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The Strasbourg Christmas market is probably, with the Colmar Christmas market, the most famous in Alsace. It must be said that this tradition does not date from yesterday: far from being an event invented for tourists, the Christmas Market of Strasbourg (called ChristkindelsmÀrik) dates from the Middle Ages, which makes it one of the oldest European markets! Strasbourg is also considered the Christmas Capital for its unique atmosphere at this time of the year. So, tempted by a stay in Strasbourg to visit the Christmas market?

If I didn’t tell you about this market before, it’s because I didn’t like it very much a few years ago: it had lost its soul a little bit, giving in to the siren call of stalls with too much industrial products and sometimes looking like a fair. Fortunately, the city has been able to get its act together (and sort it out!), and I can once again fully recommend it to you: the Strasbourg Christmas market is really worth it! It’s hard to tell you everything about this great market, but I’ll try in this article to guide you, as I do with friends visiting me in Strasbourg. So, are you ready? Follow the guide!

What are the dates of the Christmas market in Strasbourg?

Opening date: when does the 2023 Christmas market start?

The Strasbourg Christmas Market starts at 2pm on Friday, November 24, 2023.

Dates and times in 2023

  • Opening dates: the Strasbourg Christmas Market runs from November 24 at 2pm to December 24, 2023 at 6pm .
  • Opening hours: the chalets are open from 11.30am to 9pm every day (except December 24th, when they are open until 6pm).

After Christmas, the markets are closed, but Strasbourg Capitale de NoĂ«l continues until January 1, 2024: the Advent Village in the Louise Weiss and Suzanne Lacore squares becomes the Village de l’AprĂšs.



Strasbourg Christmas market map

My advice – Book your accommodation VERY early: in Strasbourg, it’s not uncommon to book 6 months (or even a year!) in advance. Here is the list of my favorite hotels in Strasbourg.

Where to go in Strasbourg for the Christmas Market?

The Strasbourg Christmas Market is really big: you can easily spend a whole day wandering around, and even more if you take part in the workshops and animations organized. The market is located on the Grande Île of Strasbourg (heart of the city center) but is not confined to one place: it extends over several places, nevertheless close to each other. We go from one to the other on foot while admiring the decorations of the facades: it is all the historical center which is in festival! Here are the locations of the Christmas markets:

  • Place KlĂ©ber. This is one of Strasbourg’s main squares, and every year it plays host to the famous Grand Sapin (30m high, after all! It really is magnificent). There are also a few chalets of associations (including the star soup, I’ll come back to that in my good plans!) and an ice rink. A must!
  • Place de la CathĂ©drale and Place du ChĂąteau. Around Strasbourg’s (magnificent!) cathedral. While the location is superb and clearly worth a visit, it’s not my favorite market in general.
  • Place Broglie. It is the Place de l’HĂŽtel de Ville in Strasbourg. This is where you’ll find the city’s oldest Christmas market, the early ChristkindelsmĂ€rik. Unfortunately, it’s not the most typical market these days, so it’s not really my favorite (although there are some nice stalls nonetheless).
  • In front of the Palais des Rohan and Place du MarchĂ© aux Poissons. For food lovers, this is the place to find delicious food stands. This is the MarchĂ© des DĂ©lices or Quai des dĂ©lices. Excellent products, I recommend!
  • Place du temple-Neuf. This is where you’ll find the MarchĂ© du CarrĂ© d’Or, the name given to this district rich in magnificent gourmet and craft stores. A must-see district for strolling: this is where you’ll find the richest facade decorations.
  • Benjamin Zix Square. In the famous Petite France, the most touristic but also the most beautiful district of Strasbourg! Lots of pretty things in the chalets here, including the famous Meisenthal Christmas baubles.
  • Louise-Weiss and Suzanne Lacore squares. Also in Little France. A place I really like and can’t miss: it’s home to the IrrĂ©ductibles Petits Producteurs Alsaciens market (all excellent local products: cheese, beer, flour, honey, jams…), the Advent Village (an after-Christmas village as of December 26, since the site remains open after Christmas) and a Christmas market dedicated to children.
  • Place Grimmeisen. This is where the“MarchĂ© Off” is held, a social and solidarity market for local people (but visitors are of course welcome too!).
  • Place Saint-Thomas: a smaller market, but a great one too.


