Strasbourg’s 20 best tearooms and cafés (at least my favorites!)

Updated on 2024-05-09

There's nothing like a cup of tea or coffee with a slice of cake for a break in the afternoon, don't you think? Here are our favorite tearooms and cafés in Strasbourg, where you can have a good time even when the weather 's gloomy outside. There's no hierarchy between them, each one has its own personality. In our opinion, these are the 20 best tearooms and cafés in Strasbourg. All these addresses have of course been tested and approved!

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

The map of our good addresses

1. Salon de thé Grand’ Rue – Fabulous (and generous!) pies


The Grand’Rue tea room is a reference in Strasbourg. Delicious homemade cakes are served in generous portions: fromage blanc cakes, streusel, fruit tarts, chocolate cake… Everything is extremely appetizing.

You choose your cake in a large refrigerated display case: the choice is very difficult! The slice is, at no extra charge, accompanied by whipped cream, fruit coulis or custard and meringue. The atmosphere is rather kitsch (red and busy), but that’s part of the charm of the place. The service is smiling, you feel good at the Grand’ Rue tea room!

  • The fabulous pies, served very generously
  • Beautiful tea menu
  • Friendly welcome
  • Open on Monday
  • Closed on Sundays (except during the Christmas market)

2. Au fond du Jardin – Madeleines du voyage and British atmosphere


Au Fond du Jardin , located at the foot of the cathedral, is one of Strasbourg’s emblematic tea rooms, famous for its famous madeleines du voyage. Here, the madeleine rises to a higher dimension. All created by Laurent Renaud, who imagines and creates them, each madeleine looks like a small work of art. The proposed perfumes are very original and depend on the season and its desires.

If, like me, you are wondering at first why they are called“madeleines du voyage“, you must listen to Frédéric Robert talk about the flavors and aromas of each one… A real journey awaits you at the turn of each madeleine.

It is possible to buy the madeleines to go but also to come and enjoy a tea-time in the Victorian atmosphere ofAu fond du jardin. In addition to the madeleines, scones and cakes of the day (crumble, cake or other) are offered. A huge menu of high quality teas also awaits you. The hardest part will be choosing, I warn you!

A tea time at the Au fond du jardin tea room is a moment apart, where you dive into the universe imagined by Frédéric and changing with the seasons. The decoration is loaded but it is also what gives the place this so particular stamp.

  • The incredible madeleines
  • Listen to Frédéric describe with passion each of the pastries
  • The timeless atmosphere
  • The excellent teas
  • Open on Sunday
  • There is no room for improvisation, reservations must generally be made several days in advance. The ransom of glory…
  • Closed Monday and Tuesday

3. Tonton Gâteau – Delicious pastries


Want to eat a delicious pastry in a cute setting? Tonton Gâteau is a small tea room located just at the entrance of the Krutenau, between the hospital gate and the place du corbeau. The room inside is very pleasant and there are also some tables in terrace where it is good to settle.

Tonton Gâteau offers really excellent pastries. Already, they are beautiful and it is difficult to choose… But this is confirmed by the taste! The pastries are quite original, but if there are also some classics, very fine and perfectly balanced in sugar in my opinion. A treat, really! In addition, they change regularly, which always makes you want to come back to try new ones.

It is also possible to have breakfast, brunch on certain days and lunch with toast. A good address!

  • Pastries to die for
  • Regularly changing pastry proposal
  • Super cute place
  • Very friendly welcome
  • Closed on Sunday and Monday

4. Sébastien – Délices sur le Quai des Bâteliers


One of my favorite pastry shops in Strasbourg. I love everything about Sébastien. Its modern tea room with terrazzo decor and muted colors. Seasonal tarts, travel cakes (cake, madeleines, etc.), entremets and classic desserts, from Flan pâtissier to éclairs au craquelin, and savory snacks (foccacia, quiches, sandwiches).

We go there early in the morning to buy a good almond croissant, a doughnut or a brioche with sprinkles, hoping to enjoy them on the spot with a coffee (central and not very big, the place fills up fast but you’ll be lucky if you’re an early riser).

Located on the lively Quai des Bateliers, in fine weather you can also enjoy an ice cream on the lovely terrace (excellent Liège coffee!) or sip iced tea with a royal view of the Palais Rohan.

