Kaysersberg Christmas Market – Visit and good addresses

Updated on 2024-04-23

With Colmar and Strasbourg, the Christmas market of Kaysersberg is certainly one of the most known in Alsace... But also one of my favorites! It is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Alsace.

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I am already in love with this adorable village of the Alsace Wine Route in normal times (it was not elected Favorite Village of the French for nothing!) but the festive atmosphere of the Christmas period gives it an additional charm. At nightfall, I love to stroll through the cobbled streets admiring the illuminated facades, to immerse myself in the Christmas spirit by walking among the chalets and then to stop and drink a mulled wine on the town hall square. No doubt, we find his eyes and his soul as a child as the atmosphere is magical!

In addition to admiring the magnificent decorations and illuminations of the city center adorned with its Christmas colors, you will find in the chalets of the Christmas market beautiful handicrafts that can be great gift ideas for the holidays. What a pleasure to stroll and shop in this beautiful village on the Alsace Wine Route!

When does the Christmas market in Kaysersberg start? Opening date and opening hours 2023

The Kaysersberg Christmas Market opens on November 24, 2023. It takes place on weekends, from Friday to Sunday, from November 24 to December 17, 2023, and on Monday December 18 and Tuesday December 19, 2023. The opening hours are always the same, from 10am to 8pm.


The authentic Christmas and farmers’ markets of Kaysersberg

The official Christmas markets of Kaysersberg are:

  • the authentic Christmas market, which gathers exclusively products made in France by craftsmen and rigorously selected: wooden toys, fabric creations, decorations for the tree, leather objects, Christmas baubles… It takes place in the Cour de l’Arsenal (behind the chalet of the tourist office) and behind the Eglise Sainte-Croix.
  • the Christmas market, where you will find the stands of local producers of the Valley of Kaysersberg: wines of Alsace, foie gras, cheese, saltings, honey, gingerbread… It takes place at the Place de la Mairie.

There are also other “private” Christmas markets, organized by some of Kaysersberg’s merchants. I don’t recommend them: many of them offer products that in my opinion have no place in an Alsatian Christmas market (objects made in China, products coming from Savoie, Ardèche…). When the lure of profit overrides authenticity and tradition, I don’t like it. That’s it!


Don’t miss the Christmas village in Kaysersberg

In addition to the authentic Christmas markets and farmers’ markets, here are the must-sees:

  • Exhibition in the Arsenal hall (the theme changes every year)
  • For the game lovers, the treasure hunt to be done in family: browse Kaysersberg in search of clues and receive a small reward at the end.
  • On Friday evening at 5 pm, the Tourist Office offers mulled wine and bredele! Meet in front of the tourist office chalet at Place de la Mairie.

My good addresses for Christmas in Kaysersberg

The best mulled wine at the Kaysersberg Christmas market

I was thrilled by the organic mulled wine with honey served at the farmers’ market (at the back, near the town hall. There is a sign, you can’t miss it). A true marvel that I recommend you to taste!


To change a little of the mulled wine… The elixirs.

Elixirs are a mixture of hot fruit juice and brandy. It is delicious! Just don’t drink too much of it if you’re driving afterwards, it’s still a bit of a kick. You can also ask for them without alcohol. Meet at the Juices d’Antoine stand, just in front of the Tourist Office chalet.

To buy tasty gingerbread

The stand of the beekeeper Le Rucher du Pays Libre offers delicious organic gingerbread, as soft as it gets. When you put only honey and no sugar, the gingerbread has immediately a different flavor…


To buy bredele or take a break

The bredele are small cakes typically Alsatian made at Christmas time. You will find excellent ones at L’EnfarinĂ© Bakery. You can also take a break, L’EnfarinĂ© has a few tables where you can sit.


To buy handmade Christmas decorations

Visit the lovely store le Grenier enchanté or their booth at the authentic Christmas market. You can also learn how to make your own Advent wreath during an Advent wreath workshop at Brindilles et Pom de pin.


Lodging: hotel in Kaysersberg

If you are looking for accommodation in Kaysersberg, I invite you to read this article with my selection ofhotels in Kaysersberg.

For a nice bed and breakfast, don’t hesitate to go to the Ecrins in Orbey and for a gĂ®te at the GĂ®te des Histoires in Kientzheim.


Coming to Kaysersberg

Christmas Shuttles

The Christmas shuttles allow you to go by bus to the Christmas markets of Colmar, Kaysersberg, Riquewihr and Ribeauvillé. You will find all the information here.


Where to park at the Kaysersberg Christmas Market?

As the Christmas market is very popular and the parking lots near the city center are immediately full, park-and-ride lots have been set up. They allow you to park a little further from the city center and to benefit from a shuttle system to reach the Christmas market. Very practical! You can find all the information here.

You will find more good addresses in my article dedicated to Kaysersberg.

  • Authentic Christmas market offering exclusively French products
  • Farmers’ Christmas market, to enjoy local products!
  • The beauty of the city and its decorations
  • The “private” Christmas markets, much less authentic
  • A lot of people on weekends

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