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Visiting Strasbourg is of course a must during a stay in Alsace. The Alsatian capital is full of charm and has a lot to offer to visitors coming to do tourism. When I moved here, I was immediately seduced and I still am: I keep discovering new places to see and activities to do.

One of the great advantages of Strasbourg in my opinion is that it offers a wide range of possibilities: the city is charming and pleasant to stroll around in, it is dynamic and has a large number of good places to go out, it is culturally rich, and finally, an important point in my eyes, nature is easily accessible from downtown Strasbourg.

Finally, Strasbourg is a European capital located on the border withGermany: it is fun to play border hopping to go to Germany (you can go on foot, by bike or by streetcar). In this article, I will try to list my ideas so that you can enjoy your visit to Strasbourg… I’ve put together the must-sees of Strasbourg but also some more unusual ideas. You’ll see that if you want to do everything, you’ll have to stay a little longer than a weekend! 😉


Tour ideas in and around Strasbourg

How to visit Strasbourg in 1 day? What to visit?

If you’re short on time and only want to spenda day in the European capital, check out my article Visiter Strasbourg en un jour for my idea of the best itinerary for the day.

For a first impression of Strasbourg, it may be worth taking part in a guided tour. As in many European cities, it is possible to sign up for a free tour in Strasbourg, a tour of the city organized by a passionate local, or to book a real guided tour book a real guided tour if you want a more in-depth discovery.

What to see during a weekend in Strasbourg and its region?

Option 1: Strasbourg and the Alsace Wine Route

And if you have two days aheadfollow this itinerary to visit Strasbourg and surrounding area in 2 days I wrote on my other blog, which will take you to the Alsace Wine Route on the second day to discover typical villages and visit wineries.

Option 2: Europapark from Strasbourg

Europa-Park is not right next to Strasbourg, but it’s not far and many people take advantage of their stay in Strasbourg to visit Europa-Park, the German amusement park that has been awarded several times as the best in Europe! Thrills guaranteed 😉

It takes about 45 minutes by car from Strasbourg, or you can take the shuttle bus to Europapark from Strasbourg. This is the CTBR line 271, for which reservations are mandatory. More info here.


What to do in 3 days in Strasbourg?

If you have 3 days in Strasbourg, you can easily visit Strasbourg, Colmar and the Wine Route as well as some other must-sees. Here is my idea of an itinerary to visit Alsace in 3 days.

Map of places to visit in Strasbourg, Alsace

My guide to Strasbourg


Planifiez un séjour inoubliable à Strasbourg et ses environs sans perdre de temps grùce à ce guide ! Vous y trouverez les plus beaux lieux, les activités à ne pas louper et les meilleures adresses!

Must-see sights and activities in Strasbourg

Visit the cathedral of Strasbourg

Impossible to miss the Notre Dame de Strasbourg cathedral, which sits majestically in the heart of the city center. With its pink sandstone and unique tower, it’s one of a kind! I advise you to admire it from the outside but also to visit the inside of this historical monument: the entrance is free and it’s worth it, there are plenty of things to admire there including the famous astronomical clock! You can also download a tour module on the Pop Guide app to get a very useful audio guide. Good deal: there’s a combined offer with the Batorama boat tour.all info here about visiting Strasbourg Cathedral. On summer evenings, you should not miss the illuminations show on the cathedral. It changes every year but is always beautiful!


Climb the tower of the cathedral of Strasbourg

For a panoramic view of Strasbourg, climb onto the platform of the tower of Strasbourg’s Notre-Dame cathedral! From its 66-metre height, the view is truly breathtaking… It’s worth the 330 steps!


Stroll on the Grande Île (old town) and discover the monuments of Strasbourg

The heart of downtown Strasbourg is located on an island surrounded by the Ill (name of the river) and called the Grande Île. Yes, you read that right! The Grande Île of Strasbourg is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its remarkable architecture. As you’ll soon see as you stroll through this historic district, the city is truly beautiful, with its many historic monuments and typical half-timbered houses! It is very pleasant to walk in its mostly pedestrian streets: it is both beautiful and lively! Among the places to see, go to Place du MarchĂ© Gayot, place saint-Etienne, take the Rue des Juifs, stroll through the quartier des OrfĂšvres (around the rue des OrfĂšvres) and admire the Kammerzell House (the oldest in Strasbourg), see the Rohan Palace, the place Broglie, the Place KlĂ©ber and join the Grand Rue (one of the main streets of Strasbourg) before returning to Place Gutenberg, Rue des Tonneliers and Place des Tripiers. Finally, don’t forget to cross the water for a walk along the quai des Bateliers. Everything can be done on foot, distances are short in Strasbourg!


Wonder in Little France

The Petite France district is located on Strasbourg’s Grande Île. It’s the most touristic historical district of the Alsatian capital, but it’s also one of the most charming! With its canals, locks, many flower-filled half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and covered bridges, it’s impossible not to be seduced by this picturesque district that’s so emblematic of Strasbourg! Here is a perfect place to stroll quietly by the water…


Take a river boat tour with Batorama

Strasbourg is surrounded by water: what could be better than a boat tour? Batorama offers to visit Strasbourg on board of its river boats. It is a tourist activity but I highly recommend it: there is nothing better to discover the city from another angle, to go through districts where you would not necessarily have gone on foot (like the European district), to discover its historical monuments and to understand the history and the organization of the city. A must for a visit to Strasbourg!