  • The pleasant terrace overlooking the quays and the Palais Rohan
  • The soft decor and atmosphere
  • Delicious viennoiseries, a sure bet
  • Wide opening hours (early mornings and Sundays)
  • Very touristy location, so crowded at weekends and whenever the weather’s nice.

5. Madame Julia – For a sweet or savoury break


If you like cozy cafés and generous portions, go to Madame Julia! Generous does not mean that quality is left aside: everything is homemade with fresh products.

It is a pleasure to sit in this brick-walled café located near the Place de la Bourse in Strasbourg for breakfast, brunch (on weekends) or a sweet or savory break. On the menu, bowls, toasts, omelets, huge fluffy pancakes and American cakes (brownie, cookie, cheesecake, banana bread…), many of which are gluten-free and/or vegan. We won’t forget the freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies, not to mention the homemade iced teas and good coffees…

I warn you, the hardest part will be choosing from the tempting menu! As a bonus, the plates are very colorful (well instagrammable, let’s say it!) but as they are good in addition to being beautiful, what more could you ask for? 😉

  • A menu with a variety of sweet and savoury options for all hours of the day!
  • Super fluffy pancakes
  • Beautiful and generous plates
  • Very pleasant place
  • Free Wifi
  • Open on Sunday and Monday
  • Nothing!

6. Café Bretelles – American-style coffee shop


Located in the Krutenau district, Café Bretelles is a coffee shop with a New York atmosphere and a paradise for coffee lovers. Here, the coffees are great vintages that you can choose according to your desires: between the different varieties and extraction methods, there is something for everyone! Don’t panic for non-enthusiasts, Café Bretelles also offers teas from the excellent Maître du Thé (as well as good fruit juices).

In case of small hunger, we will not hesitate to crack on one of their pastries, which are all home-made. Their specialties: the cheesecake and the homemade Twix (a killer!).

As for the atmosphere, it’s nice and friendly. What more could you ask for?

  • The large choice of coffees and teas from the Tea Master
  • The friendly atmosphere and the smiling service
  • The simple but warm decoration inside, the terrace outside
  • Homemade Twix, much better than the original and not much more expensive!
  • Free wifi
  • Open on Monday
  • Closed on Sunday

7. Café Bretelles Petite France (Suspenders coffee shop)


As you may have guessed, this café is the little brother of Café Bretelles, located this time in the famous Petite France district. Same atmosphere as its big brother: a nice decoration, conviviality, good coffee and good teas and good quality food (including a delicious home-made Twix!). The good news is that it’s even open on Sundays!

  • Large selection of coffees and teas from the Tea Master
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Warm decor
  • Homemade cakes (including the famous Twix!)
  • Free Wifi
  • Open on Sunday
  • Closed on Monday

8. Ôjourd’hui – Fine and original pastries


The Ôjourd’hui tea room is located just next to the Place de la Bourse. The pastry lovers in Strasbourg know this address well: all their pastries are really great! But the pastries are not to be outdone and one can enjoy fine and original delights, which are also always very aesthetic. One would almost hesitate to bite into it or to plunge one’s spoon into it, but the greediness always ends up winning 😉 So much to say that we will have the choice at the time of the snack…

At the helm of this pastry/bakery/tea room, a passionate couple who love craftsmanship and homemade products… This can be seen directly! The place is also very nice, decorated in a rather pure style. Be careful, there are just not many tables and the place is quite popular 😉

  • Pastries of an incredible finesse
  • Great pastries
  • Pleasant place
  • Open on Sunday morning
  • Quite few seats and no reservation possible
  • Closed on Monday

9. Mokka – Tearoom near Les Halles


Mokka is an organic bakery located in the Halles district. On one side, there’s the bakery and the counter, where you can take away bread and viennoiseries, savoury snacks (sandwiches and very good foccacia) or fine pastries. I recommend their delicious babka, so rare in Strasbourg.

If you don’t feel like waiting for your entremet, there’s a nice space on the other side of the store, both a tea room and a restaurant with a woodsy decor. The menu is rich in options: breakfast, original snacks (Breton with a kouign amann (yes, the owner is Breton), regressive with madeleines and financiers…) and even a tea-time.

Mokka also offers daily specials and a host of savoury options (bowls, salads, quiches, tartines). And on weekends it’s brunch (all-you-can-eat on Sundays)!

