • difficult parking with many bus spaces

Christmas market in Quatzenheim

Christmas market-quatzenheim

Quatzenheim is the small village, located 15 minutes from Strasbourg, where I live. Every year it hosts an ultra authentic Christmas market for one evening. The courtyards of the beautiful farms of the Kochersberg are entirely decorated by the inhabitants of the village and host the market stalls… It’s really magical and perfect to enjoy a very local atmosphere and to get off the beaten track a bit! For more information, I invite you to read the complete article I wrote on the
Christmas market of Quatzenheim

  • Magnificent setting of the Alsatian farms
  • Quality of the products sold
  • Authentic atmosphere
  • Only for one evening, you can’t miss it!

Christmas market in Ottmarsheim


The Christmas market of Ottmarsheim is the “Christmas market of museums and creators”. The stands are therefore very qualitative since they gather objects coming from local craftsmen and museums of the region. The place is also very pleasant since all the stands are located on a pretty square very well lit. It only takes place every other year.

  • Very qualitative stands
  • Beautiful illuminations
  • A lot of people!

Christmas market in Thann


The Christmas Market of Thann is one of the few in southern Alsace to be open every day until Christmas… It’s a small market but very cute, warm and authentic. You can read here the article written by Vincent about the Christmas Market in Thann.

  • The atmosphere
  • The big tree under which you can drink mulled wine and write a letter to Santa Claus
  • The lighting of the facades of the houses around the collegiate church
  • Nothing!

Rosheim Christmas Market


The Christmas market of Rosheim is a small market which is not very well known. However, it is worth a visit.

Rosheim is a charming medieval town which is a beautiful setting for a Christmas market. Go there at nightfall (like all the markets, you may say, but it is particularly true for this one), the illuminations of the city and the monuments are really successful.

As for the cottages, stop by the Association des Arboriculteurs du Piémont de Saint-Odile for an apple fritter, they are delicious!

  • Pretty village
  • Few people
  • Very beautiful illuminations
  • Not a very large market

Christmas market in SĂ©lestat


The Christmas market of SĂ©lestat is a very original market since it is organized on the theme of the Christmas tree (the oldest mention of which was found in SĂ©lestat!). To know more about it, I invite you to read the whole article dedicated to the Christmas market in SĂ©lestat that I wrote!

  • Original market on the theme of the Christmas tree
  • Less touristy than other more famous markets
  • It’s not a classic market, you just have to know it!

Christmas market in Haguenau


The Haguenau Christmas Market is not the best known in Alsace but it is worth a visit for its authentic atmosphere, its numerous chalets and its beautiful illuminations! More info in the Vivine article dedicated to the
Christmas market in Haguenau

  • Music and projections in the streets
  • The conviviality of the merchants
  • The ice rink installed on the Cours de la DĂ©capole
  • Some fairground rides

Christmas market in Guebwiller


The Christmas market of Guebwiller is called “NoĂ«l Bleu”. Every year, the city is decorated with illuminations and animations around this theme. This Christmas market is a small market, not necessarily as magical as some of the more famous markets but it is still cute. It will suit people looking for a more local atmosphere.

  • Small friendly market
  • Video Mapping
  • Small market and localized illuminations (not in the whole city)

Eguisheim Christmas Market

eguisheim-christmas market in Alsace

Eguisheim is the village that was elected favorite village of the French in 2013. We must admit that the place is adorable! The Christmas market is small but cute, it’s well worth a visit! You can also visit Eguisheim in the company of the night watchman, who will teach you a lot about the village and the Christmas traditions.

  • Walk in the village of Eguisheim itself, with its charming pedestrian streets
  • Quite traditional atmosphere
  • The market is small, you can go around it quickly!

Christmas market in Turckheim


Turckheim does not have a known Christmas market. However, the village is very cute and is a perfect stop to get a taste of the Christmas atmosphere in Alsace without getting caught up in the crowds!

In Turckheim, very few chalets but a life-size advent calendar. To witness the daily opening of the window, meet at 5pm sharp!

Another particularity, the night watchman of Turckheim who makes his rounds every evening at 9 pm. A must see!

  • The peaceful atmosphere of Turckheim
  • The village itself, very cute
  • The giant advent calendar
  • It’s hard to really talk about the Christmas market, even if I enjoyed the trip!

Christmas market in Hunspach


Hunspach a village classified in the Most Beautiful Villages of France. We quickly understand why when we go there: the village is charming and impressive of homogeneity. There are beautiful Alsatian half-timbered houses with white facades, typical of this part of Alsace.

The Christmas market in Hunspach is a very small and pleasant market to visit. Don’t just go for it if you are far away (it’s easy to get around) but plan to see several of them during the day.

It’s worth it anyway because, in addition to being in the pretty village setting, the stands are of high quality and the atmosphere very local.

  • Beautiful village
  • Few people
  • Quality booths
  • Very small market, it is better to plan to go and see others in addition!
  • Poorly decorated houses in the village

Christmas market of Kingersheim


This Christmas market is…green! The decorations are made from salvage and recycled materials, there are artisans who present their handmade creations and associations to raise awareness of the environment and help us to consume better. Charlotte loved it!

  • A theme that is right up to date!
  • Original decoration, different from what we usually see
  • Nice little cafĂ© for a drink or a snack
  • Not a very large market

Christmas market of Soultzmatt

Christmas market-soultzmatt-alsace

A small, authentic, 100% craft Christmas market in the heart of the VallĂ©e Noble, with chalets all over Soultzmatt: on the town hall square, around the church, in the village streets, and even in people’s backyards! There are also animals, donkeys, geese, chickens, in beautiful wooden enclosures designed to fit into the decor.

  • Beautifully decorated community, mainly with wooden elements
  • Only handcrafted products
  • Braseros everywhere to warm up!
  • This market is very successful, so finding a place to park is complicated!