Climb the Vauban Dam

Here’s an emblematic place where I never fail to go when friends visit: the Vauban Dam offers one of the most nice views of Strasbourg! The entrance is free, just go up one floor and you are on the terrace of the Vauban Dam.A place to relax, with a view of the Ponts Couverts, the Ill, the Petite France and the cathedral… Nice, huh?


Rent a VĂ©lhop to get around the city by bike

If you want to do like the locals, rent a bike! Strasbourg is the first cycling city in France: many bicycle paths are developed and the inhabitants of Strasbourg are delighted to use them. You can do the same by renting a VĂ©lhop: you can explore parts of Strasbourg that are a bit further away from the center but still worth it, or even get out of the city to enjoy the surrounding nature! You will find here my ideas for bike rides in Strasbourg. Be careful if you want to leave the city: it is forbidden to leave the city with the VĂ©lhop. You can rent a bike here instead. Finally, don’t hesitate to book a guided tour of Strasbourg by bike, very nice too!


Discover the Neustadt

The Neustadt is a historic district of Strasbourg, also known as the Imperial Quarter or German Quarter. This name comes from the fact that it was built when Strasbourg was German. The Neustadt, together with the Grande Île, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an essentially residential area but worth visiting for its architecture. At least visit the main square in the imperial quarter, Place de la RĂ©publique, which will give you a good idea of what it’s all about. You will also discover some remarkable buildings of the district during the Batorama walk I mentioned before. For more info, check out our article dedicated to Strasbourg’s Neustadt district, where you’ll find our recommended itineraries for discovering this beautiful neighborhood!


Visit the Cellar of the Hospices civils de Strasbourg

Strasbourg has the oldest white wine in the world stored in barrels. Yes, just that! Even more unusual, the latter is stored… in the cellar of the Strasbourg Hospital! A practice that dates back to the Middle Ages, when payments for medical expenses and bequests were made in kind. I’ll tell you more in this article dedicated to the Historic Cellar of the Hospices de Strasbourg. If you want to see a nice cellar and buy some good wine, here is a good place in the city center. Already very nice if you can’t go for a ride on the Wine Route to visit some wineries!


Visit one of the museums of Strasbourg

Strasbourg has several museums to suit all tastes, from the most classic to the most unusual! For more information, see our article dedicated to Strasbourg’s museums. For my part, my favorites are the following:

  • Palais Rohan – One of the city’s landmarks, opposite the cathedral, home to three museums (Decorative Arts, Fine Arts and Archaeology).
  • Alsatian Museum – Located in a beautiful Alsatian building, you can learn a lot about Alsatian culture and life in Alsace in the past.
  • MusĂ©e Historique de Strasbourg – The history of Strasbourg from the Middle Ages to the creation of European institutions, including the French Revolution, well explained and not at all boring, thanks to a beautiful museography!
  • Tomi Ungerer Museum – A museum dedicated to the famous Alsatian cartoonist.
  • MAMCS (Strasbourg Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) – I love the building and the collections are interesting. One finds there in particular with works of Gauguin, Monet, Renoir or Pissarro. Temporary exhibitions too.
  • Vodou Museum – In the unusual kind, the Vodou museum proposes to dive into the African tradition of Vodou…


Go and greet the storks at the Parc de l’Orangerie

The Parc de l’Orangerie is the park where the citizens of Strasbourg meet to go jogging, take a walk with their family or have a picnic with friends. It is the oldest and largest park in the city: with its 26 hectares, it is indeed a beautiful green space! Parc de l’Orangerie is a pleasant park with play areas for children, a small lake where you can take a boat ride, and ping-pong tables. As a bonus, you can easily see the famous Alsatian storks! Another option is Strasbourg’s Jardin Botanique, a small haven of peace…


Visit the European quarter and the European Parliament

Strasbourg shares, with Brussels, the status of European capital. Indeed, Strasbourg has several European institutions, and notably the famous European Parliament (clearly my favorite). You can also see the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) or the Council of Europe. All the information on the visits of the European institutions is here. And if you want to delve into the history of the European Union and the role of its institutions, go to the Place d’Europe.

You can get to the European Quarter by bike or streetcar (or on foot, but it’s further, so you’ll have to take your time, but it’s a nice walk). If you have limited time and want to see the European institutions in Strasbourg, the best options are in my opinion


Treat yourself to a moment of well-being

We are lucky in Strasbourg to have beautiful places dedicated to well-being and relaxation. I suggest, for example, trying out the Bains Romains at Strasbourg’s Bains Municipaux (or simply enjoying the pool!), taking a hammam at Les Cent Ciels or trying out the unusual experience of Taaka Beer Spa, a beer spa.


Don’t get bored, even if it rains!

Is it raining when you visit Strasbourg? Don’t panic, there are plenty of things you can do in Strasbourg if it rains. See our article”What to do in Strasbourg when it rains” for more information.