It’s impossible to mention all the activities offered in Strasbourg during the Christmas period: there are so many! For example, the impressive crib in the cathedral, the Advent village in the Louise Weiss and Suzanne Lacore squares, a storytelling tour on a boat Batoramaa walk with a night watchman, guided tours on the theme of Christmas traditions at the Alsatian Museumconcerts, workshops and shows for children, conferences, arts and crafts exhibitions… Consult the detailed program here.


If you are visiting the market with children, go here to read our article dedicated specifically to Christmas markets in Alsace with your family.


And don’t hesitate to book a guided tour of Strasbourg’s Christmas markets: it’s a great opportunity to make discoveries with a local and get lots of interesting explanations!

My advice – Book your accommodation VERY early: in Strasbourg, it’s not uncommon to book 6 months (or even a year!) in advance. Here is the list of my favorite hotels in Strasbourg.

See the Christmas tree in Strasbourg, capital of Christmas

The Christmas tree of Strasbourg is a huge Christmas tree located on the Place KlĂ©ber in Strasbourg. It’s about 30 metres high, comes from a sustainably managed forest and is one of the must-sees when you visit the Christmas market! To admire it in all its splendor, Strasbourg’s big Christmas tree lights up to music every hour between 4pm and 9pm, then without music at 10pm and 11pm.


My advice – Book your accommodation VERY early: in Strasbourg, it’s not uncommon to book 6 months (or even a year!) in advance. Here is the list of my favorite hotels in Strasbourg.

Admire Strasbourg’s illuminations and decorated facades

The first time I came to Strasbourg, I was in my twenties and I remember being literally dazzled by the decoration and the illuminations of the city’s facades. Even today, even though I live in Strasbourg, I still marvel every year at the richness of the decorations and the atmosphere in the streets. In the city center of Strasbourg (on the Grande Île), each building is decorated: branches of fir trees, big teddy bears, Christmas balls… We don’t lack imagination! I really advise you to walk around and look up so you don’t miss anything of this beautiful show!


To admire the illuminations and decorated facades, here are the places I particularly like and recommend. These are places I never tire of going to every year:

  • Gateway to the Christmas capital. A “Strasbourg, capital of Christmas” illuminated arch on rue du Vieux-marchĂ©-aux-Poissons. Souvenir photo a must 😉
  • Rue du Maroquin. Just beautiful and richly decorated!
  • Rue MerciĂšre. Very well decorated and offering a magnificent perspective on the Cathedral of Strasbourg
  • The CarrĂ© d’Or, where some of the most beautiful stores in Strasbourg are located. Go to rue des Hallebardes and the surrounding streets to admire the Baccarat crystal chandeliers and rich decorations!
  • The illuminated docks. Go to the quai des Bateliers at nightfall and have fun crossing the small bridges in one direction and in the other, it’s magical!
  • The facade of the Pastry Shop Chez Christian, rue de l’Outre. One of the best pastry chefs in Strasbourg, a magnificent painted façade all year round and even crazier at Christmas!
  • The Vitrines de Strasbourg blue tree, place Gutenberg. At night, I love to admire its chiseled branches standing out in the night!
  • The OFF Market of Strasbourg for a totally alternative and very local atmosphere



My advice – Book your accommodation VERY early: in Strasbourg, it’s not uncommon to book 6 months (or even a year!) in advance. Here is the list of my favorite hotels in Strasbourg.

What to eat at Strasbourg’s Christmas market

You’ll soon discover that the market is full of mouth-watering specialities! To guide you in your culinary explorations, we’ve written an article on the specialities to be sampled at Strasbourg’s Christmas market.


My good plans and good addresses at ChristkindelsmÀrik in Strasbourg

The hardest thing about this kind of market is finally knowing where to stop! It’s so big and there are so many choices that you get lost very quickly. That’s actually why it took me so long to write this article. I wanted to be able to give you really good advice (tested and approved, as always on this blog!), and for that I had to have gone through the market in length, width and breadth! Here’s my selection of Strasbourg Christmas Market tips to help you make the most of your visit. And don’t hesitate to consult our article “Where to buy local at the Christmas market in Strasbourg“.


