Captain Bretzel – Renting an electric boat in Strasbourg


Looking for a unusual activity for the beautiful days in Strasbourg? I have a nice idea for you: rent an electric boat from Captain Bretzel and go for a ride on the water to discover Strasbourg differently! With family or friends, it's a nice activity to try :)

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

A boat rental without a license

No need to have a boat license to drive the small electric boats of Captain Bretzel. I was a little afraid at first that I wouldn’t be able to master the beast, but it’s actually very simple. A front/rear lever, a steering wheel and… a very slow motor! You don’t risk to run into something suddenly, I reassure you, it’s really safe.

In addition, the itineraries have been designed so that you will not encounter any difficulties along the way, so there is no stress. Captain Bretzel’s team gives you the instructions at the beginning, shows you how the boat works and equips you withlife jackets. Then all you have to do is enjoy it! And if you just feel like cruising along without driving the boat, a “skipper” option is available, which can be practical for groups.

Various itineraries in Strasbourg

Different itineraries of varying duration are proposed by Captain Bretzel:

  • a 1-hour itinerary that will take you either to the André Malraux peninsula or to the Orthodox church via the port of Strasbourg
  • a 2-hour itinerary that will take you to the European Parliament via the Orthodox Church and the Orangery Park
  • a 3-hour itinerary, where you will also visit the Neustadt district and the Quai des Pêcheurs in the center of Strasbourg. You will also pass by the Presqu’Île Malraux. Another option is to go in the direction of Ostwald.
  • half-day or even full-day itineraries, where you can choose where to go and navigate (almost) as you wish!

In addition, an itinerary through Petite France is available for people with a river permit only.

Don’t be frustrated not to be able to go through the hypercenter if you don’t have a license, Captain Bretzel allows you to discover other corners of the Alsatian capital where you wouldn’t necessarily have gone by yourself, which I find rather nice. For Petite France, you will necessarily go on foot and/or with Batorama, but going for a walk around the port of Strasbourg or Ostwald allows you to explore lesser known neighborhoods. This is also what I liked about this activity!

Renting a small boat, a “slow tourism” experience

As I said, the boats go very slowly. The idea is already to be safe, but above all to enjoy this peaceful stroll along the water. The boat glides slowly on the water, we admire quietly the landscape, we drink a small glass, we enjoy the Alsatian sun and we discover Strasbourg under another angle. Whether with family or friends at cocktail time, it is an original activity that allows you to disconnect a little: even if we are in Strasbourg, it is very different!

Renting an electric boat in Strasbourg is also a great activity to do with children, as you can even have them drive the boat (while controlling it, of course!), an experience they will certainly enjoy… It is possible in addition to the rental of the boat to take in option baskets aperitif with drinks, oysters, pretzels… There are a lot of different choices, it can be fun.

  • Original experience in Strasbourg
  • Strolling quietly on the water while sipping a drink
  • Explore the lesser known corners of Strasbourg
  • Easy to handle the boat
  • The pace being really slow, it will not suit everyone!