Taaka Beer spa, the beer spa of Strasbourg

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Are you looking for an unusual spa in Alsace? Taaka Beer Spa, a beer spa located in the center of Strasbourg, is what you need! I tested this unique place with a friend and give you my opinion on this unique experience among the Alsatian spas.

A bath with beer ingredients

A beer spa, a crazy idea? A bit if you imagine that you are going to bathe in warm beer (not very tasty, eh?), but I reassure you that this is not the concept!

The Takaa beer spa is a beer spa, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be immersed in beer. In fact, the idea is to have a spa with the ingredients that make up the beerHops, malt and beer yeast are added to the bath water and are said to have interesting virtues for the body: hops soften and smooth the skin, malt is a good antioxidant and beer yeast contains vitamins. Quite a program, isn’t it?

The beer spa is well known in cities like Prague and Budapest, but it wasn’t until the opening of the Taaka Beer Spa that the concept arrived in France and we had this unusual activity in Strasbourg!

The beer spa experience

Dive or high dive?

It is possible to book two offers: the dive, which lasts 1 hour in total (including 30 minutes of swimming) and the big dive, which lasts 1h30 (including 1 hour of swimming). Finally, it is also possible to privatize the entire spa for the duration of your choice.


After changing in the locker room and putting on the cozy bathrobe provided, the experience begins with a 15-minute sauna to open the pores of the skin. 15 minutes seems like a lot to me at first glance, as I don’t usually resist the heat of a sauna for very long, but this one is set at about 60 degrees and I therefore did my 15 minutes quietly.

Immerse yourself in a bath of hops, malt and yeast

Then comes the moment we are waiting for: the bath, which will last 30 minutes (or 1 hour depending on the offer chosen). We enter a pretty vaulted room where a big bathtub awaits us (we chose the offer duo), big enough to be installed very comfortably in two. The bathtubs are large barrels made of larch wood, both pretty and pleasant, and equipped with massage jets. We enter the hot water in which hops, malt and beer yeast have been added, and let’s go for the relaxation!

Enjoy a small beer in your bath

One of the great features of the beer spa is that you can enjoy a beer while you are in the bath. There are taps right next to the bathtub, allowing you to get a little lather at any time. Clearly, this is also what makes the place so friendly!

The beer served is a local beer from an Alsatian micro-brewery, and you can alternatively ask for a hop lemonade if you prefer. For my part, I tested both and they were very good!

As an option, you can reserve a charcuterie, cheese or mixed board. We had opted for the mixed one, making a spa with meal on our lunch break! The products on the board were very good.


After the bath, we have 15 minutes to enjoy the relaxation room.

My opinion on Taaka Beer Spa

In conclusion, the Taaka Beer Spa in Strasbourg is a nice place for those who want to experience a different approach to wellness, combining relaxation with beer culture. The experience is fun and relaxing.

I just found the experience a little short. With the “dive” offer, you only have 30 minutes in the bath, which goes by very quickly. It’s also very timed, which also made me feel a bit like I was being chased from room to room. I would have liked to have had even 15 minutes more in the relaxation room for the price and be more zen, I must say!

I liked

  • Unusual experience
  • Pleasant bath
  • Beer dispenser near the bath

I liked a little less

  • A little too timed

My photos of the Taaka Beer Spa

Practical information


The rates are:

  • 60€ for a 1 hour solo bath (Solo Dive offer)
  • 100€ for a 1 hour duo bath (Duo Dive offer)
  • 90€ for a 1h30 solo bath (Solo Dive offer)
  • 150€ for a 1h30 duo bath (Duo Dive offer)

Opening hours and reservation

Taaka Beer Spa is open every day except Tuesday. You can see the schedule and make reservations directly on the website.


By car

The address is: 6 rue Marbach, 67000 Strasbourg

By public transport

Iron Man streetcar station.



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