The best cocktail bars in Strasbourg (or at least our favorites!)

By Vivine
Updated on 2024-05-08

Alsatian traditions make my heart beat, except for one... beer! Fortunately for me (and my pint of diabolo!), for some time now, great cocktail bars have emerged in our beautiful European capital, Strasbourg. A little tour of the best cocktail bars in Strasbourg with my friends Léa and Laurène!

Although she loves to travel the world, it's around a good tarte flambée that Vivine feels most at home. Enthusiastic, gourmand and daring, she's always on the lookout for new discoveries to share with her loved ones... and with you!

The menu of our favorite bars

1. Le douanier (by Vivine)

Enjoy yourself with the Douanier, exoticism guaranteed! The neighborhood takes a few degrees as soon as you walk through the door (no customs fees haha). Tropical tapestries and warm armchairs invite you to enjoy the chef’s cocktail creations, original from the container to the content, with huge puns!

  • The warmth of the place
  • The atypical bartender César
  • Nothing!

2. Aedaen’s hidden bar (by Vivine)

Aeden Place has one of the pioneering speakeasies – unchallenged in my top 3 – to blow your mind! Already it is necessary to find the rascal, which attracts the covetousness. Hint: hang around the pizzeria… Once you’ve entered the Aedaen Hidden BarTime and geographical leap, New York’s Prohibition is yours for the taking, so why miss out: sink into the red velvet sofas and sip Lucas’s delights!

  • The incredible decorative frame
  • The suave atmosphere between personalities of all types
  • Cocktails could be even more original

3. The bar code (by Vivine)

We are talking about an institution since as far back as I can remember, even before the fashion effect (at least 10 years!). It’s impossible not to mention the Code Bar, which you can visit after having taken a look at Madame Cathédrale… You’ll fall in love with a kind of retro elegance and succumb to the eternal cocktails…

  • Pornstar martini forever!
  • A little too many seats per m2