  • A broad, ultra-complete offering (bakery-pastry shop, tearoom, restaurant, brunch)
  • The store counter separated from the tea room with separate service
  • Wide opening hours (early mornings)
  • The delicious pastries, of course
  • The tea room with its large tables, both spacious and welcoming
  • Online sales with click & collect
  • Closed on Sunday

10. Caouette – Fine, gourmet pastries


Caouette is a small pastry shop and tea room located on rue de la Fonderie, near Place Broglie, on Strasbourg’s Grande Île. A cute place where you can enjoy the excellent pastries concocted by the owner of the place. After having worked for prestigious Parisian houses, Axelle decided to settle in Strasbourg, for our great pleasure.

It’s hard to choose among the pastries, each more tempting than the other, the gourmet cookies or the pastries… Once the choice is made, we enjoy ourselves: the pastries are of great finesse, with perfectly balanced flavors. As an added bonus, the drinks served are of the highest quality, with, for example, a choice of tea from Thé des Muses, which I’ve also written about in this blog post. A great place for a snack, or even lunch, since daily specials, quiches and sandwiches are also available.

  • Excellent pastries
  • Quality beverages
  • Cute frame
  • Closed on Sunday and Monday

11. La Gare’mandise – Opposite Strasbourg station


A very good boulangerie-pâtisserie in the Gare district is rare enough to warrant a mention. And there’s no need to use a train to rob it. A multi-award-winning baker, organic speciality breads, original, high-quality viennoiseries and desserts – the die is cast. There’s also plenty of seating for breakfast and snacks.

As in any bakery close to a station, you’ll find plenty of snacks and savory snacks (sandwiches, salads, wraps). I’m crazy about their viennoiseries and T’choux t’choux, at least as much for the pun as for these delicious, crunchy, plump little things.

  • Special AB breads, Label Rouge baguettes
  • Mouth-watering traditional viennoiseries, creative pastries, the whole assortment makes you want more.
  • Plenty of room to land
  • Open mornings and 7/7
  • An excellent address when in transit in Strasbourg
  • The less sexy neighborhood…but no surprise, we’re right across from the train station.

12. Café associatif Oh my goodness – Vintage coffee shop


The story of the Oh my goodness café is not a trivial one. This associative café was born from the idea of an evangelist pastor, who succeeded in convincing some friends to join him in the adventure. A team of volunteers takes turns to run the café. If the word “pastor” may have surprised you, don’t worry: Oh my goodness just looks like a Berlin coffee shop with a friendly and vintage atmosphere. No one will talk to you about religion!

You can sit in big leather armchairs or comfortable sofas to drink a coffee and eat a piece of cheesecake or carrot cake. Really nice! Note: the possibility to buy a “suspended coffee”, that is to say a coffee that will be served to someone who cannot afford it. A great initiative!

  • The vintage atmosphere
  • The good cakes
  • Free wifi
  • Closed on Sunday and Monday

13. Pâtisserie GC – In the heart of Neustadt


A slightly more discreet address on Avenue des Vosges in the heart of the Impérial district. Run by a young pastry chef, the GC patisserie is a fine showcase for finely chiselled sweet creations.

The store is elegant and uncluttered, with individual tarts and entremets displayed like little jewels. The tasting lives up to its promise: it’s as beautiful as it is delicious. We’d like to taste everything, but to choose is to give up. Viennoiseries, cookies and chocolates are also available.

The advantage of being off-center is that it’s less crowded, and you’re more likely to find a table to sit at. The tea room isn’t very big, but after a stroll through the Neustadt it’s perfect.

  • High-flying pastry-making, desserts that are both aesthetic and delicious
  • The friendly welcome
  • The tiny but very pretty tearoom.
  • Wide opening hours (early mornings)
  • Less central location, higher probability of finding space there
  • A little far from the center, though
  • Avenue des Vosges and its traffic flow

14. Harmonie Bowl and Juice – Vegan and gluten-free


I already mentionedHarmonie Bowl and Juice in the list of the best vegan restaurants in Strasbourg, but it also deserves to be listed here. Indeed, I love this place at any time of the day: it is very pleasant to come there also for breakfast or in the afternoon.

Here, you can enjoy a delicious juice from the extractor, a cup of Jardins de Gaïa tea or a cup of coffee, accompanied by a carrot cake or matcha tea cake, for example. The choice of sweets is limited but everything is excellent and quite healthy! If you’re on a gluten-free diet, this is the place for you: everything is gluten-free! I also love the elegant and uncluttered setting: it encourages relaxation. The reception is also really nice.

