Strasbourg municipal baths – Guide and review


Strasbourg's Bains municipaux are a complex of public baths located on boulevard de la Victoire, in the Neustadt district. A real place of well-being and relaxation for all the inhabitants of the city and visitors, due to the wide variety of facilities and services offered. If you're visiting Strasbourg, come rain or shine, I recommend the municipal baths for a moment of relaxation in an extraordinary historical setting! Here's a quick guide to what to expect.

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History of the Public Baths of Strasbourg

The baths were built in 1908, when Strasbourg was German, by themunicipal architect Fritz Beblo, who wished to make it not only a functional building (the idea being at the time to improve hygiene, as the inhabitants did not have running water in general) but also artistic, constituting“a total work of art.

Each room is unique, bright and the materials are all rigorously selected: marble and English ceramics dress the interior of the baths. We also find various references in the decorative elements: references to Antiquity, the Renaissance, the Baroque, but also for example to the famous wave of Hokusai on one of the stained glass windows.

Classified as a historical monument, the Baths have been completely renovated between 2019 and 2021 in order to recover their original splendor, but also to add new spaces and reduce water and energy consumption. A really successful achievement! The facility has several different spaces. You can come to the Municipal Baths if you just want to swim, shower, relax or take a sports class!

An extraordinary municipal pool

Theaquatic area refers to the two pools (large and small) located inside the baths. They are one of the emblematic places of the municipal baths: it is impossible not to be seduced by these indoor pools lined with cabins typical of the 19th/early 20th century pools.

Good news, these pools are available for swimming, at the same price as the other municipal pools of the Eurometropole of Strasbourg. You just have to pay attention to the schedules, schoolchildren are present on certain slots and aquagym classes are also organized.

The Roman Baths, the wellness area

The Roman Baths are the wellness area of the Municipal Baths. They are accessible in bathing suit (I specify because in Alsace the naturist spaces are common). It’s a really nice place to relax, especially since the setting is beautiful! There are:

  • a sauna heated to 80°C
  • a shower of snow
  • a salt cave
  • a Jacuzzi heated to 33° C
  • sensory showers
  • a Nordic pool with different jets, located outside and with a really nice view: the roofs of the city and even the spire of the Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral! It is quite incredible to be in such a pool in the middle of the city…

I really liked this space. It’s not huge if you compare it to a lot of big spas in Alsace or Germany, but for a place located in the center of town, it’s already wonderful! We really take advantage of a moment out of time and that makes good.

Other areas of the baths

  • fitness area: there is a room with different machines and a room for group classes (cycling, CAF, yoga, pilates, gentle gym…)
  • treatment area: various treatments and massages are offered upon reservation
  • kitchen area: cooking workshops focused on wellness food and led by a dietician are organized.
  • public showers: this was the first vocation of the municipal baths, which still today have 4 public showers open every day.
  • Incredible setting
  • Bathing in a historical monument for a reduced price
  • Outdoor pool with view of the cathedral
  • Location in the heart of downtown
  • Towels not provided