Where to eat in Strasbourg? The best restaurants

Updated on 2024-05-09

Looking for a good restaurant in Strasbourg? Strasbourg has a wide variety of restaurants to enjoy. Here is my personal list of the best restaurants in the city, featuring old favorites and hidden gems that will make your visit to Strasbourg unforgettable. When friends come to Strasbourg, they often ask me for good addresses of restaurants to eat Alsatian and French cuisine. Because you're (almost) like friends, I've decided to give you my selection of good addresses in Strasbourg.

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

I’ll say it right away, I don’t pretend to list the best restaurants in Strasbourg. This list is totally subjective and not exhaustive. I have not tested all the restaurants in Strasbourg and I am not a food critic! So I simply give you here my favorites of Alsatian and French restaurants in Strasbourg, as I would give them to friends asking me.

Bistrot Coco (fusion cuisine)


The Bistrot Coco is one of my favorite restaurants in Strasbourg. It is located in the heart of downtown, on the big island. I’ve been there several times and have always come away enchanted.

The cuisine, entirely homemade, is quite original and mixes several flavors ofdifferent inspirations. The menu changes regularly, so you can come often without getting bored! For those who have trouble choosing, the“Carte Blanche” menu allows you to let the chef Nicolas Di Pol Moro surprise you: you tell him what you don’t like and…surprise!

On the decoration side, the style is contemporary and elegant while being warm: really successful! As a bonus, the service is pleasant. Don’t forget to make reservations, the Bistrot Coco is almost always full!

  • Excellent home cooking of various inspirations
  • Pleasant atmosphere and service
  • Downtown location
  • Reservations are essential!

Winstub Au Pont du Corbeau (Alsatian cuisine)


Bottle-bottom windows, checkered tablecloths, woodwork and traditional Alsatian furniture… Here you are at the Winstub du Pont du Corbeau! This family restaurant, run by Christophe Andt, has existed for more than 30 years and is well known by the people of Strasbourg.

One comes to this good winstub to taste traditional home-made dishes from fresh products coming mostly from local producers: sauerkraut, presskopf, grilled ham, fleischkieschle, späetzle, fish on a bed of sauerkraut… The Pont du Corbeau is the perfect place to enjoy Alsatian gastronomy! As a bonus, it offers an excellent wine list.

The atmosphere is warm as it should be in a winstub. You may be a little close to your neighbors (the tables are really tight!) but it’s the kind of place where you come with friends rather than for a romantic dinner. Don’t forget to make reservations, the place is always full!

  • Excellent traditional Alsatian cuisine
  • Typical decoration
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Good choice of wines
  • Small room and tight tables not suitable for all occasions

Les Sales Gosses (French cuisine)


The concept of Sales Gosses? 6 starters, 6 courses, a menu that changes every 6 weeks on a regional theme and a cuisine based on fresh products only (the restaurant has the label of Master Restaurateur). Exactly what I like!

In terms of atmosphere, the restaurant’s decoration is modern and the place is pleasant. We are very well received. The restaurant is located a little away from the heart of downtown, outside the most touristy areas. It is a well known address of the Strasbourgeois! Don’t miss: the tiramisu with salted butter caramel and Breton palets. a marvel!

  • Cooking with fresh products
  • Regularly changing menus
  • Nothing!

Le Tire-Bouchon (Alsatian cuisine)


The Tire-Bouchon is a good winstub located near the cathedral of Strasbourg. It is a Strasbourg institution, where one comes to taste delicious traditional Alsatian cuisine. Sauerkraut, baeckeoffe, braised knuckle of ham, pikeper fillet on a bed of sauerkraut… The classics of Alsatian gastronomy are represented and very well cooked.

The setting of the Tire-Bouchon, typically Alsatian, is also very pleasant. The restaurant is divided into several small rooms, giving it a nice intimate feel. As far as service is concerned, nothing to say: you are very well received!

  • Quality Alsatian cuisine
  • Pleasant setting and services
  • Nothing!

Le Stras (French cuisine)


The restaurant Le Stras is a great discovery! Located in the rue des Dentelles, in the very famous district of Petite France, it is not at all a tourist restaurant as one might think given its perfect location. On the contrary, it offers a fresh, fine and contemporary French seasonal cuisine. The number of dishes is limited (3 fish and 3 meat), which is always a good sign. I really enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Moreover, the setting is pleasant: the restaurant is located in a beautiful building. The interior half-timbering has been highlighted and the decoration is rather modern, which gives a nice mix between old and new! In short, it’s a favorite!

  • Delicious French seasonal cuisine
  • Lunch and dinner formulas
  • Nice setting
  • Location in Little France
  • Polite but not very friendly service

Le Banquet des Sophistes (bistronomic cuisine)


Le Banquet des Sophistes is a bistronomic restaurant, that is to say mixing “the refinement of gastronomic dishes with the conviviality of a bistro”. It is located in the city center of Strasbourg, at the very beginning of the Krutenau district, a few steps away from the Grande Ile.

