Batorama – Boat trip in Strasbourg


A boat trip in Strasbourg is an alternative and original way to visit the city of Strasbourg. Did you know that the city has a Grand Island, a Unesco World Heritage Site, which is home to its historic downtown? Surrounded by the Ill River (a tributary of the Rhine) and with multiple canals, Strasbourg is well suited for a boat tour with Batorama. Follow the guide, I'll give you all my advice!

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Pier: where to take the boat?

The landing stage of the “bateaux mouches” of Strasbourg is located on the Place du Marché aux Poissons. It is in the heart of Strasbourg, 150m from the cathedral. Very practical!

Choice and duration of the river boat trip

The must-see tour

I recommend the most complete visit (and also the most classic), which lasts 1h10 and is entitled “Strasbourg, 20 centuries of history“.

Themed boat tours

In addition to the classic tour of Strasbourg, Batorama regularly offers other thematic tours, but also one-way trips allowing you to move around Strasbourg by boat: the Citadel Lighthouse, the trip from the European Parliament to the cathedral, Strasbourg the European, Strasbourg the builders, Strasbourg-on-the-Sea… And even an old-fashioned Christmas cruise, a storytelling cruise during the Christmas Market!

For example, I tried the visit of the Port Autonome de Strasbourg during a 1 hour cruise called “Strasbourg on the sea”. Yes, you read that right! Strasbourg is not by the sea, of course, but by the Rhine and thus has the 2nd largest river port in France! Even the citizens of Strasbourg are sometimes unaware of the immense activity that reigns there: with 10,000 employees and goods coming from and going to all over the world, it is a real small town within the city! The visit allows you to discover this immense space and to learn more about its functioning. Really interesting to discover one of the most unknown facets of Strasbourg for visitors!

Batorama show cruises

Batorama also proposes on its “bateaux mouches” some cruises-spectacles: stand up, theaters, concerts… The program is varied! Find the program here.

Strasbourg by boat “Strasbourg, 20 centuries of history” tour

From Petite France to the European institutions on the Ill and canals

Architectural styles follow one another: from the half-timbered houses of Petite France to the modernity of the European institutions, passing by the Germanic style of the Imperial Quarter, the varied architecture of Strasbourg and its beautiful buildings is pleasant to observe from a boat. As a bonus, we pass through a lock in Petite France, which is always a fun moment during this urban navigation.

The walk allows you to have a global vision of the city and to quickly understand its organization and its different districts, witnesses of its past and present history. The audioguide provides interesting explanations on this history while being fun enough for young and old (there is a special version for children).

The cruise, a great way to discover Strasbourg!

So yes, a City tour by boat with Batorama Strasbourg is a very touristy activity, but it’s really nice and it’s in my opinion an excellent way to take your time, to relax, to enjoy the sun and the fresh air and to soak up the atmosphere of Strasbourg, along the water and to the rhythm of the lapping of the Ill. It’s a great way to discover the city from a different angle. Personally, I recommend it to my friends who come to visit me (and have done so several times, discovering new things each time during the walk!)

  • See the city from the water: another point of view!
  • Observe the different architectural styles of Strasbourg
  • Possibility of taking a covered or open boat
  • Partner of the Pass Alsace
  • Remember to buy your ticket in advance, there are often many people!