Listen to a concert in a bar

Strasbourg has concert halls but also several bars that regularly organize live music concerts. Very nice to spend a good evening! Find here our addresses to listen to live music in Strasbourg.


Ideas of things to do for nature lovers

Cycling around Strasbourg

As I said before, cycling is part of Strasbourg’s DNA. The good news is that nature is easily accessible from downtown Strasbourg. One of my favorite bike rides is along the Bruche canal cycle path, but I also love to have fun crossing the border with a bike ride on either side of the Rhine, or just wandering around Strasbourg. Here are my favorite bike rides around Strasbourg.


Walk in the forest or in the Urban Nature Park

If you like to walk in the forest, the Robertsau Forest or the Neuhof Forest, the two peri-urban forests of Strasbourg, are the right places for you! We make very beautiful walks there 🙂 Look here to see how to get there.

I also recommend a walk in the Urban Nature Park of Strasbourg, to enjoy the greenery and discover some secret corners of the city!


Boating or canoeing on the Ill

You can make a electric boat trip in StrasbourgA very pleasant experience, because you can walk quietly along the water… No need to have any experience in navigation, the boats have a low-powered engine, they are easy to drive and you don’t have to go on the most complicated canals of Strasbourg.


The Ill is the river that crosses Strasbourg: we see it everywhere but we do not necessarily know that it is possible to go there by canoe or kayak! Strasbourg Eaux Vives offers several itineraries: crossing the city, walking in the surroundings of Strasbourg or on the mysterious Rhin Tortu… There is a choice! The only constraint is that you need to be a group of 8 people for most of the walks (but not all of them) because of the logistics involved in bringing the participants and the equipment back to the finish line. If you want to discover Strasbourg in an unusual way, here is an activity that I really recommend!


Swimming in one of the lakes around Strasbourg in summer

Summers are often very hot, even stifling in Alsace… One of the solutions to refresh yourself is to go for a swim in one of the lakes and gravel pits located in the Strasbourg metropolis. You can even get there by public transport! Here is my article with the swimming places around Strasbourg .


Strasbourg for gourmets

Enjoy Alsatian specialties (or others!)

Sauerkraut, baeckeoffe, tarts flambĂ©es, pretzels… It is impossible to come to Alsace without tasting some Alsatian specialties. The traditional cuisine is rather rich and hearty but it is tasty! Here are the addresses of my favorite restaurants in Strasbourg and the best tarts flambĂ©es in Alsace.


If you are more of a vegan, don’t panic: here are also our good addresses for vegetarian, vegan (and gluten-free) restaurants in Strasbourg.


Don’t forget to try the famous kougelhopf for breakfast or a snack: here are the addresses of best kougelhopfs in Strasbourg.


Picnic on the banks of the Ill

Picnicking on the waterfront is one of my favorite summer activities. Buy some good local products (you’ll find them in the center of town at the Nouvelle Douane), sit back and enjoy!


Take a break in a real café or tea room

Please, run away from Strabucks when you visit Strasbourg and let the independent merchants live. We are lucky in Strasbourg, we have a lot ofexcellent cafĂ©s and tea rooms offering a nice setting, good drinks and delicious treats! It would be a shame not to take advantage of it… Here are the addresses of my favorite cafĂ©s and tea rooms in Strasbourg.


Enjoy the terraces of Strasbourg

If you come to Strasbourg in summer, you will quickly realize that the city is very pleasant and has many places to live that make you want to settle down. My favorite terraces? La Corde Ă  Linge in Petite France, the bars of the Place du MarchĂ© Gayot on the Grande Île and the terraces of the CafĂ© Atlantico and the Rafiot, two boats installed on the Quai des Bateliers.


Drink a good beer

Who says Alsace says… Beer! It must be said that we drink quite a lot of it in the region. You still need to know the right places to try good craft beers! Here are some addresses to taste good beers in Strasbourg.


Going for brunch in Strasbourg

Here are some good addresses to have lunch in Strasbourg… That can be fun too, right?


What to do in Strasbourg in December? Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas

Christmas market in Strasbourg

Of course, if you come during the holiday season, you should not miss the Christmas Market in Strasbourg and all the activities that go with it! The city is then adorned with beautiful lights and decorations, it is magnificent. Find here my guide to the Strasbourg Christmas Market with all my tips and good addresses 🙂 Don’t hesitate to book a guided tour of the Christmas markets so you can also benefit from interesting explanations during your discovery.


Market OFF

In parallel to the traditional market, the OFF market is held, the social and solidarity Christmas market. If you want to do as the locals do, be sure to come and visit too!


Where to stay in Strasbourg?

Strasbourg has many quality hotels. Good news, there is something for everyone and every budget!

Family, romantic or unusual activities in Strasbourg

Here are some other articles about Strasbourg that might interest you:

Things to do around Strasbourg

You can extend your discovery of Alsace by visiting other must-see places, such as the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle, the villages of the Alsace Wine Route, the Mont Sainte-Odile and Colmar.

You can go there by yourself or book excursions from Strasbourg. I have selected three that look interesting:



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