Hammam Les Cent Ciels in Strasbourg – The biggest in Alsace!

In the middle of August, between the departure of some people on vacation and the return of others, I offered myself a wellness stopover in the largest hammam in Alsace, in the heart of Strasbourg - a break that takes you to " The Hundred Skies " (yes that's the name of the sign, the pun is huge!). I'll tell you all about it!

Although she loves to travel the world, it's around a good tarte flambée that Vivine feels most at home. Enthusiastic, gourmand and daring, she's always on the lookout for new discoveries to share with her loved ones... and with you!

An oriental spa to awaken the senses

Visit Alsacewe’re more accustomed to the wellness centers of our German neighbors, and engaging in a backyard near the courthouse isn’t particularly appealing at first glance, but … Once the automatic door opens in front of you, it really is like in the movies, your face lights up and you’re sucked into a setting for A Thousand and One Nights for an indefinite period (I say this because attendance is not timed, but personally 2h30 was enough for me). A real trip to the Orient from Alsace!

The staff of Les Cent Ciels hammam is very attentive and will accompany you in this mysterious place, through subtly lit corridors, wrought iron staircases and thick carved wooden doors. Everything is provided (bathrobe, towels, flip-flops), just don’t forget your bathing suit!

Anyway, let’s get to the main thing: a beautiful and large warm hammam, with its golden fountain, its alcoves in small brown tiles, its refreshing showerheads, its orange lamps giving this muffled side in the suave mist. There is also a hot hammam of course, a nice little pool and a cold bath for the brave. Oh yes, I didn’t say, there are women-only hours and mixed hours, at your convenience 😉

Rituals for two or solo

Different formulas are offered at Les Cent Ciels. Rituals, which are the most complete formulas, and à la carte treatments, which do not include access to the facilities (hammam, sauna, pool and cold bath).

If you come as a couple, you can opt for a ritual for two for a pleasant romantic moment in Strasbourg. There are many rituals and care all more tempting than the others (massages with argan oil, baths with donkey milk, scrub with muscat rose seeds …). You will only have to choose what suits your needs of the moment, and let’s go for a relaxing moment…

My opinion on Les Cent Ciels

Among the different formulas proposed, I had opted for the Eclat Plus ritual: yes, the stressed young mother that I am really needed it! You probably know some, offer them immediately.

But then what is it exactly? You spread some black soap on your body which works for 15 minutes, then a lady comes to get you and there it is not a massage that awaits you, it is a toning body scrub! Here, no microbeads shower gel spread under the shower, but the Kessa glove which hurts a little and really removes dead skin from the body and face. But afterwards, a bit of soothing with the application of rhassoul (volcanic clay and essential oils) and a face mask with fifteen organic plants. Result: skin that is almost as soft as my baby’s!

To finalize this magical moment at Les Cent Ciels, I relaxed in a pretty rest room with a starry ceiling, with a delicious mint tea offered. This enchanting experience having come to an end, I only wanted to go back with my friends! Let yourself be tempted by the trip… For information, I did not test the sauna, the gym and the restaurant: next time without fail!

  • The ambiance, the atmosphere, the decoration
  • Quality of care
  • The different formulas proposed
  • The friendliness of the staff
  • A little “heat stroke”, remember to stay well hydrated