Where to buy the best kougelhopf in Strasbourg?

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Where to buy the best kougelhopf in Strasbourg? After having given you my favorite addresses in Colmar, here are the addresses offering (in my humble opinion) the best kouglofs in Strasbourg.

To write this article, I did a test with my friend Marine from the blog Miss Crumble. We took things very seriously as we went out and bought lots of kugelhopfs and tasted them blind with our spouses! Only the two addresses I’m talking about below were unanimous, and by far… So I’m only giving you two of them (located in the center of Strasbourg, it’s convenient), but you didn’t need more anyway, did you?

If you think that kougelhopf is dry, go and try one of these: they are soft and airy, unlike the ones you find too often in many stores!

The kouglof is to be eaten immediately or to be brought back as a souvenir of your weekend in Alsace, without waiting too long so that it doesn’t dry out!

Of course you can also make it yourself: here is a recipe for homemade kougelhopf.

Small spelling point: you can write kouglof, kougelhopf or kugelhopf, you will find all three.

Kouglof from the Christian Pastry Shop


Chez Christian (Meyer) is an emblematic pastry shop in Strasbourg. With its two addresses of pastry shops and tea rooms in the heart of Strasbourg (rue de l’Outre, near Place KlĂ©ber and rue MerciĂšre, near the cathedral), it is easy to go there to buy a kougelhopf… To be enjoyed the same day or the next day, for breakfast! Lightly toasted, it’s a treat, especially since it’s so soft!

Kougelhopf by Christophe Felder at the Hotel Suisse


I have already talked to you about theHotel Suisse in Strasbourg, for the hotel and for its tea room. Here is a third opportunity to talk about it: for its kougelhopf! The Hotel Suisse offers for sale the kouglofs of the famous Alsatian pastry chef Christophe Felder.

This kougelhopf is really excellent and I can only recommend it! You will just have to plan the purchase of your kougelhopf a little in advance since it is necessary to order it by calling directly the Hotel Suisse. At least you’ll be sure to get some 🙂



LaurÚne est la créatrice du blog Mon week-end en Alsace. Bretonne installée en Alsace depuis 2014, elle est tombée amoureuse de sa région d'adoption au point de lui dédier un blog et d'acheter avec son mari une maison alsacienne dans un village du Kochersberg, prÚs de Strasbourg. A pied, à vélo, sur ses chevaux ou au volant de sa voiture, elle aime partir explorer les moindres recoins de l'Alsace pour dénicher de bonnes adresses à partager sur le blog.


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