What to do in Strasbourg for lovers? 15 romantic places

Updated on 2024-05-09

Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, is a city full of charm, ideal to spend pleasant moments in love. It would even be one of the ten most romantic cities in the world according to the EarthTriper website. Between the charm of its quays, its art of living, its authentic setting and its charming hotels, the Alsatian capital has many assets to please couples. But then, what to do in Strasbourg for lovers? We have selected 14 places or activities to spend a weekend, an evening or simply a romantic moment.

A blogger and photographer, Thibaut likes to show off his home town of Strasbourg, try out activities around his home and explore the rest of the world, often accompanied by his little girls.

1. A romantic picnic on the quayside

How about a romantic stroll, hand in hand, along the banks of the Ill or the Faux-Rempart canal? These two rivers surround the historic heart of Strasbourg. Just follow them for a pleasant walk or even a romantic picnic on the quays. Some places are particularly suitable for this, such as near the Lycée des Pontonniers with the barges in the background.

2. The watering hole footbridge

Strasbourg is the French city with the most bridges. Among them are hidden some very romantic footbridges like the watering hole footbridge where couples come to hang a padlock to seal their love. Other footbridges have a lot of charm with their wrought iron decorations like the elegant Ducrot footbridge on the way to the European quarter or the Faux-Rempart footbridge behind the Lycée des Pontonniers.

3. An electric boat trip in Strasbourg

Instead of gondolas like in Venice, Strasbourg offers more unusual water activities. Go to the Austerlitz basin near the Parc de la Citadelle and the MĂ©diathĂšque Malraux to rent an electric boat from Captain Bretzel. This little romantic walk along the water, far from the hustle and bustle of the city center, will probably take you to the very pretty Russian Orthodox Church near the Orangery.

4. A stroll through the Orangerie

What park better embodies Strasbourg’s romanticism than the Parc de l’Orangerie ? It is the favorite photo spot for wedding photographers in the Alsatian capital. Couples parade under the kiosk or in front of the pretty flowers facing the Josephine Pavilion. It is also a park that offers pleasant walks for lovers along its paths or on the lake with its inevitable boats. Couples can also simply enjoy the lawns or benches around the lake to savor the moment.

5. A trip down the rue du Jeu des Enfants

In the heart of the city, the rue du Jeu des Enfants is probably the most original street in Strasbourg. Invested by its residents, it has been transformed into a pleasant and lively street where beautiful works of street-art brighten up the walls and the asphalt. Some of them are real odes to love like this superb fresco made by Dan23 at the entrance of the street where penguins embrace under a heart-shaped balloon held by a young boy. Not bad for a romantic stroll, right?


6. A romantic stroll through Petite France: a must!

La Petite France is the postcard setting of Strasbourg. It is probably the favorite place of the tourists to make the photo of couple souvenir. We understand them, this picturesque district lends itself perfectly to strolls in love… It is perhaps the embodiment of Strasbourg’s romanticism, with its half-timbered houses, its quaysides on the Ill, its river boats, its geraniums and its few terraces that are particularly pleasant in summer.

7. Romantic plan: tea at Le Fond du Jardin

This English-style tea room is a Strasbourg institution. Au fond du Jardin’s sobritish decor stops time in its tracks, offering the perfect intimacy to enjoy a delicious tea accompanied by their famous madeleines du voyage. On sunny days, you can even enjoy the terrace with its very bucolic setting that almost makes us forget that we are at the foot of the cathedral of Strasbourg.


8. Spend a discreet moment at AEDAEN Place

AEDAEN Place is a special place in Strasbourg, a place with many facets. In front, it is a pleasant brasserie and pizzeria. But it also contains a literary café and a bar-boudoir. In the latter, you can drink your coffee in complete privacy while observing the literary salon without being seen through the tintless glass. Better yet. AEDAEN Place has a hidden bar where you can enjoy delicious aphrodisiac cocktails in a prohibition style setting.

9. In the name of the Rose

Want to say “I love you” with flowers? Just go to the street of November 22 and follow the rose petals on the ground. They will take you to Au nom de la Rose, a beautiful florist in Strasbourg that honors the most romantic of flowers. Now it remains to be seen how much you will take…


10. A romantic movie at the Odyssée

The cinema is the perfect outing for lovers. The Odyssey offers an even more romantic setting with its magnificent neo-classical hall from the beginning of the 20th century, one of the oldest in the world still in use. On the bill, you will find recent films as well as great classics of the 7th Art.

11. A moment of relaxation for two at the Hammam des Cent Ciels

How pleasant it is to relax in a hammam. Places offering couples treatments are unfortunately rare in Strasbourg. Hammam Les Cent Ciels offers a wide range of rituals for two, from initiation to a complete treatment combining hammam, sauna, bath, massage and scrub. A particularly pleasant moment for lovers in an oriental atmosphere.

12. Bockel’s unusual chocolate kamasutra

In 2000, the chocolate maker Jacques Bockel made a name for himself by releasing an unusual collection of 8 erotic dark chocolate sketches that can still be purchased today in his stores in Strasbourg. After all, chocolate is known for its aphrodisiac properties. This original approach will perhaps give you some ideas or desires…

13. Salsa dancing at Barco Latino

Salsa is the sensual and romantic dance par excellence with its soft melodies and its very close movements. In Strasbourg, you can practice or learn it on a barge docked at the Presqu’Île Malraux. The Barco Latino offers a particularly warm Cuban atmosphere where, even if you don’t dance, you can enjoy a mojito or tapas with your partner.


14. Weekend in a romantic hotel in Strasbourg

Strasbourg has many hotels that are perfect for a romantic weekend… All you have to do is choose according to your taste and budget!

15. Making love a reality at Flore et Zephyr

With all these ideas, perhaps a place will have inspired you to propose? In the rue du Sanglier, the house of Flore & ZĂ©phyr offers a beautiful selection of eco-responsible wedding rings made in their workshop by local artisans with Fairmined gold.