Medieval Christmas Market of Ribeauvillé – Visit and good addresses

Updated on 2024-04-23

The Christmas market of Ribeauvillé is an original Christmas market because it is on the medieval theme. And attention, Ribeauvillé really does things well: we are really immersed in the medieval atmosphere throughout the market and many animations are proposed to the visitors. In addition, the city is beautifully decorated. It is a unique market in Alsace!

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The medieval Christmas market of Ribeauvillé attracts a lot of people. I was already discouraged by this but I must admit that it is really worth it: it is huge, with many nice stands and above all with a lot of animations. These are nice for adults and really great for kids. You can’t get bored for a second, there are plenty of things to see and do!

Even if I usually advise to go to the Christmas markets at night to enjoy the magical atmosphere of the illuminated Alsatian cities, I recommend to go to Ribeauvillé in the morning. There are already a lot of people but it is acceptable: you can really enjoy the market and its animations, which is more difficult in the afternoon.

Don’t miss the Christmas market in Ribeauvillé

In general, all the animations that take place permanently on the Christmas market are interesting. My only recommendation is to walk around the market… You will inevitably come across various animations, there are many!


For the little ones, we will think of visiting the area of the market called “Kingdom of the Goblins”, which houses many activities reserved for them. A little break on Santa’s lap and a ride on the toboggan are also appreciated (rather at the beginning of the market, on the right of the Grand Rue).


My good addresses for Christmas in Ribeauvillé

The best mulled wine at the Ribeauvillé Christmas market

After collecting some opinions and tasting, the prize goes to the stand “La delirium tribu”, located in front of the pharmacy of Ribeauvillé. Impossible to miss, the people who run the stand give their voices to make their wine known! Humor and good mulled wine, this is a good address!


For a change from mulled wine: Elixirs

For a change from mulled wine, you can taste the elixirs offered by the Juices of Antoine stand. I already told you about it in my article on the Christmas Market of Kaysersberg, I love these mixtures of fruit juice and brandy!


The best apple juice of the Christmas market

Delicious and not expensive at all, I recommend the freshly squeezed apple juice which can be found on the large square where the Ribeauvillé town hall is located. Impossible to miss it, the press is still quite large. Fresher apple juice is not possible…


To taste good sweet Alsatian specialities

Go to the Gilg stand (or store, it’s next door), located on the left side of the Grand Rue, in front of the Café de la Poste. Gilg is an excellent Alsatian pastry chef who I have already talked about in my articles on the best pastries in Colmar and the best kouglof in Colmar. You can buy Kouglof, Mannalas, Bredele… All the little Alsatian delicacies that you must try at all costs!


To buy good gingerbread

Let’s face it, real gingerbread has only honey and no sugar! I recommend the delicious organic gingerbread from Rucher du Bonhomme, located not far from the restaurant Au Lion.


To eat a chestnut torch

The chestnut torch is an Alsatian specialty, also known as Mont-Blanc, and made of chestnut cream, whipped cream and meringue. The Vilmain Pastry Shop (located in Grand Rue) makes an excellent one.

  • Original medieval theme
  • Many animations
  • Big market: a lot of things to see!
  • Lots of people