Where to listen to music in Strasbourg? Our selection of bars and concert halls

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Want to listen to a concert in Strasbourg? Here is the list of the main ones bars and concert halls to listen to live music in Strasbourg! I have selected for you the places that regularly organize concerts, whether they are large venues hosting well-known artists or bars hosting the international and local artistic scene for all kinds of musical events such as jam sessions, DJ sets or even apero-mixes. There is something for every taste and desire! You should have a good time in Strasbourg 🙂

Concert halls in Strasbourg

The Autonomous Youth Center Molodoi

The Centre Autonome Jeunes MolodoĂŻ is the place where the alternative scene meets in Strasbourg! Open to any artistic, social and political project, the concert hall, located in the Gare district, is self-managed by volunteers. It is a meeting and creation place for the associations of the region, and is accessible to all with concerts for less than 8 euros only! More info on the MolodoĂŻ and its program here.

The Dairy

The must-see venue in Strasbourg! Located in the Gare district, La Laiterie welcomes both reference artists and young artists, in all musical styles! Numerous events and parties are also organized throughout the year to liven up Strasbourg’s nightlife! More info on the Laiterie and its program here.

The Django Reinhardt Cultural Space

The best of the local scene! TheEspace Culturel Django Reinhardt, which is located in the Neuhof district (also hosting a music school and a media library), aims to promote local artists and current music. Numerous concerts and events open to the public are regularly organized! More info on Espace Django and its program here.

The Zenith Strasbourg Europe

The Zenith Strasbourg Europe is the largest venue inAlsace and the largest Zenith in France! Located in Eckbolsheim, it can accommodate up to 12,079 people! It hosts many internationally renowned artists and shows. More info on the Zenith and its program here.

Bars with live music in Strasbourg

The Artichoke

L’Artichaut is a bar in downtown Strasbourg. It is ideally located to enjoy the Strasbourg atmosphere and offers jam sessions every Thursday! Some concerts inviting the local scene of Strasbourg are also programmed every month. More info on l’Artichaut and its program here.

The Grinch

A must for musicians and music lovers in Strasbourg! Le Grincheux is a bar located near the Place Kléber where every month jam sessions, DJ sets and concerts are organized. Plus, their drink menu is huge, the perfect place to enjoy a good beer during a good concert! More info on Le Grincheux and its programming here.

The Elastic Bar

TheElastic Bar, located in the Krutenau district, organizes concerts almost every week! It regularly hosts rock and techno parties in its cellar (small but nice!). All in a relaxed atmosphere, usually frequented by students! More info on Elastic Bar and its program here.

The Kulture

Located near the quai des Bateliers, the Kulture is THE bar placed under the sign of Techno. You would think you were in a Berlin club in its underground atmosphere! Every week, local (and sometimes international) artists come to play DJ sets for the pleasure of your ears! More info on the Kulture and its programming here.

The Local

Le Local, located in the Krutenau district, is a bar very famous for its various musical events taking place throughout the year. Very eclectic, many concerts of various styles of music are organized regularly. You can also attend a hip-hop open mic (free stage) or a jazz jam session! More info on the Local and its programming here.

Les Savons d’HĂ©lène

Les Savons d’HĂ©lène is a small and very warm bar located near the place KlĂ©ber. Many local and international artists perform there several times a month for a very jazz and acoustic music oriented program! More info on Les Savons d’HĂ©lène and its program here.

The Troc’afĂ©

Troc’afĂ© is a bar with a flea market spirit and a friendly atmosphere. Every month, it organizes one or two concerts of various styles and several apero-mixes. With only one room, the concerts take place in the middle of it: a way to be closer to the artists in a friendly atmosphere! More info on the Troc’afĂ© and its program here.

Hope to see you at a good concert! 🙂



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