I had a real crush on this very pleasant place, where you are really well received and where you can taste dishes with original flavors. The menu changes every month, which allows you to make great discoveries! As a bonus, the lunchtime formula offers a really good value for money!

  • Delicious cuisine with a mix of original flavors
  • Very considerate service
  • Decoration that is both sober and warm
  • Location
  • Reservations are essential!

Brasserie Les Haras (French and Alsatian cuisine)


The Brasserie Les Haras is a rather exceptional place: the restaurant is located in the former National Stud of Strasbourg. A building that is already imposing from the outside, and which is even more impressive on the inside. The 18th century framework has been preserved and the rest of the building has been remarkably well fitted out: an atmosphere all in wood including a superb monumental staircase. One of the most beautiful dining rooms I know, quite simply! It has also received the award for the best restaurant design in the world (among others).

On the kitchen side, we are not disappointed either. The menu offers French classics, Alsatian specialties but also more original dishes. Even though it’s a brewery, it’s a high-end brewery. The price is not cheap but I find the quality of the dishes/price/framework ratio good. A favorite for me, ideal for a romantic dinner!

  • Exceptional setting
  • Tasty cuisine
  • Pleasant service
  • Weekend lunch formula
  • Not cheap 😉

La Corde à Linge (Alsatian cuisine)


La Corde à Linge, is this restaurant which the Strasbourgeois will say to you that it is very tourist but where they will rush as soon as the beautiful days arrive. La Corde à Linge has one of the most beautiful terraces in Strasbourg, located on the waterfront in the heart of the Petite France district. Really nice for lunch, dinner or a drink! The interior of the restaurant is also pleasant, with a very successful retro decoration.

On the food side, there are many Alsatian dishes, burgers, spaetzle, planks and salads. Nothing extraordinary but it is correct and homemade! The service is smiling but a little fast: we feel that the waiters are a little overwhelmed.

La Corde à Linge is open 7 days a week and serves continuously until quite late, which is very convenient.

  • Beautiful terrace
  • Home cooking
  • Continuous opening
  • Good option for groups
  • Good but not extraordinary cuisine
  • Service a bit rushed

The Drunky stork social club (eclectic cuisine)


The Drunky Stork Social Club is a restaurant located on the rue du Vieux Marché aux Vins, a stone’s throw from the Place de l’Homme de Fer, in the center of Strasbourg. Beyond the name which amused me directly, I was quickly seduced when I entered the restaurant. It is located in the original setting of a magnificent historic building in the city that once housed a bank. The volumes are impressive and the place is really beautiful, especially since a particular care has been given to the decoration.

On the food side, the Drunky Stork offers a menu“with British and eclectic accents“. In fact, it would be difficult to define it otherwise, but the choice is varied, with even some vegetarian and vegan options, and it’s good. If you have a sweet tooth, I particularly recommend the homemade Pim’s for dessert 😉 An address that I really like and that changes a lot from what you can find elsewhere.

  • Original and beautiful setting
  • Varied cuisine
  • Pleasant service
  • Choice in the lunch formula
  • Nothing

Terroir & Co (French cuisine)


Terroir & Co is the restaurant of theSofitel hotel in Strasbourg. Going for lunch or dinner in a hotel, a strange idea? It all depends on the place: in this case, the restaurant Terroir and Co is not the kind of place where you come to dine just because you are staying at the hotel and it is convenient!

It is an excellent restaurant offering a creative and modern cuisine while highlighting the products of the Alsatian soil. I really like this concept, which allows you to taste local products while leaving the traditional Alsatian dishes, tasty but still a bit heavy. On the contrary, the cuisine here is very fine. As for wines, you will find the 51 Grand Crus of Alsace on the menu… Impossible to find this elsewhere in Strasbourg.

The place is very pleasant: elegant, with a terrace for the beautiful days. Terroir & Co is also located in the center of Strasbourg. A very good address to treat yourself!

  • Cuisine mixing local and modern
  • Pico on the map indicating vegan, gluten-free and lactose-free options
  • Elegant place
  • Wines not given

Ibérica (Spanish cuisine)


If you think “Spanish food? Well, I’m afraid it’s not very fine…”, come and visit the restaurant Ibérica in Strasbourg and you’ll change your mind! I went the first time without much conviction and actually liked it so much that I went back (and didn’t regret it)! At Ibérica, you will enjoy tasty dishes with the smell of Spain and cooked with finesse.

The restaurant Ibérica is located in the city center, on the Grande Ile of Strasbourg and has a really nice setting. As a bonus, the service is very friendly and attentive. A flawless performance!

You can opt for a “classic” meal (starter, main course and dessert), but also for tapas or cheese and charcuterie boards to share. And if you want to extend the tasting at home, it is possible to buy Iberian products in the restaurant’s grocery store.