  • The best white mulled wine (made with Alsace wine!): La Tribu des Gourmets, on the terrace of the Palais des Rohan (river side) and Place Saint-Etienne.
  • The best hot red wine: Chez Mathilde, place Broglie: an institution! You will probably find Strasbourgeois having a drink after work, it’s a meeting place not to be missed!
  • The best gingerbread: Mireille Oster, place Broglie and place Benjamin Zix: reputed to make the best gingerbread in Alsace (and to have tested many of them, it’s probably true!). Chez Mathilde also has excellent gingerbread (in a softer style, which I also love!) as well as other cakes (if you like Linz pie, for example, go for it: it’s a wonder!).
  • The best soup: Humanis, place KlĂ©ber. A soup prepared by star chefs from Alsace, the proceeds of which go to associations, or how to combine gustatory pleasure and good deeds!
  • The best bredele (small Alsatian Christmas cookies): hard to say, but according to the ones I have tested so far, the best are the bredele from the Moulin de Hurtigheim, square Louise Weiss. Those from the Maison alsacienne de biscuiterie are also always very good. For gluten-free bredele, you can go to the Boulangerie l’Eden libre de Gluten, Place du Temple Neuf.
  • In general, to buy good local products: go to Louise Weiss square, where the “MarchĂ© des irrĂ©ductibles Petits Producteurs Alsaciens” is held, as well as on the terrace of the Palais des Rohan, where the “MarchĂ© des DĂ©lices” is held.



Decoration and crafts

  • Alsatrucs, place KlĂ©ber. I already told you about Alsatrucs objects, which I love: beautiful objects created by craftsmen, using traditional Alsatian symbols while bringing them a modern touch via very original designs! You can also visit the store on Place du MarchĂ© aux cochons de lait, right next to the cathedral.
  • Boules de Meisenthal, place Benjamin Zix. These are glass Christmas ornaments made entirely by hand at the Centre d’Art Verrier de Meisenthal, located in Lorraine, near Alsace. A remarkable work and a beautiful collection of traditional but also modern balls. Indeed, every year, a designer creates a new ball… which is then snapped up during the whole month of December! It must be said that they are beautiful.
  • Soufflenheim pottery, place du chĂąteau. This is the right cottage to buy real Alsatian pottery from Soufflenheim.
  • Caroline Courroy, place KlĂ©ber. Objects created in fabric (cushions, pouches, tote bags…) and also using Alsatian symbols, modern version. Top!
  • KĂ€te Wohlfart, Castle Square. A huge chalet filled with Christmas decorations, each one more beautiful than the next. There is often a line to get in!
  • A Christmas in Alsace, 10 rue des Dentelles. A store (present all year long) offering beautiful Christmas decorations
  • The House of Hanssen and Gretel, 7 rue du Chaudron. A store (present all year long) offering quality Alsatian handicrafts!
  • Arts et collections d’Alsace, 4 place du MarchĂ© aux Poissons. A store (present all year long) where you can find traditional Alsatian objects (fabrics, pottery, decorations…)



Practical advice

Here are a few practical tips to help you make the most of your visit. See also our article on practical tips for visiting Christmas markets.

  • Dress warmly! A big pair of socks or two pairs of socks plus warm shoes (if you have lined shoes, that’s ideal) will guarantee that you can still feel your toes at the end of the day 😉 Also bring several layers of clothing, a hat, a scarf and gloves!
  • Plan to stay long enough to see the nightfall: the illuminations and decorations are then the most beautiful!
  • If you can, really try to come during the week, you won’t have the same experience at all: it’s much nicer than the weekend, where you walk all over each other.
  • Coming to Strasbourg by car is quite complicated at this time. Choose park-and-ride facilities, which offer low-cost parking and include a streetcar ticket to the city center. Try to park there in the morning as there is sometimes no space left if you arrive in the early afternoon on weekends!
  • Book your accommodation VERY early: in Strasbourg, it’s not uncommon to book 6 months (or even a year!) in advance. Here is the list of my favorite hotels in Strasbourg.
  • And don’t forget to book your restaurants early! Here’s a list of my favorite restaurants in Strasbourg.

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