  • Juice with extractor
  • Good little healthy treats
  • Pleasant atmosphere
  • Open on Monday
  • Closed on Sunday

15. What the cake? – Gluten-free with vegan options


What the cake is a rather trendy tea room. The atmosphere? A vintage decoration, floral tablecloths, colorful dishes… The place is warm, a little girly but not too much. On the menu, delicious homemade pastries, all gluten-free, including some vegan versions: cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes, tarts… All very appetizing. My vegan fresh strawberry and pistachio chip cheesecake was a wonder! As for drinks, you can find tea, hot chocolate, coffee, Chaï latte, Matcha latte…and even Alsace wine. There is a choice!

  • The warm decoration and the small terrace
  • Homemade gluten-free and vegan pastries, which you can also buy to go
  • Free Wifi
  • Iced tea in a bottle. I would have preferred homemade
  • Closed Sunday and Monday

16. Thé des Muses – The temple of tea


The Thé des Muses is one of the authentic tea rooms in Strasbourg, a real temple for lovers of this British beverage. With a menu of 300 different varieties, this place should easily seduce all tea lovers! It’s easy to get caught up in the peaceful atmosphere, and you’ll want to stay for a while, sipping a delicious cup of tea with a slice of homemade pie.

  • The cosy atmosphere
  • The immense choice of teas and their quality
  • Home-made pies
  • The elegant and warm place: you feel good right away!
  • Closed on Sunday

17. Coffee Stub – For a good cup of coffee on the quayside


The Coffee Stub is a small coffee shop located Quai des Pêcheurs in Strasbourg. It offers very good quality coffees, served in a sober (I like their decoration in pastel tones!) but friendly setting.

A nice place to go for a good coffee and chat with friends or to work a bit (long live the wifi!). The reception is also nice. We will not hesitate either to taste a part of cheesecake, carrot cake or… pretzel cake! Yes, it exists… The USA and Alsace are mixed here without complex!

  • Quality coffees
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Open on Sunday
  • Closed Monday and Tuesday

18. Café Suisse – Traditional Alsatian atmosphere


The Café Suisse is located in the Hôtel Suisse, in front of the cathedral and right next to the Au fond du jardin tea room. We are far from the trendy atmosphere of coffee shops, it is a traditional atmosphere that awaits you with wooden furniture, checkered tablecloths and red and white tones. An atmosphere that I particularly like in winter: I enjoy taking refuge in the warmth of the Swiss Café to drink a hot chocolate!

As for drinks, there is a wide choice. Special mention for the teas from Le Palais des Thés, always delicious. To accompany them, pastries from Christophe Felder and Camille Lesecq’s patisserie Les PÂtissiers (at Mutizg) are on offer. A great guarantee of quality!

  • The traditional Alsatian atmosphere
  • The teas of the Palais des Thés
  • Patissiers’ pastries
  • Open every day, even on Sunday
  • In summer, the place can seem quite dark.

19. Chez Christian – For lovers of fine pastries


Chez Christian is a famous pastry chef from Strasbourg who has two addresses in downtown Strasbourg. And two addresses means two tea rooms. Good news, right? French pastry lovers, you’ve come to the right place. We are here at a high-end pastry chef whose creations should please you!

Chocolate addicts should also be pleased, Chez Christian is also a chocolatier. On the menu, you will find original and high quality hot chocolates. I love it! The atmosphere of the Christian tea rooms is rather pleasant, with warm colors. I prefer the one on Rue Mercière, right next to Strasbourg Cathedral, which is a real little boudoir! The other one is a little colder.

  • Very fine pastries
  • Delicious hot chocolates
  • Open every day, even on Sunday
  • Unfriendly staff
  • The pastries go fast, there is not always much choice after 4:30 pm! It’s a little early.

20. L’Eden Libre de Gluten – Gluten-free bakery and patisserie


The Gluten Free Eden is a bakery and pastry shop that, as its name indicates, offers exclusively gluten free products. You can find excellent bread (there is even baguette! It is rare to find gluten free bread…) and delicious pastries. I can promise you, you will find them very good even if you are not gluten intolerant!

We can’t really talk about a tea room, but there are a few eateries, so I mention it because it can still be a good address to take a break in the center of Strasbourg, especially if you are gluten intolerant…

  • Delicious gluten-free pastries
  • Good drinks
  • Not a real tea room, just a few high tables
  • Closed on Sunday and Monday