  • Refined Spanish cuisine
  • Nice setting
  • Attentive service
  • Location in the heart of downtown
  • Remember to make a reservation! 😉

La Casserole (gastronomic restaurant)


The restaurant La Casserole is a gastronomic restaurant located in the heart of downtown Strasbourg. With its small room giving the place an intimate atmosphere and its sober and elegant decoration, La Casserole is a real little jewel where it is very pleasant to spend a moment to enjoy a meal.

On the kitchen side, the level is also very high. The chef proposes a modern French cuisine made with high quality products. It is fresh, creative and refined… Simply excellent! Note the lunch menu, which changes every week and allows you to enjoy La Casserole at a lower price.

Finally, the reception and the service are perfect. We can see that the owner of the place, Cédric Kuster, loves his job and knows how to transmit his passion to his employees. An excellent address for special occasions!

  • Creative and refined cuisine
  • Elegant and intimate atmosphere
  • Perfect service
  • Lunch package valid on Saturday
  • Of course, it’s a budget! 😉

The Binchstub (flambé pies)


Where to eat the best tarte flambée in Strasbourg? Vast question, especially since the Strasbourgeois will answer you most of the time that it is necessary to go out of the city and to go in the close villages. The Binchstub is however one of the rare addresses which find grace in their eyes, and for good reason: it serves delicious flambéed pies entirely homemade (no ready-made pastry base like most of them, it’s not the house style!) and filled with fresh ingredients exclusively from farms located in the vicinity of Strasbourg. I was conquered, they are excellent!

The Binchstub is halfway between a bar and a restaurant: the space is extremely limited and you have to be lucky (or patient) to be able to sit at the counter and enjoy your flammekueche in the friendly atmosphere of the place. The Binchstub is always busy at meal times. Reservations are not possible, except for groups of 8 people or more. Alternatively, you can always buy your tarte flambée to go!

Good news, there are now two restaurants: another Binchstub has opened its doors near Place Broglie! 🙂

  • Excellent flambéed pies
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Open almost all hours
  • Possibility of taking pies to go
  • Very small room
  • Tables along the wall very uncomfortable

Les Chauvins Père et Fils (Alsatian tapas and tarts flambées)


As its name indicates, the restaurant Les Chauvins is run by a father and son, both passionate about gastronomy, wine and Alsatian products. I was very happy when I found this restaurant in Strasbourg, because it proposes a singular menu: Alsatian tapas. If you are imagining meagre things to nibble on and you already see yourself leaving still hungry, I’ll stop you right there: with the Chauvins’ Alsatian tapas, you can have a real meal while having the conviviality of tapas to share!

With their tapas, the Chauvins modernize the traditional Alsatian recipes: it’s good, because sometimes you want to change a little while keeping some flavors. For people visiting Alsace, I also find the concept nice because it allows to taste a lot of different dishes without leaving Alsace with 10 kilos more 😉

Les Chauvins gives pride of place to local producers (who are named on the menu) and offers dishes with high quality ingredients. The tapas are delicious and so are the tarts flambées. The wine list is original because it includes wines from all over the world with one common characteristic: they are all produced by Alsatians!

The setting is also pleasant and the location perfect, in the heart of downtown. In short, it’s a no-brainer!

  • Traditional Alsatian recipes revisited and modernized with tapas
  • The convivial side of tapas to share
  • The excellent tarts flambées
  • The place
  • Nothing!

Fink Stuebel (Alsatian cuisine)


The Fink Stuebel is a restaurant and guesthouse located right on the edge of the Petite France district. It is a good winstub to taste traditional Alsatian cuisine in a traditional decor: half-timbering, painted ceiling, checkered tablecloths and regional furniture put you directly in the atmosphere.

On the menu, a wide choice of Alsatian dishes served generously, some of which are more original than what you can usually find. For example, you can taste fleischnackas or knepfle, it is not so common! I also tasted a good baeckeoffe with asparagus.

The service is pleasant and polite, it just lacks a little warmth.

  • Good traditional cuisine with some more original dishes
  • Generous portions
  • Really typical decoration
  • Location
  • Polite but not very friendly service

Hotel-restaurant Chut! (French cuisine)


Attention, secret address! The restaurant Chut! in Strasbourg, located in the Petite France district, seems to be an address jealously guarded by its followers.

I had the chance to have lunch there for the first time thanks to a knowledgeable person who kindly gave me the tip… What a pleasant surprise to discover, at the bend in an alley, the pretty little room with its elegant decoration and intimate atmosphere! The terrace is also a nice discovery: located away from the street and overlooking the river, it is a beautiful place.

In the kitchen, you can enjoy a tasty market cuisine based on fresh products. At the helm, Mojgan Henriet, who also happens to be the boss and the architect of the place… That’s what we call having talent! There is little chance of getting tired of it quickly, the menu changes about once a week.

If you have eaten (a little) too much, you can always opt for a night in one of the rooms of the Chut! hotel, upstairs…

  • Intimate location
  • Good market cuisine
  • Pleasant service
  • Terrace at the water’s edge
  • Lunch formula a little expensive

Map of my favourite restaurants in Strasbourg