Unusual Strasbourg – Our 18 ideas for activities

Updated on 2024-05-08

Want to discover the unusual Strasbourg? If you have already visited the must-see places in Strasbourg and are looking for more original ideas for activities to do in Strasbourg, this article is for you! We have gathered here our ideas to explore Strasbourg in a different way: there is something for everyone. Have fun in the Alsatian capital! :)

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

1. Take a guided tour of unusual Strasbourg

Whether you are visiting Strasbourg for the first time or live there, a guided tour to discover the unusual Strasbourg is a good idea for an activity! This tour allows you to discover the city from another angle, to explore corners that you don’t always visit and to marvel at the many little details that you didn’t know existed in the streets of Strasbourg… Both fun and informative!

2. Discover street art in Strasbourg

You should discover it quickly while walking in the city, Strasbourg is full of street art. There are even recurrently some on different elements of urban furniture, such as on glass containers or mailboxes. You can choose to be surprised during your visit of Strasbourg, but also to explore the city by going in search of different works of street art. The Strasbourg Street Art Map is then very useful to be guided since it references the works (which are even classified by categories), proposes different routes and allows to discover the artists. Another option is to book a guided tour dedicated to street art: it’s a great way to discover the works, the city and get interesting explanations!

3. Visit the historic cellar of the Hospices de Strasbourg in Alsace

The historical cellar of the Hospices de Strasbourg is an unusual place because it is a cellar… Located in a hospital in the heart of Strasbourg! Amazing, isn’t it? Another particularity, this cellar shelters the oldest white wine preserved in barrels in the world. Just that! It’s well worth a visit, isn’t it?

4. Cruise the canals on an electric boat

Would you like to discover Strasbourg at the peaceful pace of an electric boat? This is the experience offered by Captain Bretzel and Marins d’eau douce, who rent electric boats without a license. No navigation skills are required, it goes smoothly and is easy to drive. Various walks are proposed and will allow you to discover Strasbourg differently, along the water…

5. Making a beer spa

Making a beer spaHere is another unusual activity that you can try in Strasbourg by going to the Taaka Beer Spa! I reassure you, there is no question of diving into a hot beer bath, but in water with the ingredients of beer (malt, hops and yeast) to enjoy their benefits… While enjoying a little foam!

6. Visit the Vodou Museum

Strasbourg has a (very) unusual museum… The Vodou Museum housed in a former water tower, houses the collection of a private individual who gathered over a thousand objects linked to Vodou during his travels in Africa, the cradle of this cult, and in the West Indies. Incredible, isn’t it? The visit is amazing and allows you to learn more about Vodou, which is often misunderstood. To do!

7. Visit Strasbourg’s most Instagrammable places

The title is deliberately a little provocative: you don’t have to want to post at all costs on Instagram to be interested in this activity, I assure you! 😉 But if you’d like to visit Strasbourg and take home some great photos, one option is to take part in a guided tour of Strasbourg with a local who will take you to the city’s most photogenic spots.

8. Kayaking in Strasbourg

Looking for physical activity? It is possible to make a trip in canoe or kayak on some rivers of Strasbourg with Strasbourg Eaux Vives. Different circuits are possible: urban or natural, of variable length, guided or not, there is really a choice. The activity can therefore be adapted to all publics, whether you want to do a family outing or a more sportive one.

9. Organize a beer-themed treasure hunt

I will surely not surprise you by telling you that Alsace is an important brewing territory. To combine a visit to Strasbourg, a treasure hunt and the discovery of craft beers, it is possible to participate in the Echappée Bière treasure hunt. In autonomy, we go through Strasbourg by solving some enigmas and by stopping to make a tasting of good beers in bars of Strasbourg. Not a bad walk, right?

10. Swimming in the lakes around Strasbourg

Ok, we don’t have the sea in Alsace… But we have lakes and gravel pits to swim in! This is a good thing considering the summer heat in Alsace, which can sometimes be a bit stifling. It is possible to swim easily around Strasbourg (you can even go by streetcar in some places of bathing!), ideal to refresh and change atmosphere!

11. Tea in a timeless place

Want to take a break from the daily grind? Meet us at the Au Fond du Jardin tea room for a (very) British and gourmet moment. You can have a wonderful snack while tasting the amazing travel madeleines, the house specialty that will make you travel from your chair!


12. Do an escape game or spend your nerves in a destroy room

How about taking part in an escape game? There are plenty of them in Strasbourg, with very different atmospheres! And if you’re more in the mood to let off steam, opt for a destroy room. The concept is simple: destroy everything in the room! Don’t worry, it’s only furniture from the garbage dump and unusable…This is perfect to let off steam in an unusual way without hurting anyone 😛

13. Play board games in a bar

This is a perfect activity to do with friends or family, on a rainy day or for an evening… The Philibar bar and its 350 board games await you! You’ll be guided to find a game that suits your mood and can have a drink and even a bite to eat at the same time. What a great time!

14. Take a walk in the Urban Nature Park

Would you like to go for a walk in the nature of Strasbourg and take the opportunity to discover small historical and cultural nuggets? Don’t hesitate to go for a walk in the Urban Nature Park of Strasbourg, there are some nice discoveries!

15. Visit Strasbourg by segway

Want to visit Strasbourg in an unusual way? Take a guided tour of the city on a segway! Several routes of varying lengths are available, allowing you to discover different corners of the city while trying out this original means of locomotion…

16. Bathing in a historic monument

Bathing in the beautiful surroundings of a historic building is not bad, right? The Municipal Baths of Strasbourg welcome you either to bathe, at the rate of a municipal swimming pool, or to bask in its wellness area… What a good time in an unusual place located in downtown Strasbourg!

17. Indoor go-karting

The weather is not very nice and you are looking for an unusual idea? What if you tried the indoor electric karting? Stras’Kart offers you this original activity, very nice to do with family or friends!

18. Take part in a treasure hunt

We’ve already mentioned a treasure hunt dedicated to beer, but don’t worry, there’s more to come. other treasure hunts in Strasbourg! We tried out and really enjoyed a treasure hunt organized by “Qui veut pister Strasbourg” (Who wants to track Strasbourg?): a great way to spend an afternoon with family and friends!