Best pastry shops in Colmar (my favorites!)

Updated on 2024-05-04

Where to find the best pastry shop in Colmar? This is a very important question for all food lovers, including me! I propose you here my selection of pastry shops, where you will be able to go to buy some delights during your visit of Colmar. There is no hierarchy between them, they all have their own personality!

Laurène is the blog's creator. Originally from Brittany but now living in Alsace, she has fallen in love with her adopted region and loves exploring its every nook and cranny to unearth great ideas to share with you!

1. The Artemisia


I already talked to you about l’ArtĂ©mise in the list of the best tea rooms in Colmar. L’ArtĂ©mise is both a tea room and an artisanal pastry shop: you can buy the delights that are available there to take away! That’s great news 🙂 I warn you, the hardest part will be making your choice: between the ultra greedy cookies and the tarts, each more original and tempting than the last, we’d like to leave with the whole store! As a bonus, the portions are generous and the pastries are very pretty.

  • Beautiful and greedy pastries
  • Generous portions
  • Nothing!

2. Pâtisserie Mulhaupt


The Mulhaupt pastry shop in Colmar is the former Jean pastry shop. Thierry Mulhaupt took over this emblematic place of Colmar and perpetuates its gourmet tradition. You will find high quality pastries and excellent pies, one of Mulhaupt’s specialties. At the end of the week, you can find crazy pies, pies whose ingredients vary according to the imagination of the bakers.

  • Excellent pastries, with a special mention for the pies!
  • Pleasant welcome
  • Pastry and chocolate shop
  • Nothing!

3. Yann’s workshop


L’Atelier de Yann is a very nice pastry shop in Colmar. Located on Place de la CathĂ©drale, the store is resolutely modern: large spaces, an incredible ceiling and a huge bay window allowing to see the pastry chefs working. A very nice place! The pastries are very fine. You can find there some classics (eclairs, chestnut torches) but also some more original ones (eclairs with lemon meringue pie for example). L’Atelier de Yann also offers excellent chocolates. Something to enjoy!

  • Excellent fine and original pastries
  • Delicious chocolates
  • Superb store with a view of the pastry workshop
  • Pleasant welcome
  • Macaroons are not my favorite in Colmar

4. Patisserie Gilg


The Gilg pastry shop is a very famous pastry shop in Colmar. It is a high-end pastry shop offering quite sophisticated pastries. If you’re looking for traditional Alsatian food, you’ll have to pass (except for the kouglof). However, if you want to taste the excellent creations of a master pastry chef from the region (the Gilg family is originally from Munster), you are at the right address!

  • Very good original pastries in addition to the classics
  • Delicious macaroons
  • Pleasant welcome
  • Nothing!