Our favorite world cuisine restaurants in Strasbourg

By Léa
Updated on 2024-05-09

Looking for a world cuisine restaurant in Strasbourg? The whole world meets in Strasbourg, so you might as well find it in your plate when you are fed up with sauerkraut! After giving you our favorite French and Alsatian restaurants in Strasbourg as well as our favorite vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free restaurants, we've put together a list of our favorite foreign cuisine restaurants in Strasbourg! This list is by no means exhaustive, and we'll be adding our real favorites as we go along. Enjoy your meal :)

As a journalist in real life, and a blogger for pleasure, Léa has always enjoyed tracking down little-known gourmet addresses, unusual activities, off-the-beaten-track hikes and places with history and soul... And Alsace is full of them!

Map of our good addresses


Matsumotoya, the “real” Japanese cuisine (by Léa)

AtMatsumotoya, there is no sushi or maki: contrary to popular belief, the Japanese don’t eat them every day. The map of this Japanese restaurant is composed of everyday dishes: gyozas (ravioli), takoyakis (octopus fritters), yasai tendon (fried vegetables), soba or udon (noodles with different accompaniments… A little extra: there are also gluten-free dishes) and sweet lovers will enjoy the matcha green tea cheesecake It’s copious, delicious, excellent value for money… In short, my favorite Japanese restaurant in Strasbourg. The decoration and the service are also very nice and it is possible to eat “à la japonaise” sitting cross-legged on a tatami.

  • The quality of the dishes
  • The atmosphere and the decoration
  • Vegan and gluten-free friendly!
  • Reservation required

Cinnamon, the subtlety of Indian flavors (by Léa)

It’s not easy to find an Indian restaurant with unanimous approval, but that’s the case at Cinnamon. It offers the great classics such as lamb or prawns cooked “in the tandoor” (clay oven) or lentil dhal. But also seafood and grilled meats simmered in coconut milk and spices (ginger, coriander, saffron, turmeric, pepper etc. according to your choice). We enjoyed seasonal vegetables with saffron sauce, cashew nut and almond cream and chicken tikka massala. Special mention for the delicious cashew and pistachio naan. However, we did not test the desserts.

  • Quality dishes very well presented
  • Very nice welcome
  • Good value for money, especially for an Indian!
  • Avoid the cellar, too noisy

Le Cosy, a quality Chinese restaurant (by Vivine)

I remember a few years ago there were Chinese restaurants everywhere. Then nothing, I think they became Japanese, Thai and now Vietnamese or Korean haha. The Cosy has been warmly installed for 15 years in the discreet but central rue des Couples, for our greatest pleasure. The menu is varied: from the Chinese fondue to the wok without forgetting the Peking duck and the egg rolls, with some vegetarian options: Shanghai in Strasbourg!

  • The explosion of spicy flavors
  • Unbeatable daily menu
  • Funny decoration a little “Asian winstub”.

Hibiki, the finesse of Japan (by Léa)

The Hibiki is the kind of rare pearl that you want to keep the address for yourself! The dishes of this Japanese restaurant, run by two Japanese from Nagoya and Hiroshima, are real killers: green beans with black sesame, simmered and caramelized lotus and carrots, salmon with white miso, sashimi, caramelized chicken, red bean or sweet potato ice creams… All accompanied by (real) sakés or a nice selection of wines, often organic. The Hibiki will definitely reconcile you with tofu and it is the opportunity to test the Japanese sense of service (excellent).

  • Original and fine dishes
  • A Japanese style of service
  • Excellent value for money
  • Reservation required
  • In Schiltigheim, not in Strasbourg center


Santa Elena, refined Latin America (by Léa)

Santa Elena is abistronomic version of the flavors of Latin America. On the menu, which changes with the seasons, lamb mice with beer and coriander, fish and seafood cassolette with spicy sauce, beef filet or entrecote, or crepes with milk jam. Being in a very greedy mood one evening, we took the menu starter, main course and dessert at 28 euros. After a guacamole and smoked salmon salad, a fish with coconut milk, spices and quinoa, and a ricotta pie with lime, coconut and almonds, we were full and delighted!

  • The originality of flavors
  • The finesse of the dishes
  • Very nice presentation
  • Impossible to find their menu or lunch menu on their website or Facebook page
  • Few veggie dishes

O Brazil, spice in the plate (by Léa)

Located in the very nice street of Jeu des Enfants, the Brazilian restaurant O Brazil delighted us with its delicia de legumes em queijo (vegetables baked in the oven with melted cheese) and its xinxim de galinha (chicken, peanuts, cashew nuts, shrimps, rice and coconut sauce). On the menu, many dishes in sauce, fritters or meatballs, fish, cheese or vegetables but also some grilled meat. I found it exotic, tasty and… spicy 😉 The plate of Brazilian desserts (custard pie, chocolate/coffee cake called despacito and passion fruit cheesecake) finished convincing me. I could have also chosen a bowl of ice cream, sorbets and fried bananas. The staff is very nice and will be happy to advise you.

  • The reception
  • The flavors
  • Veggie friendly
  • Nothing!


Abyssinia, the pleasure of eating with your fingers (by Léa)

This is one of the original features of this Ethiopian restaurant Yemiser Key Wot (lentil puree with chilli), Kitfo (raw beef with green chillies, ginger and onions) or Doro Wot (chicken drumsticks) can be eaten with the fingers at Abyssinia ! We shared a Ye-Tsom Beyaynetu, an assortment of 10 deliciously cooked and spiced vegetables. Being a vegetarian, I only cook vegetables, often with spices, and yet I was surprised and delighted to discover new flavors! Abyssinia also has a small list of African wines, not to be underestimated. We did not taste the coffee (Ethiopian of course) but it is worth the detour.

  • The possibility of sharing dishes
  • Discover new flavors
  • Eating with your fingers
  • Veggie friendly
  • Dishes may be too light for big appetites?


With cedar, the delicacy of the flavors of Lebanon (by Laurène)

Feel like Lebanese flavors? Meet at the Lebanese restaurant Au Cèdre, an institution in Strasbourg. I enjoyed this fresh cuisine, full of herbs and flavors, with a focus on vegetables… It is also easy to eat vegetarian, even if meat and fish lovers can also enjoy grilled meats. I loved the Mezzeh, which allows you to taste a lot of different little things and to have a lot of taste buds!

  • Tasty and varied cuisine
  • Veggie friendly
  • Good reception
  • Nothing

Tzatzi, the Mediterranean sun on your plate (by Vivine)

Generally, we like to support the independents. Tzatzi is certainly the concept of a group, but that doesn’t take away from the pleasure of a sunny place in all seasons: bright decoration, welcoming staff and in the plate Mediterranean explosion! Here no borders we find Turkish pides, Lebanese mezzes, Israeli shakshukas and other specialties more or less known or reinvented, all enhanced with cocktails what else 😉

  • Special dedication to the brunch, the terrace and the change of menu per season
  • Nothing!


As for the “western” cuisine (Europe, North America), the offer is plethoric and don’t count on us for the top burger! Well, we can tell you that the Mammoth Foot is a sure value 😉

However, let’s mention the sublime pizzas of L’Oro di Napoli (next to the Civil Hospital) and more generally the Italian cuisine of La Cantina (Marché Gayot). Let’s also note the Portuguese address La Patrie (Krutenau) and all the other (good) finds that we will add!