5 swimming spots near Strasbourg


Summer in Alsace is usually synonymous with a lot of heat... And as there is no sea (that's the only flaw of the region... How am I not objective? ;-) ), you have to find another way to cool down. There are swimming pools, but it is not the same pleasure as swimming in a natural setting. Fortunately, there are lakes and gravel pits in Alsace! Here are the places to swim near Strasbourg.

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Where to swim in Strasbourg? The map

Of course, you will be far from being alone on a sunny day (these places are rather crowded by the inhabitants of Strasbourg), but swimming is still really pleasant. Personally, I’m very happy with this little beach atmosphere in Alsace! Here are the four lakes nearest to Strasbourg, all free of charge, plus a natural swimming pool in the Black Forest. They are usually open in the summer (sometimes in the spring as well) and swimming is supervised. The water is quite good when the outside temperature is high (these are not mountain lakes!). All have showers and toilets.

1. Reichstett lake


The water of Neubiltz-Reichsett is my little favorite. Despite the crowds, it remains rather airy as it has large grassy areas (not being a fan of sand, I particularly appreciate it) to practice team sports or rest as well as a large supervised swimming area including a very long swimming lane. The sand at the bottom of the lake is quite fine and therefore does not hurt your feet at all. For sports enthusiasts, basketball, soccer and volleyball courts and a ping pong table are available.

  • Fairly open space with lawns
  • Sand floor of the water area
  • Large swimming corridor
  • Large swimming corridor
  • Nothing!

2. Lake Baggersee, Illkirch


The Baggersee lake is a must for the inhabitants of Strasbourg. It is located in Illkirch-Graffenstaden, a town adjacent to Strasbourg. It is a popular place that has the great advantage of being accessible by streetcar. It’s crowded, and there’s a little less space than at Reichsett, both on land and in the supervised swimming area, but the Baggersee is still a great place to be! The shores of the lake are made up of fairly fine sand and grass, so you have a choice. There is also a playground for children and, on the sandy area, soccer and volleyball courts.

  • Lawns and sand
  • Sand floor of the water area
  • Access by streetcar
  • Smaller supervised swimming area

3. Lac Achard (Hardt lake), Illkirch


You may have already seen the Achard lake (also called Hardt lake) while driving on the highway, since it is located not far from the exit “La Vigie”. I was a little afraid of this proximity to the highway when I went there but was finally pleasantly surprised. Of course, you can see the cars in the distance but their noise is quite low because it is masked by the noise of the children playing by the lake… A much more pleasant sound!

It’s not my favorite place but it’s still nice for a swim or even a lazy afternoon. With large lawns, the banks of Achard Lake have the great advantage of offering space. The beach area, with sand, is also of reasonable size. The supervised bathing area, however, is quite small. On the sports field side, there are volleyball, soccer and petanque courts.

  • Large lawns
  • Fairly fine sand
  • Accessible to disabled persons (Handiplage label)
  • Proximity to the highway

4. Ballastière de Bischheim


The Bischheim ballastière is still a bathing place near Strasbourg. It’s a nice place, but I like it a little less than the others because of its grainy sand (my feet hurt quickly!) and its lack of space. It is very collected and one feels quickly one on top of the other. The bathing area, on the other hand, is quite large. In terms of sports facilities, there are basketball courts, volleyball courts and ping pong tables.

  • Nice place to swim
  • Little space
  • Sand with small stones

5. Ottenhöfen natural pool (Germany)


A little further afield in Germany, 40 minutes from Strasbourg, the Ottenhöfen natural swimming pool (Naturerlebnisbad) is a truly magnificent place! Imagine a bathing area nestled in the gentle Black Forest mountains, where the water is naturally treated without chlorine, using biological processes involving plants and rocks. Great, isn’t it? Please note that the water is not heated, so it’s very refreshing… But it’s just what you need in the middle of summer, when the region is sweltering hot.

The Ottenhöfen swimming pool has two pools with diving boards and slides, plus a paddling pool for the little ones. You can sit on the large lawns surrounding the pools, which is pleasant and makes you feel like you’re on vacation for a day! But don’t expect an intimate atmosphere, as this is a popular spot for German and Alsatian families.

  • Beautiful natural pool
  • Unheated water: refreshing!
  • Pleasant lawns to settle on
  • Admission charge